File Title
1 NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover Climbing Toward Ridge
2 Five Years Ago and 154 Million Miles Away: Touchdown!
3 Curiosity Mars Rover Begins Study of Ridge Destination
4 Insight will carry over two million names to Mars
5 Opportunity Does a Wheelie and is Back on Solid Footing
6 Opportunity spends the week imaging Perseverance Valley
7 Recent drive improves energy levels of Opportunity rover on Mars
8 Opportunity Feeling the Chemistry
9 Exploring 'Perseverance Valley' During Winter
10 Next Mars Rover Will Have 23 'Eyes'
11 Winters on Mars are shaping the Red Planet's landscape
12 Solar eruptions could electrify Martian moons
13 Russian Space Research Institute Announces July 2020 Date for Mission to Mars
14 Another Chance to Put Your Name on Mars
15 Research sheds new light on how Earth and Mars were created
16 HIAD heat shield material feels the burn during arc jet testing
17 New Gravity Map Suggests Mars Has a Porous Crust
18 Citizen scientists spot Martian 'spiders' in unexpected places
19 Big dishes band together
20 China's reusable spacecraft to be launched in 2020
21 Space will see Communist loyalty: Chinese astronaut
22 Mars probe to carry 13 types of payload on 2020 mission
23 Work on China's mission to Mars 'well underway'
24 Chinese company eyes development of reusable launch vehicle
25 Spacecraft passes docking test
26 Kuaizhou-11 to send six satellites into space
27 China, Russia to Have Smooth Space Cooperation, Says Expert
28 Russia, China May Sign 5-Year Agreement on Joint Space Exploration
29 To boldly go where no startup has gone before
30 Xian Satellite Control Center resolves over 10 major satellite faults in 50 years
31 European Space Week starts in Estonia
32 The ESA 500: fostering start-up companies to use space technology on Earth
33 A Final Farewell to LISA Pathfinder
34 Good Night, Lisa Pathfinder
35 New communications satellite company awaits approval
36 Myanmar to launch own satellite system-2 in 2019: vice president
37 Eutelsat's Airbus-built full electric EUTELSAT 172B satellite reaches geostationary orbit
38 Lockheed Martin Completes First Flexible Solar Array for LM 2100 Satellite
39 SSL-Built Satellite for AsiaSaturday, Begins Post-Launch Maneuvers According to Plan
40 Liquids take a shine to terahertz radiation
41 Space radiation won't stop NASA's human exploration
42 Dosage formulations for anti-radiation drug being developed
43 Space radiation is risky business for the human body
44 Low-level radiation exposure less harmful to health than other modern lifestyle risks
45 Van Allen probes survive extreme radiation five years on
46 NASA protects its super heroes from space weather
47 ANU invention may help to protect astronauts from radiation in space
48 Study: Plants use hydrogen peroxide as sunscreen
49 Cloudy with a chance of radiation: NASA studies simulated radiation
50 New method allows real-time monitoring of irradiated materials
51 Neutron lifetime measurements take new shape for in situ detection
52 Collecting real-time data for material microstructural evolution during radiation exposure
53 Luminous bacteria will help to measure radioactivity
54 Revolutionary new sunscreen features melanin-mimicking nanoparticles
55 Study analyzes foods for radioactive substances
56 Space radiation reproduced in the lab for better, safer missions
57 Voltage-driven liquid metal fractals
58 Small droplets are a surprise: They disappear more slowly than they 'should'
59 MIT students fortify concrete by adding recycled plastic
60 A quantum spin liquid
61 Understanding how electrons turn to glass
62 Solid or liquid? Researcher proposes a new definition of glass
63 Study shows how rough microparticles can cause big problems
64 Understanding rare earth emulsions
65 New test opens path for better 2-D catalysts
66 Surfactants have surprising effect on nanobubble stability
67 UV-irradiated amorphous ice behaves like liquid at low temperatures
68 Ultra-light aluminum: USU chemist reports breakthrough in material design
69 Sand mining demand outpaces caution and knowledge
70 Pulling, not pushing, silk could revolutionize how greener materials are manufactured
71 A dream of foam
72 Physicists predict nonmetallic half-metallicity
73 Molecules move faster near sticky surfaces
74 Non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasma treatment for leather products
75 Scientists tie flexible crystals into knots
76 Breakthrough made in ultra-high strength steel
77 Solidifying advanced alloy design
78 Researchers use vacuum for hands-free patterning of liquid metal
79 Electricity and silver effective at keeping bacteria off plastics
80 Machine learning could be key to producing stronger, less corrosive metals
81 Materials governed by light
82 Smart underwear proven to prevent back stress with just a tap
83 UBC research unearths Canadian sapphires fit for a queen
84 Scientists discover new magnet with nearly massless charge carriers
85 Making telescopes that curve and twist
86 A plastic planet
87 Nature-inspired material uses liquid reinforcement
88 Alien ice on Earth
89 Long Duration Experiments Reach 1,000th Day
90 Monash Earth Scientists involved in discovery of a new mineral
91 Custom-made clothes for all within reach says top designer
92 Fixation of powder catalysts on electrodes
93 Scientists find 3,000-year-old cloth, earliest evidence of chemical dyeing
94 A bioplastic derived from soy protein which can absorb up to 40 times its own weight
95 Cancer cells destroyed with dinosaur extinction metal
96 Novel technique reveals the intricate beauty of a cracked glass
97 Evolutionary theory suggests aliens might not look all that alien
98 One small doorstep for man: Cosmic mat welcomes aliens
99 Marine microbes living beneath seabed resort to cannibalism
100 Are Self-Replicating Starships Practical
101 Indicator of extraterrestrial life?
102 Could interstellar ice provide the answer to birth of DNA
103 Climate change for aliens
104 Earth as Hybrid Planet: The Anthropocene Era in Astrobiological Context
105 Gulf of Mexico tube worm is one of the longest-living animals in the world
106 50 years of data from oxygen minimum lab helps predict the oceans' future
107 Trump admin sued over stalling to protect sea turtles
108 Can corals adapt to climate change?
109 Scavenging to survive below the seafloor
110 The oceans were colder than we thought