File Title
1 Call for Europe-wide screening of babies for heart defects
2 Man's earliest ancestors discovered in southern England
3 Selective PDE4D inhibitor shows potential to treat Fragile X autism spectrum disorder
4 Inner ear stem cells may someday restore hearing
5 Exercise may be best intervention to prevent falls among elderly, according to new study published during Falls Prevention Month
6 Sheep are able to recognize human faces from photographs
7 IUDs may have a surprising benefit: Protection against cervical cancer
8 Two meds not always better than one for seasonal allergic rhinitis
9 Penn study shows nearly 70 percent of cannabidiol extracts sold online are mislabeled
10 Tiny worms may offer new clues about why it's so hard to quit smoking
11 Factors associated with increases in US health care spending
12 No significant difference in pain relief for opioids vs. non-opioid analgesics for treating arm or leg pain
13 Marijuana extract products sold online often do not contain content as indicated
14 How a 'flipped' gene helped butterflies evolve mimicry
15 RAND study: Introducing autonomous vehicles sooner could save hundreds of thousands of lives
16 Scientists find promise in intervention to normalize biological functions in Fragile X mice
17 MRIs of West Nile virus victims--even symptom-free--show evidence of long-term neurological damage
18 Increasing rates of chronic conditions putting more moms, babies at risk
19 Researchers identify the yeast genes behind rose and honeyed flavors in beer and wine
20 Public's poor knowledge of anatomy may hamper healthcare
21 Advances in HIV Prevention, Treatment and Cure: a special issue of PLOS Medicine
22 New study finds extra bite of blood transforms invasive Asian tiger mosquito from poor to potent spreader of Zika virus
23 First large-scale doxing study reveals motivations and targets for cyber bullying
24 Height and weight evolved at different speeds in the bodies of our ancestors
25 Highly flexible organic flash memory for foldable and disposable electronics
26 Measuring atoms for better navigation and mineral detection
27 Relocating bus stops would cut riders' pollution exposure, UCLA study finds
28 UCI review points to long-term negative impact of high protein diets
29 Signs may help history buffs get more buff
30 Where did those electrons go? X-ray measurements solve decades-old mystery
31 Higher estrogen levels linked to increased alcohol sensitivity in brain's 'reward center'
32 Archaeologists unearth 'masterpiece' sealstone in Greek tomb
33 Important new insights into RECIST criteria measuring cancer's response to treatment
34 Biological clock found in fungal parasite sheds more light on 'zombie ants' phenomenon
35 Beyond good vibrations: New insights into metamaterial magic
36 HCI study identifies enhanced impact of treatment for hereditary cancer patients
37 US-born workers receive disability benefits more often than workers from abroad
38 Depressed with a chronic disease? Consider alternative therapies
39 Computer system finds 'recipes' for producing materials
40 A quasiparticle quest
41 Age-old malaria treatment found to improve nanoparticle delivery to tumors
42 New research targets cancer's 'Achilles' Heel'
43 Novel Nano-CT device creates high-resolution 3D-X-rays of tiny velvet worm legs
44 A new method accelerates the mapping of genes in the 'Dark Matter' of our DNA
45 Stem cells from muscle could address diabetes-related circulation problems
46 Study shows lupus support line has positive impact
47 Academy of Rheumatology Medical educators at HSS fosters innovation to improve care
48 Can cannabinoids be used to treat cancer?
49 Study finds racial disparities in hip replacement outcomes in impoverished communities
50 Study: Lupus patients endorse PROMIS assessment tool as relevant, valuable and potentially useful in improving clinical care
51 Satellite imagery reveals decline in ISIS oil production
52 Quantum computing on the move
53 Multi-racial facial recognition system provides more accurate results, says Surrey study
54 Revealed new target for development of antibiotics aimed at highly resistant bacteria
55 Autonomously growing synthetic DNA strands
56 NASA satellite tracks ozone pollution by monitoring its key ingredients
57 High risk sex behaviors impact women's health: McMaster
58 First-ever US experiments at new X-ray facility may lead to better explosive modeling
59 Researchers discover eight new epilepsy genes
60 Mandatory state policies work best to curb power plant emissions, study finds
61 Hearing an opinion spoken aloud humanizes the person behind it
62 FDG PET shows tumor DNA levels in blood are linked to NSCLC aggressiveness
63 Study shows electric bandages can fight biofilm infection, antimicrobial resistance
64 ACP says patient safety must be improved in office-based practice setting
65 New study finds widespread consequences after traumatic spinal cord injury
66 Afterschool program environments linked to academic confidence and skills
67 Researchers probe brain disease-causing proteins at the atomic level
68 UHN vision scientists discover potential neuroprotective treatment for glaucoma
69 Depressed fathers risk not getting help
70 Scientists make significant breakthrough on superbug-killing antibiotic teixobactin
71 Diffused light shows clear structures
72 Stem cells pave the way for new treatment of diabetes
73 The impact of the 'war on drugs' for female 'mules'
74 Protecting 'high carbon' rainforest areas also protects threatened wildlife
75 Brisk walking/physical activity of similar intensity may lower risk of death among older women
76 Clear effect of art therapy on severe depression
77 G7 on health, science suggests global action to reduce the impact of climate on health
78 Could this be malaria's Achilles heel?
79 Study: Air pollution battle is crucial to China's public health
80 Excavation in Northern Iraq: Sasanian loom discovered
81 Gelatin accelerates healing of the blood brain barrier in acute brain injury
82 New drug shows potential as a different kind of antidepressant in mouse trials
83 Do violent communities foster violent kids?
84 Fish provide insight into the evolution of the immune system
85 Together for more food safety in Europe and its neighboring countries
86 Brighter flexible electroluminescent film by adopting eye structure of nocturnal animals
87 Briny pool bacteria can clean up and power up
88 Breaking cell symmetry
89 Simple green synthesis is a breath of fresh air
90 Acoustic monitoring provides holistic picture of biodiversity
91 Asymptomatic infection helps norovirus to spread in Indonesia
92 Breaking the chain: Catalyzing a green future for chemistry
93 Researchers develop data bus for quantum computer
94 Controlling nerve injury repair revealed in Monash University study
95 Hearing the dawn chorus: Okinawa's new acoustic monitoring network
96 Scientists discover potential treatment to stop glaucoma in its tracks
97 Immune cells mistake heart attacks for viral infections
98 Researchers discover new pathway for handling stress
99 Poor social skills may be harmful to health
100 Nuclear energy programs do not increase likelihood of proliferation, Dartmouth study finds
101 Lightning-fast communications
102 Climate change likely to be more deadly in poor African settlements
103 Scientists find potential 'missing link' in chemistry that led to life on earth
104 Immune cell policing offers insights into cancer, autoimmune disease
105 New techniques give blood biopsies greater promise
106 Microfinance institutions are found effective in giving health products to underserved communities
107 Love actually: Americans agree on what makes people 'feel the love'
108 H3N2 mutation in last year's flu vaccine responsible for lowered efficacy
109 Higher brain glucose levels may mean more severe Alzheimer's
110 Crime-scene technique used to track turtles