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1 Genetic test successfully detects some asymptomatic pancreatic cancers
2 Transcranial direct current stimulation reduces fatigue associated with multiple sclerosis
3 New study from Harvard examines gender differences in obtaining first NIH research award
4 Large, crystalline lipid scaffolds bring new possibilities to protein, drug research
5 Tiny aquariums put nanoparticle self-assembly on display
6 International competition benchmarks metagenomics software
7 DNA: The next hot material in photonics?
8 Childhood asthma: Not associated with BCG vaccination
9 Asphalt helps lithium batteries charge faster
10 Hubble is paving scientific paths for NASA's James Webb Space Telescope
11 New 'building material' points toward quantum computers
12 A new model of treatment for youth with anxiety
13 Depression symptoms linked to problems with daily activities for older Japanese adults
14 Scale of human impact on planet has changed course of Earth's history, scientists suggest
15 Tracking live brain activity with the new NeuBtracker open-source microscope
16 RUDN University scientists described the distribution of soil microorganisms
17 World's first super-microsurgery operation with 'robot hands'
18 Low consumption of vitamin K by adolescents associated with unhealthy enlargement of the heart's major pumping chamber
19 New evidence that Siberian volcanic eruptions caused extinction 250 million years ago
20 New insights into how sleep helps the brain to reorganize itself
21 Healthy lifestyle linked to lower pain in MS sufferers
22 Animals that play with objects learn how to use them as tools
23 Monstrous crocodile fossil points to early rise of ancient reptiles
24 Pressure between layers of stacked graphene oxide nanosheets increases with heat
25 Basis of development of vertebrate limb muscles has been established in cartilaginous fishes
26 Superconductivity found in thin films of titanium oxide
27 A new method for removing cells infected with the AIDS virus
28 Llama-derived nanobodies as a new tool in solving crystal structure
29 A deeper understanding of a surface phenomenon
30 New drug protects heart from cardiac rupture after myocardial infarction
31 Feeling sated can become a cue to eat more
32 Study published in Nature reveals molecular pathway of weight-controlling hormone
33 As retirement age creeps up, the health of those close to retirement is getting worse
34 GM soybean oil causes less obesity and insulin resistance but is harmful to liver function
35 A sea of spinning electrons
36 Mini-kidneys grown in lab reveal renal disease secrets
37 New system finds and targets vulnerabilities in lung cancer cells
38 Text messaging program may help some pregnant women kick the smoking habit*
39 Irish scientists can now produce electricity from tears
40 Astronomers discover traces of methyl chloride around infant stars and nearby comet
41 Physician licensing laws keep doctors from seeking care
42 ALMA and Rosetta detect Freon-40 in space
43 Millions of suburban residents in US lack health insurance
44 Study finds differences in end-of-life care for recent immigrants in Canada
45 Did game design elements increase physical activity among adults?
46 The 'myth' of language history: Languages do not share a single history
47 Adulteration of proprietary Chinese medicines & health products poses severe health risks
48 Tropical diversity takes root in relationships between fungi and seeds
49 Public health factors may have affected 2016 US presidential election results
50 DNA mutations shed in blood predicts response to immunotherapy in patients with cancer
51 Sticker shock
52 Children without allergies can still be afflicted with asthma-like coughing and wheezing
53 Skipping breakfast associated with hardening of the arteries
54 Glowing news for organic materials
55 Liquid biopsies may help predict response to immune checkpoint inhibitors
56 Gene therapy shows promise for reversing blindness
57 Researchers review risks, recommendations for weight gain management in midlife women
58 Stress diminishes our capacity to sense new dangers, psychology research finds
59 If your child is bilingual, learning additional languages later might be easier
60 Man develops severe liver damage after taking epsom salts
61 Study estimates years of life that could be saved in US if smokers switched to e-cigarettes
62 Delayed hospital discharges could be linked to rise in population deaths
63 Strips of prairie plants slow loss of soil, nutrients and water from ag fields, double biodiversity
64 Financial incentives for physicians did not increase follow-up of patients after discharge
65 Evidence suggests life on Earth started after meteorites splashed into warm little ponds
66 Many hospitals still not using digital patient health information
67 Firearm-related injuries account for $2.8 billion on emergency room and inpatient charges each year
68 Researchers get first look at electrons escaping atoms
69 Unexpected findings uncover new understanding of gene expression
70 Scientists find new source of radioactivity from Fukushima disaster
71 Doctors define 'safe and effective' margins for 'one and done' skin removal around suspicious moles
72 Tobacco smokers could gain 86 million years of life if they switch to vaping, study finds
73 By decoding how HPV causes cancer, researchers find a new potential treatment strategy
74 Spanish research confirms the importance of breakfast in the prevention of cardiovascular disease
75 Our muscles measure the time of day
76 After medical error, apology goes a long way
77 Shared genetics in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
78 Simple tool accurately predicts 30-day mortality for ER patients with acute heart failure [+ other articles]
79 Hospital discharges for prescription opioids down, heroin discharges surge
80 Study finds sports-related concussion symptoms linger twice as long for adolescent girls
81 Update on an endangered Philippine cycad species
82 Radical research raises hopes for eye disease treatment for premature babies
83 Global experts seek to end damaging dementia psychosis cycle
84 Win-win strategies for climate and food security
85 Meet the hominin species that gave us genital herpes
86 'Revolutionary' new gesture control tech turns any object into a TV remote
87 Chicken embryo development data obtained in FANTOM project
88 Appearance of anisotropic electrical property in oriented material
89 Researchers identify protein that could reduce death, improve symptoms in flu and other infections
90 CU Anschutz: Law enforcement and gun retailers are resources for safe gun storage
91 Who's judging you based on brand choices?
92 Open-access collider data confirm subatomic particle patterns
93 Physical abuse and punishment impact children's academic performance
94 Gravitational waves: First joint LIGO-Virgo detection
95 Examining the management of diabetes in special populations
96 TSRI researchers explore ways that a drug like Avandia can be made safer
97 Confronted with bacteria, infected cells die so others can live, Penn study finds
98 A new approach to cancer drug discovery
99 GW-led consortium and FDA release new specifications to advance genomic data analysis
100 Nutrition is key to increasing productivity in intensive breeding
101 Scientists have found a way to create drug molecules from carbon monoxide
102 U-M researchers develop technique that could detect explosives, dangerous gases rapidly and remotely
103 New mouse model replicates an underlying cause of intellectual disability
104 Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities exposed with new DNA sequencing approach
105 New study identifies protein that could improve symptoms and reduce mortality in flu
106 Getting to the heart of mapping arrhythmia-related excitations
107 Small collisions make big impact on Mercury's thin atmosphere
108 Bioreactors on a chip renew promises for algal biofuels
109 Black children less likely to see doctor for eczema despite being more severely affected
110 Algae with light switch