File Title
1 Cassini is no more: Probe crashes into Saturn
2 Old fish are rare in today's heavily fished oceans
3 Snow leopards no longer 'endangered,' conservationists rule
4 Hubble spots black, super hot exoplanet
5 Tectonic plates weaker than scientists thought, new study shows
6 Royal tomb of ancient Mayan ruler found in Guatemala
7 New giant marine reptile species from the Early Jurassic found
8 Geologist, artist team up to recreate ancient arthropod ecosystems
9 Study shows star formation influenced by environmental conditions
10 Study finds wolves understand cause and effect better than dogs
11 Study shows Arctic sea ice continues to melt considerably
12 Dust devils contribute large amount of particulate matter to atmospheres of Earth, Mars
13 Scientists find magma source of supervolcano in Italy
14 In the future, roads could generate power from passing traffic
15 Physicists discover super stable tri-anion particle
16 Astronomers study paired black holes in merged galaxies
17 Scientists identify new carrier of Chagas disease
18 Supercontinuum lasers to inspire better beer, bread
19 Harvard report details the threats faced by New England forests
20 Rogue wave could have downed El Faro cargo ship, research shows
21 Study: Proteins have 'add-ons,' just like web browsers
22 Study weighs risks of human-drone impacts
23 Aging red star pictured blowing smoky bubble
24 Bali's Mount Agung threatens to erupt for the first time in 50 years
25 Giant extinct frog ate small dinosaurs, bite force research suggests
26 Mathematicians develop new models to describe ripples
27 Snow and ice melts are changing the arctic atmosphere
28 ESA probe spots world's largest salt plain
29 Ancient meteorite impact triggered highest surface temperature in Earth's history
30 World's first 'molecular robot' can build molecules
31 Some large plant-eating dinosaurs also snacked on crustaceans
32 Study: Dinosaur-killing asteroid accelerated bird evolution
33 Scientists spot sleeping jellyfish
34 Trilobites had a stomach, new fossils show
35 Strange troglodyte species found in Turkmenistan cave
36 New quantum computer chip uses sounds waves to store data
37 Japanese scientists aim to turn ocean wave energy into electricity
38 NASA'S OSIRIS-REx executes slingshot around Earth
39 MIT engineers attempt to predict extreme events
40 Low-oxygen galaxy recalls formation of the early universe
41 Fish have unique, complex personalities
42 New synthetic molecule could trigger tissue regeneration
43 IceCube to reveal the mysteries of fast radio bursts
44 Are plastic nanoparticles causing brain damage in fish?
45 Juno camera offers stunning image of Jupiter swirling surface
46 Radar survey offers new insights into Martian climate change
47 Laser, graphene enable fastest light-driven current
48 Pigeons are better than people at multitasking
49 Star that birthed Tycho's supernova wasn't hot and bright
50 U.S. seniors getting healthier, especially when wealthy and white
51 HIV and smoking a lethal combo for the lungs
52 Teens delaying typical milestones of path to adulthood, study says
53 Five African countries approaching control of HIV epidemics
54 Pet, pest allergen exposure in infancy linked to reduced asthma risk
55 USC researchers find eight autism-related mutations in one gene
56 Shaken baby syndrome found to be evidence-based diagnosis
57 Toolkit helps nurses use genomics in patient care
58 Study finds red powder in Hindu ceremonies has unsafe lead levels
59 Youth obesity have stopped rising, study says
60 9 of 10 docs unprepared to prescribe marijuana
61 Kids' colds linked to asthma, lung problems later
62 Youth football ups odds of brain problems in adulthood
63 Opioid overdoses cutting into U.S. life expectancy, CDC says
64 Study links PTSD with increased lupus risk
65 Cancer history impacts treatment for heart attack patients
66 New flu drug performs well in early clinical trial
67 WHO warns of lack of new antibiotics under development
68 Study: Ambulance ride may lower survival chance for some injuries
69 Seniors with diabetes at higher risk for bone fracture
70 Study compares 2D, 3D mammography for breast cancer
71 Brain bleeding after stroke may be healed by immune cells
72 One weight-loss surgery shows lasting results
73 High, low levels of magnesium linked to dementia risk
74 Will an e-cigarette harm your heart?
75 Drone sets new record for transporting blood samples
76 First duodenoscope with disposable distal cap approved by FDA
77 Health plans spend $6 billion annually on premature births
78 Study: No magic pill for alcohol dependence
79 Stanford researchers halt brain cancer growth with absence of protein
80 Publication released to help clinicians fight the opioid epidemic
81 Frequent blood donations safe for some, but not all
82 Could pests, dust lower kids' odds for asthma?
83 Sound the mosquito alarm, across the USA
84 Long-term breast cancer survival negatively impacted by smoking
85 Lady Gaga's fibromyalgia puts poorly understood illness in the spotlight
86 Study: Rural Americans less likely to wear seat belts
87 CVS becomes first retailer to limit opioid prescriptions to 7 days
88 Study finds smartphone apps may reduce depression
89 'Super malaria' spreads in South East Asia
90 Public-private partnerships key to sustainable telemedicine
91 Study compares 2D, 3D mammography for breast cancer
92 IUD won't interfere with breastfeeding
93 When it comes to exercise, quality trumps quantity
94 Study: Yoga may help breast cancer patients struggling to sleep
95 Survey: Nearly all Americans try to prevent cancer
96 Autism-related genes found to include genes involved in cancer
97 Multi-gene test predicts Alzheimer's better than APOE E4 alone
98 FDA announces criminal, civil actions filed against Aegerion
99 Study shows metabolism impacts odds of getting malaria
100 Study suggests 'Jolie Effect' increased number of mastectomies
101 New process opens drug development for new steroid class
102 Ethnic minorities, elderly underrepresented in cancer clinical trials
103 Mexican Americans at higher risk for liver cancer
104 Nerve stimulation pulls patient from 15-year vegetative state
105 New vaccine shows significant efficacy against rotavirus
106 FDA cracks down on illegal online prescription drugs
107 Children suffer with TV, video games in the bedroom
108 Study shows how scar tissue can be turned into healthy heart muscle
109 Study finds one in five teens report a concussion in their lifetime
110 New cases of U.S. STDs at a record high, 'outpacing our ability to respond'