File Title
1 Ultrafast lasers reveal light-harvesting secrets of photosynthetic algae
2 Children dying preventable deaths from congenital heart disease
3 World's smallest radio receiver has building blocks the size of 2 atoms
4 Scientists boost catalytic activity for key chemical reaction in fuel cells
5 Lowering cholesterol to 'levels of a newborn baby' cuts heart attack risk
6 Quantifying radiation damage in SAXS experiments
7 Fundamental solid state phenomenon unraveled
8 Internet data could boost conservation
9 A cure for social anxiety disorders
10 HSE researchers uncover why morning people should not work at night
11 Graffiti for science
12 Certain high blood pressure drugs block cancer invasion
13 Simulation method helps combat climate change, boost energy supply
14 New graphene-based system could help us see electrical signaling in heart and nerve cells
15 This GI test could help patients avoid a hospital stay
16 Investigating kidney biomarkers to track lupus
17 Internet use in class tied to lower test scores
18 Movable microplatform floats on a sea of droplets
19 First data on rare sarcomas in Asian patients presented at ESMO Asia in Singapore
20 New diagnostic test kit offers easy identification of virulent pathogens in remote locations
21 Zika-linked birth defects more extensive than previously thought, UCLA-led research finds
22 Heart attack risk doubled for people with less education according to new Australian research
23 This is your brain on (legal) cannabis: Researchers seek answers
24 UTHealth: Rapid population decline among vertebrates began with industrialization
25 Avoiding over-the-counter heartburn meds could save cancer patients' lives
26 OU, BU and Smithsonian researchers investigate ancient species in Gulf of Alaska
27 Research in worms provides a model to study how the human microbiome influences disease
28 Study estimates 1,900 arrest-related deaths occurred in US between June 2015-May 2016
29 The secret to raising a smart shopper: Pick the right parenting style
30 MBARI's seafloor maps provide new information about 2015 eruption at Axial Seamount
31 Using brands to vent relationship frustration
32 New theoretical framework for improved particle accelerators
33 SLU research: Silencing fat protein improves obesity and blood sugar
34 Waging a more effective war against viral outbreaks
35 Predicting throat cancer recurrence with a blood test
36 New finding reveals battle behind gene expression
37 Bad people are disgusting, bad actions are angering
38 Computer model predicts potential impact of short-course therapy against multidrug-resistant TB
39 UCLA researchers combat antimicrobial resistance using smartphones
40 Number of known black holes expected to double in two years with new detection method
41 Supercomputer simulations confirm observations of 2015 India/Pakistan heat waves
42 Astronomers discover dark past of planet-eating 'Death Star'
43 Does good-tasting food cause weight gain?
44 Groundbreaking discovery has potential to improve therapies for cancer and other diseases
45 Microlensing study suggests most common outer planets likely Neptune-mass
46 There's a science to gift giving--experiences are better than material items
47 Hormonal contraception is safer than expected for women with diabetes
48 Genetic variants are associated with susceptibility to mouth and throat cancer
49 Attractive drug candidate identified to target glioma brain tumors
50 Understanding X-chromosome silencing in humans
51 Lower cost of LEDs reduce profitability for manufacturing landscape
52 New report calls for forward-looking analysis and a review of restoration goals for the Everglades
53 New gene fusions and mutations linked to gastrointestinal stromal tumors
54 UT Southwestern scientists invent new way to see proteins in motion
55 Cancer breakthrough miniature device shows which drugs perform best against tumors
56 Bad bosses come in 2 forms: Dark or dysfunctional
57 Search on for drug to tame 'hyperactive' zinc transporter and lower type 2 diabetes risk
58 New approach for cancer prevention in BRCA1 mutation-positive women from Josef Penninger
59 Depressed children respond differently to rewards than other kids
60 Potentially avoidable breast cancer surgeries cost patients and health-care system
61 Neurons anticipate body's response to food and water
62 WPI researchers build liquid biopsy chip that detects metastatic cancer cells in blood
63 Technique shrinks data sets for easier analysis
64 'Cultural distinctiveness' can influence consumer preferences for certain products
65 Fast track control accelerates switching of quantum bits
66 AGU Fall Meeting: Groundwater resources around the world could be depleted by 2050s
67 Patient prostate tissue used to create unique model of prostate cancer biology
68 Mind-controlled toys: The next generation of Christmas presents?
69 No more burning batteries? Stanford scientists turn to AI to create safer lithium-ion batteries
70 Decreased rates of pressure injuries linked to better preventive care
71 Coping mechanism suggests new way to make cancer cells more vulnerable to chemotherapies
72 Spanish scientists sequence the genome of the Iberian lynx, the most endangered felid
73 STEM enrichment activities have no impact on results
74 Lung-in-the-lab reveals no DNA damage on exposure to e-cig vapor
75 How to 'sharpen' an ultrasound scalpel
76 Chemists identify genetic mutation that opens door in combatting age-related diseases
77 Microseeding: A new way to overcome hemihedral twinning?
78 UmeC epidemiologist joins UN expert mission to confront Rift Valley fever outbreak
79 More exact, ethical method to tell the sex of baby chickens
80 Immunotherapy for cancer: New method identifies target antigens by mass spectrometry
81 A good nose in service of science: When fish smells 'fishy'
82 Mystery of super flash solved
83 Gene editing takes on new roles
84 MIT Energy Initiative report provides guidance for evolving electric power sector
85 People's energy in the workplace is key to staff retention
86 Impact of aging on brain connections mapped in major scan study
87 Neural circuits underlying fly larval locomotion
88 Dental hygiene, caveman style
89 New findings about stem cells in the brain of patients with epilepsy
90 Macromolecules: Light to design precision polymers
91 Smart road planning could boost food production while protecting tropical forests
92 Breast cancer study predicts better response to chemotherapy
93 Biodegradable polymer coating for implants
94 The pill won't kill your sexual desire, researchers say
95 Specific ways in the body: New host for steroids
96 Beyond the Standard Model through 'mini spirals'
97 Cancer registries in resource-constrained countries can inform policy to reduce cancer burden
98 Exciting new creatures discovered on ocean floor
99 First experimental evidence of 3-D aromaticity in stacked antiaromatic compounds
100 When horses are in trouble they ask humans for help
101 How brain tissue recovers after injury
102 Tracking down therapy-resistant leukemia cells
103 Finnish researchers correct Parkinson's motor symptoms in mice
104 Analyzing brain patterns may help scientists increase people's confidence, reduce fear
105 New report finds health wearable devices pose new consumer and privacy risks
106 UW study: Incidence of consciousness during surgery lower than previous estimates
107 'Junk RNA' molecule found to play key role in cellular response to stress
108 Rising sea level estimates require collaborative response, Princeton-PSU experts say
109 Repurposed drugs may offer improved treatments for fatal genetic disorders
110 Hormone-disrupting compound could provide new approach to malaria control