File Title
1 Study pinpoints when the Galapagos Islands developed their unique ecology
2 Penn study confirms 'sniff test' may be useful in diagnosing early Alzheimer's disease
3 As children with autism age, services to help with transition needed
4 Trends in extracorporeal life support--ASAIO Journal presents latest worldwide registry data
5 Scientists zero in on biological diversity in 'poor man's rainforest'
6 History of TBI linked to poor outcomes for those who are homeless, have mental illness
7 Going green with nanotechnology
8 High-fat diet before imaging improves diagnosis of cardiac sarcoidosis
9 Cancer registries in resource-constrained countries can inform policy
10 Medication may provide greater virus suppression, reduction in lesions for patients with genital herpes
11 Spicy molecule inhibits growth of breast cancer cells
12 Safe and inexpensive hydrogen production as a future energy source
13 Golden jackals might be settling in the Czech Republic, hint multiple observations
14 Discovering the origin of mouth and anus
15 New test could detect ovarian cancer patients who are strongly responding to treatment
16 Study finds some councils in London let down homeless veterans
17 Sex evolved to help future generations fight infection, scientists show
18 Clues from past volcanic explosion help Manchester-led team model future activity
19 Male bumblebees leave home without looking back
20 New antimatter breakthrough to help illuminate mysteries of the Big Bang
21 Bioinformatics brings to light new combinations of drugs to fight breast cancer
22 Predicting future sports rankings from evolving performance
23 Research discredits theory that e-cigarettes make tobacco use socially acceptable
24 An 'IRBIT'uary before cell death
25 Stabilizing evolutionary forces keep ants strong
26 New material with ferroelectricity and ferromagnetism may lead to better computer memory
27 Closer ties for silver clusters
28 The world's first demonstration of spintronics-based artificial intelligence
29 Pop-outs: How the brain extracts meaning from noise
30 Does 'publication bias' affect the 'canonization' of facts in science?
31 Amazonia's best and worst areas for carbon recovery revealed
32 New model more accurately predicts breast cancer risk in Hispanic women
33 Genetic mutations could increase risk of cytomegalovirus infection
34 Sharp fall in GP visits for acute gastroenteritis after rotavirus vaccination introduction
35 Model demonstrates high-quality patient care while reducing costs
36 Researchers identify new suppressor effects of the NOX4 protein in liver cancer
37 Sex cells evolved to pass on quality mitochondria
38 Aging and cancer: An enzyme protects chromosomes from oxidative damage
39 Scientific 'facts' could be false
40 Salamanders brave miles of threatening terrain for the right sex partner
41 Sunlight offers surprise benefit--it energizes infection fighting T cells
42 Routine screening for genital herpes infection not recommended
43 Physical activity in week after concussion associated with reduced risk of persistent postconcussive
44 Association between birth of an infant with major congenital anomalies and subsequent risk of death
45 High dietary processed meat intake linked to worsening asthma symptoms
46 Young children can choke to death on whole grapes, doctors warn
47 Commercial brand of mouthwash can help kill off gonorrhea in the mouth
48 Chimpanzees are 'indifferent' when it comes to altruism
49 Mechanism of successful horizontal gene transfer between divergent organisms explained
50 Why some people may not respond to the malaria vaccine
51 Laser pulses help scientists tease apart complex electron interactions
52 Black males nearly 3 times as likely to die when police use force, study finds
53 LJI researchers strengthen the case for sexual transmission of Zika virus
54 Zika virus infection determined by reproductive cycle in mice
55 Study provides clues to improving fecal microbiota transplantation
56 Building a better brain
57 Mapping the molecules made by a lichen's resident microbes
58 Violence spreads like a disease among adolescents, study finds
59 Double effort against Rett's syndrome
60 Cancer genomics: Addressing treatment resistance in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia
61 Levels of DNA in blood test correlated with ovarian cancer outcomes
62 Arctic Inuit, Native American cold adaptations may originate from extinct hominids
63 Bionic pancreas system successfully controls blood sugar without risk of hypoglycemia
64 WCS spearheads conservation science for US jaguar recovery plan
65 Preventing medical communication errors
66 Colorectal cancer prevention: A proven benefit of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
67 Findings in tuberous sclerosis complex on the role of inflammation and epilepsy
68 The man who mistook his wife for an imposter
69 UMN researchers provide molecular portraits of a new cancer drug target
70 White matter structure in the brain predicts cognitive function at ages 1 and 2
71 UTMB develops an oral vaccine against Salmonella
72 Radiologists positioned to detect elder abuse but additional training and research needed
73 UTMB researchers develop first chikungunya vaccine from virus that does not affect people
74 The deepwater horizon aftermath
75 First use of graphene to detect cancer cells
76 RIT researchers estimate 10,000 metric tons of plastic enter Great Lakes every year
77 Exhausted T cells
78 On the road to autonomy, remember the operator
79 New research shows uptick in past-month marijuana use among women of reproductive age
80 MU researchers caution parents to prevent electrical cord burns to the mouth
81 Culture not a factor in management styles globally
82 Ultra-thin solution to primary obstacle in solid-state battery development
83 Ring-tailed lemurs: Going, going, gone?
84 DNA markers distinguish between harmless, deadly bacteria
85 Nanoparticle-based method shows promise in DNA vaccine delivery
86 With eyes or noses? How young children use sensory cues to make social decisions
87 New prehistoric bird species discovered
88 Long-term anti-inflammatory drug use may increase cancer-related deaths for certain patients
89 Satellites observe 'traffic jams' in Antarctic Ice Stream caused by tides
90 Vitamin E and selenium don't prevent polyps that can lead to colorectal cancer
91 Rudolph's antlers inspire next generation of unbreakable materials
92 Why exposure to rhythmic stimulation at certain frequencies facilitate epileptic seizures
93 New biomarker predicts Alzheimer's disease and link to diabetes
94 Exploring future preventive strategies for patients at imminent risk of hip fracture
95 Arctic lakes thawing earlier each year
96 Mayo Clinic researchers identify how liver fat stores provide energy source during fasting
97 Researchers model the way into a nuclear future
98 Bisphenol A in canned dog food may increase BPA concentrations in pets
99 Detection system reads biomolecules in barcoded microgels
100 Barramundi populations at risk from acid oceans
101 Topical treatment activates immune system to clear precancerous skin lesions
102 Studies refute hypothesis on what caused abrupt climate change thousands of years ago
103 Low-carb diet alleviates inherited form of intellectual disability in mice
104 Multi-social millennials more likely depressed than social(media)ly conservative peers
105 Fuel cells with PFIA-membranes
106 UVA discovers powerful defenders of the brain--with big implications for disease
107 Studies of one of the world's rarest birds, the Rufous-headed Robin
108 Mimicking biological movements with soft robots
109 Astronomers release largest digital survey of the visible Universe
110 The transgender 'bathroom bill': Who wants it--men or women?