File Title
1 Uncovering origins of developmental brain disorders could eventually help treat seizures
2 Sorting the myriad medicinal molecules of coral reefs
3 Using Facebook data as a real-time census
4 New regions of the human genome linked to skin color variation in some African populations
5 Global Change Center researchers to forecast water quality with NSF support
6 Johns Hopkins scientists develop experimental 'nano-chemo' particle to treat bladder cancer
7 Carbon dioxide levels lower than thought during super greenhouse period
8 Brain imaging results skewed by biased study samples
9 Immune response to ovarian cancer may predict survival, Mayo-led study finds
10 Tweets can help predict the outcome of football matches
11 Spotting the spin of the Majorana fermion under the microscope
12 New study suggests that last common ancestor of humans and apes was smaller than thought
13 Electric cars can become more eco-friendly through life cycle assessment
14 New drug hope for rare bone cancer patients
15 Scientists discover more than 600 new periodic orbits of the famous three body problem
16 A liquid biopsy for retinoblastoma
17 Chemistry provides a new supply of a promising cancer and HIV treatment
18 Cleveland Clinic researchers reveal biomarker for guiding prostate cancer treatment
19 New way to prevent genetically engineered and unaltered organisms from producing offspring
20 Reducing racial bias in children
21 NASA gains valuable insights into the global carbon cycle
22 Study reveals new threat to the ozone layer
23 Genes critical for hearing identified
24 The sea cucumber genome points to genes for tissue regeneration
25 In a first for wearable optics, researchers develop stretchy fiber to capture body motion
26 Sleep on your side, not your back in late pregnancy
27 Cell contacts in embryonic development determine cellular fate
28 Strange undertakings: Ant queens bury dead to prevent disease
29 Scientists pinpoint surprising origin of melanoma
30 Young men are getting more out of 'bromances' than romances
31 Fred Hutch studies advance methods to avert toxicity that can accompany immunotherapy
32 VLBA measurement promises complete picture of Milky Way
33 Biomarkers may help ID patients at increased risk of neurotoxicity from CD19 CAR T-cell therapy
34 Satellites map photosynthesis at high resolution
35 Research reveals possible new treatment pathway for severe allergic asthma
36 Halting liver cancer with a sugar look-a-like
37 Early pregnancy test for cows improves welfare and food production
38 Engineers develop a programmable 'camouflaging' material inspired by octopus skin
39 Paleogenomic analysis sheds light on Easter Island mysteries
40 Few patients hospitalized with acute kidney injury receive recommended follow-up care
41 Laser cavities take on new shapes and functionalities
42 Penn-led study identifies genes responsible for diversity of human skin colors
43 Reengineered immune system cells show early promise against HIV
44 Study finds new feature of 'baby talk' in any language
45 No trace of early contact between Rapanui and South Americans in ancient DNA
46 Newfoundland populated multiple times by distinct groups, DNA evidence shows
47 Virtual humans work better than current ways to identify post-traumatic stress in soldiers
48 Uncovering the sound of 'motherese,' baby talk across languages
49 Immune reaction to sandfly saliva varies between individuals living in endemic areas
50 JCU scientists find scorpions target their venom
51 Pumas found to exhibit behaviors like social animals
52 'Killer' toothaches likely cause misery for captive orca
53 TSRI chemists use modified DNA nucleotides to create new materials
54 Engineers identify key to albatross' marathon flight
55 Autism prevalence and socioeconomic status: What's the connection?
56 Rapamycin treatment prevents crippling abnormal bone formation after severe limb injuries
57 Study casts doubt on warming implications of brown carbon aerosol from wildfires
58 Fever in early pregnancy linked to birth defects, animal study shows
59 Study exposes the dark side of coffee cultivation in Uganda
60 Researchers create map of the gut's microbial landscape
61 Boost in collateral, not 'feeling richer,' drives consumers to borrow as home prices rise
62 Can you hear me now? Ensuring good cellular connections in the brain
63 Wither heavy storms
64 New guidelines published to improve diagnosis and treatment of lupus
65 Serrated polyps plus conventional adenomas may mean higher risk for colorectal cancer
66 Calcium lets T cells use sugar to multiply and fight infection
67 New survey reveals concerns about impact of migraine on work productivity
68 Analysis: Metal supplies unlikely to seriously hamper battery use
69 Future smartwatches could sense hand movement using ultrasound imaging
70 New software speeds origami structure designs
71 Tracking the viral parasites of giant viruses over time
72 Where food is limited, guppy mothers gestate their young longer
73 Beyond EPA's Clean Power decision: Climate action window could close as early as 2023
74 Watching wildfires
75 Advance achieved in dry preservation of mammalian sperm cells
76 Pregnancy-related heart failure strikes black women twice as often as those of other races
77 New report says concerns remain over safety of rail to transport energy liquids and gases
78 'I don't take my tuba to work at Microsoft': Study shows untapped creativity in workforce
79 New report recommends changes to county crop and cash rent estimation methods used by the NASS
80 Scientists describe 'enigmatic' species that lived in Utah some 500 million years ago
81 New genetic clue to peanut allergy
82 Criminal offenders with genetic mental disorders judged more negatively
83 Scientists eavesdrop on little-known beaked whales to learn how deeply they dive
84 Star tortoise makes meteoric comeback
85 Organic/inorganic sulfur may be key for safe rechargeable lithium batteries
86 Scientists discover one of the most luminous 'new stars' ever
87 Some plants grow bigger--and meaner--when clipped, study finds
88 Promising new target for treatment of psoriasis is safe, study shows
89 Low-cost battery from waste graphite
90 The making of medieval bling
91 Norovirus evades immune system by hiding out in rare gut cells
92 Key odorants in world's most expensive beef could help explain its allure
93 Climate change predicted to reduce size, stature of dominant Midwest plant, study finds
94 Playing a conversation game may encourage advance care planning
95 On the road to fire-free, lithium-ion batteries made with asphalt
96 Rice U. lab surprised by ultraflat magnets
97 'Ridiculously healthy' elderly have the same gut microbiome as healthy 30-year-olds
98 Women seen as younger when eyes, lips and eyebrows stand out
99 Experts express concerns over infant mental health assessment
100 Research identifies brain chemical abnormalities in earliest stage of psychosis
101 Obamacare helps reverse the decline in US trust
102 Kune Kune piglets possess social learning skills and have an astonishingly good memory
103 Major cities concentrate less scientific production
104 New study examines full range of post-stroke visual impairments
105 Our brain omits grammatical elements when it has limited resources
106 World's 'better' countries have higher rates of cancer
107 Researchers implement entanglement swapping with independent sources over 100km optical fiber
108 Resolving tension on the surface of polymer mixes
109 Predatory bacteria: The quest for a new class of antibiotics
110 Risk of tsunamis in Mediterranean Sea has been overstated