File Title
1 Key plant species may be important for supporting wildflower pollinators
2 Found in translation
3 Planning for the future
4 Faster Salmonella test boosts food safety for humans and animals
5 New 'movie' technique reveals bacterial signalling in sharper resolution
6 New test opens path for better 2-D catalysts
7 Identifying ways to minimize the harm of energy drinks
8 New research on sperm stem cells has implications for male infertility and cancer
9 Pushy or laid back? Economic factors influence parenting style
10 Road pricing most effective in reducing vehicle emissions
11 Predicting when a sound will occur relies on the brain's motor system
12 Scientists enlist supercomputers, machine learning to automatically identify brain tumors
13 Delivering bad news? Don't beat around the bush
14 Multivitamin use during pregnancy linked to lower risk of autism with intellectual disability
15 Study: Why lab researchers should talk with industry counterparts
16 Registry data examines oral anticoagulant use in women, adverse events after PCI discharge
17 Antimicrobial use in Danish animals continues downward trend
18 Researchers identify genetic drivers of most common form of lymphoma
19 Air pollution exposure on home-to-school routes reduces the growth of working memory
20 Brain study reveals how insects make beeline for home
21 Why can't mTOR inhibitors kill cancer? Study explains
22 12,000 years ago, Florida hurricanes heated up despite chilly seas
23 Prehistoric humans are likely to have formed mating networks to avoid inbreeding
24 Monoclonal antibodies against zika show promise in monkey study
25 Appetizing imagery puts visual perception on fast forward
27 Scientists develop 'body-on-a-chip' system to accelerate testing of new drugs
28 A candidate genetic factor for the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure has been found
29 Anti-RAS antibodies show poor reliability in recognizing RAS proteins
30 Multiple research approaches are key to pandemic preparedness, NIAID officials say
31 Low serum calcium may increase risk of sudden cardiac arrest
32 Mini form of replacement gene can delay degeneration in leber congenital amaurosis
33 IUPUI microbiologists uncover clues to clustering of lethal bacteria in CF patients' lungs
34 Novel PET tracer identifies most bacterial infections
35 Fingerprints lack scientific basis for legal certainty
36 Coming a step closer to understanding how gastric bypass works
37 New 'molecular trap' cleans more radioactive waste from nuclear fuel rods
38 Perpetrators of genocide say they're 'good people'
39 Key component of respiratory center identified
40 Largest twin study pins nearly 80 percent of schizophrenia risk on heritability
41 Discovery of a new fusion gene class may affect the development of cancer
42 BU: Beer brands popular among youth violate code with youth-appealing ads
43 Brain wiring affects how people perform specific tasks
44 Middle managers may turn to unethical behavior to face unrealistic expectations
45 Improvement of the genetic decoding of neurodevelopmental disorders
46 New tool for oil and gas exploration beats all competition
47 Dundee scientists solve 3-D structure of key defense protein against Parkinson's disease
48 Magma chambers have a sponge-like structure
49 Simplifying information aids fight against childhood obesity, study finds
50 Macho pursuits dominate assessments of risky behavior, reinforcing gender stereotypes
51 Stealing from the body: How cancer recharges its batteries
52 Scientists from MSU proposed a way of increasing the efficiency of solar batteries
53 Nerve study shows how cells adapt to help repair damage
54 RUDN chemists identified the structure of the agent causing mutations in lionfish embryos
55 Germs in the kitchen: Salmonella better known than Campylobacter
56 Completing the drug design jigsaw
57 Screen children with reading difficulties for hearing problems, says report
58 UQ study shines a light to understand the body's balance system
59 Violent helium reaction on white dwarf surface triggers supernova explosion
60 Did Teddy Evans fatally undermine Scott of the Antarctic?
61 Nanopatch polio vaccine delivers
62 'Increased risk' donor organs a tough sell to transplant patients
63 Climate solution in soil?
64 Study says financial awards can actually discourage whistleblowers from reporting fraud
65 A new CRISPR-engineered cancer model to test therapeutics
66 Social acceptance more important than economic factors in fertility treatment availability
67 Prehistoric humans are likely to have formed mating networks to avoid inbreeding
68 Liverwort genes and land plant evolution
69 Soil microbes' contribution to the carbon cycle in a warming world
70 Is your partner's hearing loss driving you mad?
71 A novel textile material that keeps itself germ-free
72 Folding of the cerebral cortex--identification of important neurons
73 Global burden of disease study focuses on liver cancer
74 New findings on mechanisms for body temperature regulation by fat tissue
75 First cell-type census of mouse brains: Surprises about structure, male-female differences
76 What Earth's climate system and topological insulators have in common
77 Decision to rescind Waters of the United States rule (WOTUS) based on flawed analysis
78 Caution ahead: The growing challenge for drivers' attention
79 A need for bananas? Dietary potassium regulates calcification of arteries
80 New vehicle infotainment systems create increased distractions behind the wheel
81 Carbon feedback from forest soils will accelerate global warming, 26-year study projects
82 NY State Medicaid expansion widened racial gap in access to high-quality cancer surgery
83 Study offers insights on how to decrease the discard rate of donated organs
84 The Lord Howe Island stick insect lives: A story of survival
85 How much can watching hockey stress your heart?
86 How yellow and blue make green in parrots
87 Once declared extinct, Lord Howe Island stick insects really do live
88 More traits associated with your Neandertal DNA
89 Simulating a brain-cooling treatment that could one day ease epilepsy
90 JILA's 3-D quantum gas atomic clock offers new dimensions in measurement
91 Researchers analyze cost-effectiveness of guinea worm disease eradication
92 Freeze frame microscopy for 3-D biological images captures 2017 Nobel Prize in chemistry
93 Researchers create molecule that could 'kick and kill' HIV
94 Modified peptides could boost plant growth and development
95 ASU examines Mars' moon Phobos in a different light
96 Low-cost, high-volume services make up big portion of spending on unneeded health care
97 Computer model unravels knotty problems in DNA
98 Earlier school start times may increase risk of adolescent depression and anxiety
99 Newborns with CHD show signs of brain impairment even before cardiac surgery
100 Climate change, population growth may lead to open ocean aquaculture
101 Study: Sunlight and the right microbes convert Arctic carbon into carbon dioxide
102 New nanomaterial can extract hydrogen fuel from seawater
103 To kickstart creativity, offer money, not plaudits, study finds
104 Are we at a tipping point with weed control?
105 Discrimination more likely when resources are scarce
106 Why does divorce run in families? The answer may be genetics
107 Ancient humans left Africa to escape drying climate
108 Test reveals antibiotic-resistant bacteria in a half hour
109 Problems with senses may predict older adults' overall health, ability to function
110 Parole violations, not new crimes, help drive prison's revolving door