File Title
1 New model to research activity around quasars, black holes
2 Minor merger kicks supermassive black hole into high gear
3 Giant radio galaxy found by Indian astronomers
4 Saturn's radiation belts: A stranger to the solar wind
5 Scientists penetrate mystery of raging black hole beams
6 Monster colliding black holes might lurk on the edge of spiral galaxies
7 Jupiter's X-ray auroras pulse independently
8 NASA evaluates coin-sized thermometer to characterize comets and earthbound asteroids
9 Image: Hubble sees nearby asteroids photobombing distant galaxies
10 Juno aces eighth science pass of Jupiter
11 Shedding light on the mystery of matter accretion in young stars
12 Picture this SELFI: NASA advances instrument to study the plumes of Enceladus
13 Wind satellite vacuum packed
14 The Noah's Ark of animals sent in to space
15 Mice, fish and flies: the animals still being sent into space
16 Idaho looking to cash in on starry skies with more tourists
17 Image: Solar surface from hot to hottest
18 Telescope permit decision appealed to Hawaii Supreme Court
19 How multiple star systems evolve
20 New research looks at how 'cosmic web' of filaments alters star formation in galaxies
21 Novel tools to analyse radiation near black holes
22 DESHIMA sees first light--a step closer to mapping the most distant star systems
23 Newest dark matter map hints at where astrophysics must go for breakthroughs
24 NASA investigates use of medical-like tools to study samples of the solar system
25 Are red skies at night a shepherd's delight? An astronomer's view
26 CALET makes first direct measurements of high energy electrons in space
27 Synthetic material acts like an insect cloaking device
28 Cicada wings help researchers design better solar cells
29 Optoelectronics without glass
30 Cheating time to watch liquids do the slow dance
31 Physicists show how lifeless particles can become 'life-like' by switching behaviors
32 Metasurface generates new states of light for fundamental research and applications
33 Chip-based sensors with incredible sensitivity
34 Physics explains protein unpredictability
35 Researchers document transformation of graphite into hexagonal diamond
36 A bit of a 'quantum magic trick'--experiment shows how to speed up frequency measurement
37 New white paper maps the very real risks that quantum attacks will pose for Bitcoin
38 Nanoscale 'abacus' uses pulses of light instead of wooden beads to perform calculations
39 Researchers demonstrate how to control liquid crystal patterns
40 Physicists describe new dark matter detection strategy
41 Metal-silicone microstructures could enable new flexible optical and electrical devices
42 One step closer to defining dark matter, GPS satellite atomic clocks on the hunt
43 Lens trick doubles odds for quantum interaction
44 Pseudopod protrusions propel amoeboid cells forward: A 3-D swimming model
45 Researchers create world's first system to measure the force needed to separate a crystal's microscopic layers
46 Portable holographic microscope makes field diagnosis possible
47 Making glass invisible--a nanoscience-based disappearing act
48 Voltage-driven liquid metal fractals
49 Spider silk could be used to power microphones in hearing aids, cell phones
50 Crystals in a pink X-ray beam
51 Research team develops optical diagnostic that helps improve fuel economy while reducing emissions
52 Particle physicists discover mysterious structure in Great Pyramid--here's how they did it
53 Hard to solve a Rubik's cube? Try the adaptive toolbox theory on rationality
54 Ions in the spotlight
55 Wave properties of particles can manifest in collisions
56 Unlocking the potential of magnetic skyrmions
57 New mathematical models could help solve few-body problems in physics
58 Amorphous metallic glass for high-sensitivity MEMS microphones
59 Vacuum technology makes gravitational waves detectable
60 How electromagnetism haunts our everyday life
61 Why do some head knocks cause more damage than others?
62 Tiny diamonds light the way for new quantum technologies
63 Research yields significant thermoelectric performance
64 Illuminated pajamas treat newborns
65 LHC reaches 2017 targets ahead of schedule
66 On the hunt for new and peculiar superconductors
67 Physicists' work deepens understanding of antipolar cation motions
68 Wrinkles give heat a jolt in pillared graphene
69 Plastic nanoparticles inspired by nature could improve cancer drug delivery
70 Engineers develop filters that use nanoparticles to prevent slime build-up
71 Graphene enables high-speed electronics on flexible materials
72 Researchers show how nanoscale patterning can decrease metal fatigue
73 Gold nano-arrows form basis of exotic new superstructures
74 3-D-printed device builds better nanofibers
75 Researchers discover switching function in molecular wire
76 New technique produces tunable, nanoporous materials
77 Devices made from 2-D materials separate salts in seawater
78 Researchers look to patterns to envision new engineering field
79 Study takes a unique approach to new generation of smart drug delivery carriers
80 New research explores the limits of nanomaterials and atomic effects for nanotechnology
81 Researchers explore how chewing affects teeth on the nanoscale
82 Researchers test the capability of a novel nanoparticle to remove cadmium toxicity from a freshwater system
83 Rapid cellphone charging getting closer to reality
84 IBM scientists demonstrate in-memory computing with 1 million devices for applications in AI
85 Turning a pinch of salt into an electrical switch
86 Single nanoparticle mapping paves the way for better nanotechnology
87 Nano-sized gold particles have been shaped to behave as clones in biomedicine
88 New and faster method to determine material properties of graphene
89 New sensor provides real-time detection of heavy metals, bacteria, nitrates and phosphates in water
90 3-D origami circuits could revolutionize electronic designs
91 Gold nanoantennas used to create more powerful nanoelectronics
92 Heat-dissipating shoes with graphene soles
93 Researchers reveal the effect of nano-diamond on magnetorheological fluids
94 Graphene sensors detect HIV DNA
95 Nanoparticles with pulse laser controlled antibacterial properties
96 Physicists make breakthrough on brittle smartphone screens
97 Technique offers advance in testing micro-scale compressive strength of cement
98 New self-regulating nanoparticles could treat cancer
99 Metallic nanoparticles help to determine the percentage of volatile compounds
100 Researchers watch in real time as fat-encased drug nanoparticles invade skin cells
101 The big problem of global food production has a very tiny solution
102 Team clarifies valley polarization for electronic and optoelectronic technologies
103 Nanomaterial risk profiling puts safety first
104 Petals produce a 'blue halo' that helps bees find flowers