File Title
1 In pursuit of a universal flu vaccine--study shows pros, cons for major strategy to create broadly protective shot
2 Probability calculations--even babies can master it
3 Electron microscopy uncovers unexpected connections in fruit fly brain
4 Obesity increases incidence, severity, costs of knee dislocations
5 Testing reveals transfusing young blood into Alzheimer's patients does not reverse disease
6 The battle between cancer and the immune system--who switches the off signals off?
7 New evidence shows second dengue infection can be more severe due to antibody levels
8 Scientists identify mechanism that helps us inhibit unwanted thoughts
9 Flu researchers discover new mechanism for battling influenza
10 Depression treatment needs overhaul
11 Scientists link pancreatic cancer survival to four genes
12 Lack of oxygen, not blood flow, delays brain maturation in preterm infants
13 Brain's alertness circuitry conserved through evolution
14 Simple genetic test promises better outcomes in heart stent patients
15 Researchers connect two important signalling pathways in cancer and aging for the first time
16 Biomarkers may provide early warning of lung problems in 9/11 firefighters
17 In autism, too many brain connections may be at root of condition
18 Bacteria in the gut modulates response to immunotherapy in melanoma
19 Brain activity is inherited, may inform treatment for ADHD, autism
20 Fantastic journey: How newborn neurons to find their proper place in the adult brain
21 Fiber-rich diet boosts survival from colon cancer
22 Hormone replacement therapy may be beneficial for women's memory
23 Shifting bacterial communities in the stomach may influence cancer risk
24 Four-in-one flu shot may mean lifelong protection against the flu
25 Colon cancer breakthrough could lead to prevention--and the foods that can help
26 Autism treatments may restore brain connections
27 How do adult brain circuits regulate new neuron production?
28 Order in disorder: A key feature of dendritic organization in the brain
29 Penny-wise, pound-foolish decisions explained by neurons' firing
30 Study with rats suggests drinking alcohol increases risk of addiction to cocaine
31 Lead shield reduces radiation exposure during catheterization
32 Favorable prognosis for syncope patients discharged from ER
33 Inflammatory biomarkers may impact risk of schizophrenia
34 Nursing home often only option for single men after stroke
35 Prescription-strength steroids sold without prescription
36 Inexplicable spasms can now be explained with hormones
37 What food gets people's attention? Junk food, by far
38 Ready for the time change on Sunday?
39 Working with your school nurse
40 RNs can play key role in identifying medication issues to improve nursing home care
41 Elucidation of bone regeneration mechanism
42 US rate for gun deaths is up for the second straight year
43 Nighttime blood pressure may predict risk of kidney failure in children
44 Non-medical factors affect racial disparities in kidney transplant wait-listing
45 Caffeine consumption may help kidney disease patients live longer
46 Livestock-associated MRSA found among MRSA from humans
47 Anthropologist group suggests first humans to the Americas arrived via the kelp highway
48 Scientists discover hidden chamber in Egypt's Great Pyramid
49 Differences in feelings of tension contribute to divorce
50 Time to rewrite the dinosaur textbooks? Not quite yet
51 Newly described giraffid species may help trace evolution of giraffe ancestors
52 Chance plays a role in how language evolves, study finds
53 Researchers look for dawn of human information sharing
54 Slow flow of human immigration may have doomed Neanderthals
55 Cold temperatures found to cause nasal structure similarities between Neanderthal and modern humans
56 Long-term states of mind can affect short-term financial decisions
57 The relentless rise of migration in Europe over last 10,000 years
58 New research on the Caribbean's largest concentration of indigenous pre-Columbian rock art
59 Fossil unearthed in France identified as a new vegetarian member of rhabdodontids
60 The Guanches originated from North Africa, shows DNA-study
61 'Bandit-masked' feathered dinosaur hid from predators using multiple types of camouflage
62 'Mega-carnivore' dinosaur roamed southern Africa 200 million years ago
63 Getting the world to listen
64 Flight of the living dead: how animation brings extinct species back to life
65 Food shortage is not the global crisis, lack of access to food is the issue, say NGOs
66 Boston College announces $150 million expansion in the sciences
67 Researchers study consumer acceptance of in-vitro meat production
68 What mitigates the consequences of recession for companies?
69 Genetic history: Searching for the African roots of Noir Marron communities
70 Innovative statistical methods shed light on extent of modern slavery in US, world
71 Wanting revenge is only natural--here's why
72 Weightlifters and divers offer a lesson for business in risk and reward
73 Pre-emptive policing is harmful and oppressive, and requires independent scrutiny
74 More than just financial loss, the social impact of gambling cannot be underestimated
75 New data on gender inequality in sciences salaries
76 Brain science should be making prisons better, not trying to prove innocence
77 Challenging the notion that religion fosters violence
78 One factor that may help schools close racial achievement gap
79 Why tax cuts make us less happy
80 Is there too much emphasis on STEM fields at universities?
81 Can environmental toxins disrupt the biological 'clock'?
82 Agricultural productivity drove Euro-American settlement of Utah
83 What do piranhas and goldfish have in common?
84 Fish provide insight into the evolution of the immune system
85 Limits of endurance as marathon stars run out of time
86 Explosion of rats, clovers, bedbugs, mosquitoes unintended evolutionary consequence of urbanization
87 Genomic study reveals clues to wild past of grapes
88 How chromosomes 'cheat' for the chance to get into an egg
89 Left or right? Like humans, bees have a preference
90 Preventing a genetic uprising in early life
91 Animals' mitochondria defenses discovered in plants
92 Anthropologists describe third orangutan species
93 Male mammoths more often fell into 'natural traps' and died, DNA evidence suggests
94 Scientists decipher mechanisms underlying the biology of aging
95 Aussie snakes and lizards trace back to Asia 30 million years ago
96 Scientists create device for ultra-accurate genome sequencing of single human cells
97 Researchers develop a gel for growing large quantities of neural stem cells
98 Key to better asparagus identified in evolution of sex chromosomes
99 Study identifies bottlenecks in early seagrass growth
100 Do animals think rationally? Researcher suggests rational decision-making doesn't require language
101 Researchers find low genetic diversity in domestic ferrets
102 Earth Microbiome Project: Mapping the microbiome of...everything
103 New zooming technique reveals cell electric circuit for first time
104 Chimpanzees shown spontaneously 'taking turns' to solve number puzzle
105 Researchers find protein that could help fight antibiotic resistance
106 Protecting the wild: professor helps to minimize recreation disturbance to wildlife
107 Wild grape yeast could be more effective than pesticides in preventing grape molds
108 Digger wasps and their chemistry
109 How dogs and cats can get their day in court
110 Genetic discovery another tool in battle against wheat pests