File Title
1 Following Presidential action, AGS renews call for bipartisan collaboration
2 A dietary supplement dampens the brain hyperexcitability seen in seizures or epilepsy
3 PPPL takes detailed look at 2-D structure of turbulence in tokamaks
4 AASM releases position statement on home sleep apnea testing
5 Scientists demonstrate path to linking the genome to healthy tissues and disease
6 Worth their weight
7 Successful treatment for advanced stage testicular cancer in down syndrome patients
8 How scientists used NASA data to predict the corona of the August 21 Total Solar Eclipse
9 MS risk in children spotted with MRI brain scans
10 NASA sounding rocket instrument spots signatures of long-sought small solar flares
11 Scripps Florida scientists unveil 'roadmap' to aid osteoporosis treatment development
12 Insight into the challenges and contributions of nurse bioethicists
13 Gutters teem with inconspicuous life
14 Worms reveal secrets of aging
15 New study demonstrates importance of studying sleep and eating in tandem
16 Augmented tongue ultrasound for speech therapy
17 New report calls for national review of Intersex, DSD medical and social treatment in UK
18 Spin current detection in quantum materials unlocks potential for alternative electronics
19 New method creates liver bioscaffolds with intact ECM for reseeding and transplantation
20 Study reveals complex biology, gender differences, in kidney cancer
21 Study finds surgeries performed later in the day have more complications
22 Scientists reveal the relationship between sugar and cancer
23 Astronomers find potential solution into how planets form
24 Atrazine alters the sex ration in Blanchard's cricket frogs
25 On the generation of solar spicules and Alfvenic waves
26 A range of substances with antitumor properties was synthesized at RUDN University
27 Inserting a cannula into a vein
28 What is the scope of neurological diseases in the world today?
29 Science: Ambassadors from distant galaxies
30 A gamma ray burst observed in unprecedented detail
31 The melting ice makes the sea around Greenland less saline
32 Usutu virus is back--not only in blackbirds but also in humans
33 Genome-wide data from a 40,000-year-old man in China reveals complicated genetic history of Asia
34 Achieving high-value chemical diversity for the pharmaceutical artificial intelligence
35 Model predicts how E. coli bacteria adapt under stress
36 Space radiation won't stop NASA's human exploration
37 First atomic structure from UTSW's cryo-EM facility
38 Study shows proteins may prevent dysfunction and disease by relaxing
39 Intense storms batter Saturn's largest moon, UCLA scientists report
40 Scientists uncover a centuries-old case of mistaken identity in the Chesapeake Bay
41 Learning and staying in shape key to longer lifespan, study finds
42 Magic mushrooms may 'reset' the brains of depressed patients
43 Baltic clams and worms release as much greenhouse gas as 20,000 dairy cows
44 Study finds N-alpha-acetyltransferase D (NatD) promotes lung cancer progression
45 A single photon reveals quantum entanglement of 16 million atoms
46 New mechanism detected in Alzheimer's disease
47 Mimetic Martian water is under pressure
48 Making healthier decisions, step by step
49 Researchers confirm transcranial stimulation effects and determine a key mechanism
50 Understanding rare earth emulsions
51 Converting carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide using water, electricity
52 Is it gonna blow? Measuring volcanic emissions from space
53 Mantis shrimp-inspired camera enables glimpse into hidden world
54 Sandia's Direct Numerical Simulations enhance combustion efficiency, reduces pollution
55 Autism often associated with multiple new mutations
56 Finally! A solution to office thermostat wars
57 Livestock grazing management compatible with nesting greater sage-grouse
58 Lehigh to present research out of newly-launched Bioengineering Dept. at BMES
59 Lead fishing tackle may be threatening loon populations
60 Researchers make headway in desalination technology
61 New protein study broadens knowledge of molecular basis for disease
62 Like it or not: Broccoli may be good for the gut
63 Tropical tree roots represent an underappreciated carbon pool
64 3-D packaging of DNA regulates cell identity
65 Luring hornets: Scientists unlock sex pheromone of notorious honey bee predator
66 A star that devoured its own planets
67 Warming seas could lead to 70 percent increase in hurricane-related financial loss
68 International team reconstructs nanoscale virus features from correlations of scattered X-rays
69 Even modest oil exposure can harm coastal and marine birds
70 USC team finds a potentially better way to treat liver cancer
71 Cholesterol byproduct hijacks immune cells, lets breast cancer spread
72 Fighting racism: Teaching kids to identify individual black people can reduce racial bias
73 Biology study suggests father's nutrition before sex could contribute to health of baby
74 Workers at smaller companies less likely to be screened for cancer
75 A better understanding of space--via helicopter
76 Combination of El Nino and 2016 Ecuador earthquake likely worsened Zika outbreak
77 Brain waves reflect different types of learning
78 NIST urges caution in use of courtroom evidence presentation method
79 Ischemic stroke patients not receiving life-saving treatment, study finds
80 How switches work in bacteria
81 Brain stimulation can improve athletic performance
82 One if by editing, two if by roadblock: Human protein fights HIV as monomer and dimer
83 Devourer of planets? Princeton researchers dub star 'Kronos'
84 CU Anschutz researchers say climate change may accelerate infectious disease outbreaks
85 Whole genome sequencing identifies new genetic signature for autism
86 Rainfall trends in arid regions buck commonly held climate change theories
87 Study finds cold therapy may be effective at controlling cancer treatment side effects
88 New technique scours the genome for genes that combat disease
89 Johns Hopkins scientists help show links between genes, body tissues
90 An evolving sticky situation
91 Cause of cancer form in the liver identified
92 The ghosts of HeLa: How cell line misidentification contaminates the scientific literature
93 Watching plant photosynthesis...from space
94 Mechanism for precise targeting of the immune response uncovered
95 Study shows how rough microparticles can cause big problems
96 Scientists discover novel mechanism that protects mitochondrial DNA
97 Calcium in the prevention of postmenopausal osteoporosis: EMAS Clinical Guide
98 Microwave-assisted iodine-catalyzed rapid synthesis of 6H-indolo[2,3-b]quinolines
99 Enzymes at work: Breaking down stubborn cellulose
100 New type of diabetes caused by a genetic mutation
101 Researchers find mechanism involved in novel drug design with potential to treat tuberculosis
102 Geologic evidence is the forerunner of ominous prospects for a warming earth
103 Pioneering discovery of an odor-detecting receptor enhancer
104 Treacherous correlation in the brain from smoking
105 Lost in translation: When humor kills the message
106 Early stages of antibacterial damage of metallic nanoparticles by TEM and STEM-HAADF
107 Enzyme behind immune cell response revealed
108 Don't dispense of cannabis dispensaries, caution UBC researchers
109 A new miniature solution for storing renewable energy
110 Oregon team identifies universality and specificity in protein motions