File Title
1 Gene therapy halts progression of cerebral adrenoleukodystrophy in clinical trial
2 A win-win for spotted owls and forest management
3 Research proves bioengineering as viable alternative to open fetal repair for spina bifida
4 Teleoperating robots with virtual reality
5 Fish shrinking as ocean temperatures rise
6 DNA-based Zika vaccine candidate found safe and effective at inducing immune response
7 Delays for melanoma surgeries linked to insurance type
8 Review articles put animal models under closer scrutiny
9 Different sugars, different risks to your liver
10 Study pokes holes in fetal alcohol hypothesis
11 Nebraska discovery offers clues to why Zika became more dangerous
12 Nanoscale islands dot light-driven catalyst
13 Imaging agents developed to better monitor growth of tumors
14 Study investigates the presence of contaminants on drinking water
15 Hurricane exposes and washes away thousands of sea turtle nests
16 Milky Way's 'most-mysterious star' continues to confound
17 Antidote to synthetic cannabis 'Spice' intoxication could be found in slimming drug
18 Meet Madagascar's oldest animal lineage, a whirligig beetle with 206-million-year-old origins
19 Safe motherhood campaign associated with more prenatal visits, birth planning, study finds
20 Pay-it-forward college financing policies examined in new study
21 University of Guelph researchers discover why females have heart health advantage
22 Plants become more tolerant when living in symbiosis with fungi
23 Can census data better predict lead exposure in children?
24 Albatross feces show diet of fishery discards
25 Flights worldwide face increased risk of severe turbulence due to climate change
26 Healthy people are at risk of developing heart disease, says Surrey expert
27 What's next for nuclear medicine training?
28 NASA's Webb Telescope to witness galactic infancy
29 New approach may hold the key to treating antibiotic-resistant bacteria
30 Resistance training prevents age-related tendon damage
31 Scientists identify a possible therapeutic target for regulating body weight
32 Female fish like males who sing
33 Blood test for HPV may help predict risk in cancer patients
34 How disliked classes affect college student cheating
35 Tungsten offers nano-interconnects a path of least resistance
36 Discrimination on the grounds of political ideas prevails over any other
37 Healing molecule discovery could reduce limb amputations for diabetes patients
38 Asthma increases risk of complications during pregnancy and delivery
39 ALMA and Rosetta detect freon-40 in space
40 New use for alcohol aversion drug in treatment of chemo resistant lung cancer found
41 Multivitamins in pregnancy may be linked to lower autism risk in children
42 No clear evidence that most new cancer drugs extend or improve life
43 Women use gossip to compete for a man's attention
44 Indicator of extraterrestrial life?
45 The vitamin ergothioneine: an antioxidant for oxygen-free areas?
46 Surface helium detonation spells end for white dwarf
47 Toxic cocktail: Okinawan pit viper genome reveals evolution of snake venom
48 'Squirtable' elastic surgical glue seals wounds in 60 seconds
49 Rampant consumption of hippo teeth
50 Study: therapists lack knowledge to prevent transmission of CMV
51 Researchers demonstrate engineering approach to combine drugs, control parasitic worms
52 Assessing regional earthquake risk and hazards in the age of exascale
53 Black tea may help with weight loss, too
54 Research rethinks the evolutionary importance of variability in a population
55 Study reveals staggering economic burden of dementia in younger people
56 Scientists reverse advanced heart failure in an animal model
57 DNA-based Zika vaccine is safe and effective at inducing immune response
58 Soil amendments for healthier spinach
59 Leaders of Congenital Zika Virus Program at Children's National share lessons learned with peers
60 Researchers find that accurately transcribing DNA overrides DNA repair
61 Cell stress response sheds light on treating inflammation-related cancer, aging
62 Do delays in surgery for melanoma vary by insurance?
63 Exposure to childhood bullying and mental health
64 Poorer health literacy associated with longer hospital stay after surgery
65 Anxiety and depression caused by childhood bullying decline over time
66 Two intelligent vehicles are better than one
67 Sperm banking is underutilized by adolescent and young adult cancer patients
68 Use of CPR, defibrillators improves after public health initiatives
69 Monoclonal antibody 'cocktail' halts Zika infection, according to new Miller School study
70 Brain damage caused by Zika exposure in utero can be detected by both fetal MRI and ultrasound
71 In warmer climates, Greenlandic deltas have grown
72 Mystery of breast cancer risk gene solved, 20 years after its discovery
73 Health care professional's recommendation important factor for chemoprevention decisions
74 Your brain on mental training: Structural changes and stress reduction
75 Impacts of ride-hailing on crashes differ from city to city
76 For women, high blood pressure in your 40s may be tied to increased risk of Dementia
77 Predicting depression and PTSD before deployment could help soldiers cope
78 Tubules to stop cell growth
79 Healing and sealing: New surgical sealant derived from human protein seals without sutures
80 A super-elastic surgical glue that sticks and seals in vivo, even when tissues are moving
81 One in 4 people leave work a year after a heart attack, Danish study finds
82 Mental training changes brain structure and reduces social stress
83 Dutch children bereaved by domestic homicides 'more burdened than expected'
84 Ornamented artifact may indicate long-distance exchange between Mesolithic communities
85 Light-activated nanoparticles can supercharge current antibiotics
86 Antifungals and probiotics may play a key role in the development of treatment for Crohn's disease
87 Air pollution and poverty stack the deck for ADHD
88 Older-adult patients more likely to disclose suicidal thoughts as they age
89 SUTD researchers discovered excessive social interaction reduced collective response
90 A new way to produce clean hydrogen fuel from water using sunlight
91 New method to measure cell stiffness could lead to improved cancer treatments
92 Too little is known about wildfire smoke
93 PSU study tracks potentially harmful species from Japanese tsunami to American shores
94 What is STEM education?
95 Do mothers favor daughters and fathers favor sons?
96 Benchmarking computational methods for metagenomes
97 Warming unlikely to have major impact on animal agriculture in Northeast
98 Surrounded by potential: New science in converting biomass
99 Ammonia emissions unlikely to be causing extreme China haze
100 New information on a major player in chronic visceral leishmaniasis
101 'CRISPR-Gold' fixes Duchenne muscular dystrophy mutation in mice
102 Got a picky eater? How 'nature and nurture' may be influencing eating behavior in young children
103 Trastuzumab treatment need not delay breast reconstruction following mastectomy
104 Genetic targets to chemo-resistant breast cancer identified
105 Designer biosensor can detect antibiotic production by microbes
106 New cardiac catheter combines light and ultrasound to measure plaques
107 Study: Women firefighters can improve safety, but department culture must change
108 Gut bacteria metabolism may factor into hypertension
109 Pesticide use during pregnancy linked to increased risk of childhood brain tumors
110 Visualizing life in silico