File Title
1 New insights into mechanisms of breast cancer development and resistance to therapy
2 Common viruses prove dangerous in long-term care facility
3 Boston experts release new international guidelines for thyroid disease in pregnancy
4 Epigenetic changes promote development of fatty liver in mouse and man
5 The fly reveals a new signal involved in limb growth
6 Study finds association between insufficient sleep and gestational diabetes mellitus
7 Study examines the effects of osteoporosis drugs in children with genetic bone disorders
8 Hydropower in China impacts the flow of the Mekong River
9 Hidden diversity: 3 new species of land flatworms from the Brazilian Araucaria forest
10 Hidden seeds reveal Canary Islands history
11 High cholesterol intake and eggs do not increase risk of memory disorders
12 Catheter safeguards at hospitals reduce infections and save money, study shows
13 Israeli backpackers demonstrated resounding leadership in aftermath of Nepal earthquake
14 Anthropogenic groundwater extraction impacts climate
15 Aggressive prostate cancer secrets revealed in landmark study
16 Species diversity reduces chances of crop failure in algal biofuel systems
17 UTSA study shows how phishing scams thrive on overconfidence
18 Bilingualism may save brain resources as you age
19 Newly discovered phytoplankton groups appear to favor warmer oceans
20 Study: Some catalysts contribute their own oxygen for reactions
21 Do weekend warriors reap any health benefits?
22 How Spain achieved a remarkably high rate of deceased organ donation
23 New model predicts when people are willing to try new things
24 What did Big Data find when it analyzed 150 years of British history?
25 Researchers reveal how cancer cells cope with genetic chaos
26 Heartburn pills in pregnancy may be linked to childhood asthma
27 Where is heavy air pollution in Beijing from?
28 Crohn's disease risk and prognosis determined by different genes, study finds
29 Pre-pregnancy progesterone helps women with recurrent pregnancy loss
30 'Weekend warriors' have lower risk of death from cancer, cardiovascular disease
31 New study: What do health plan deductibles really mean for people with chronic illness?
32 Do exercise 'weekend warriors' lower their risks of death?
33 WSU researchers discover unique microbial photosynthesis
34 Prostate cancer researchers find genetic fingerprint identifying how, when disease spreads
35 NHS England taken to task for sore throat 'test and treat plans' in pharmacies
36 High dietary red meat intake linked to common bowel condition diverticulitis
37 Mayo Clinic researchers identify new potential treatment for cancer metastasis
38 Decision pathway issued for patients with irregular heartbeat on anticoagulants
39 Has the Affordable Care Act reduced socioeconomic disparities in cancer screening?
40 Wanting to stay in education is 'NOT main reason why women delay having children'
41 Study suggests enterovirus infections linked with autoimmunity that leads to type 1 diabetes
42 In the January Health Affairs: Brazil's primary health care expansion
43 Medicaid expansion linked to better care quality at health centers
44 Hospitals in Medicare ACOs reduced readmissions faster
45 Warmer West Coast ocean conditions linked to increased risk of toxic shellfish
46 El Nino, Pacific Decadal Oscillation implicated in domoic acid shellfish toxicity
47 Exploiting the placebo effect can improve recovery of heart surgery patients
48 Most breastfed infants not receiving recommended vitamin D supplementation
49 Primary care physician involvement at end of life associated with less costly, less intensive care
50 National Commission on Prevention Priorities releases new preventive services rankings
51 Natural tooth repair method, using Alzheimer's drug, could revolutionize dental treatments
52 Recognize sepsis as a separate cause of illness and death
53 Pediatric tuberculosis in Canada: A guide for physicians
54 Reducing drug dosage, and hearing loss in TB patients without reducing efficacy
55 Breast cancer screening associated with substantial overdiagnosis
56 Psychology essential to achieving goals of patient-centered medical homes
57 Study identifies potential drug targets for muscular dystrophy treatments
58 Fixing overuse and underuse of medical care can improve health and save money
59 Tablet devices show promise in managing agitation among patients with dementia
60 Brain protein predicts recovery time following concussion
61 Large-scale tornado outbreaks increasing in frequency, study finds
62 While not necessarily reality, perception can cause reality to evolve
63 New personality model sets up how we see ourselves--and how others see us
64 Research supports role of supernovas in measuring pace at which the universe expands
65 Brazilian study compiles data on 958 types of South American jellyfish
66 Study characterizes key molecular tool in DNA repair enzymes
67 Hubble detects 'exocomets' taking the plunge into a young star
68 Gut microbes and bird's breath from the U at #SICB2017
69 New research offers clues into how the brain shapes perception to control behavior
70 Is student debt responsible for 'boomeranging' among young adults?
71 New guidelines for diagnosis and management of thyroid disease during pregnancy published in Thyroid
72 Parents purchase frozen dinners for more than convenience
73 Tailored organoid may help unravel immune response mystery
74 UCI scientists identify a new approach to recycle greenhouse gas
75 Vision problems after concussion--special issue of Optometry and Vision Science presents new research
76 Zooplankton rapidly evolve tolerance to road salt
77 Counseling, antidepressants change personality (for the better), team reports
78 Hubble provides interstellar road map for Voyagers' galactic trek
79 New study finds 1 in 5 US gun owners obtained firearm without background check
80 Researchers find key genetic driver for rare type of triple-negative breast cancer
81 Physicians can better predict outcomes for kidney transplant patients with key data, study finds
82 Autoimmunity and infections: When the body fights itself
83 New treatment for a rare form of encephalitis
84 New plant named to honor the peace-making efforts of the Colombian President
85 Indoor tanning study reveals surprising new at-risk group for skin cancer
86 Rocky mountain haze
87 Open-source plant database confirms top US bioenergy crop
88 Investigators identify optimal conditions for growth of Legionella bacteria
89 New research describes how bacteria resists 'last-resort' antibiotic
90 You've got mail--personality differences in email use
91 Toxic bosses are bad for your health and bad for your reputation
92 Risk of long-term disability in older adults who visit the ED
93 BU study finds patterns of biomarkers predict how well people age, risks of age-related disease
94 Researchers design one of strongest, lightest materials known
95 Great Barrier Reef almost drowned; climate implications
96 Accelerated discovery a triple threat to triple negative breast cancer
97 Off-grid power in remote areas will require special business model to succeed
98 Halting lethal childhood leukemia
99 Changing Antarctic waters could trigger steep rise in sea levels
100 Older lung cancer patients face significant treatment burden
101 Worms have teenage ambivalence, too
102 Consumption of grilled meat linked to higher mortality risk among breast cancer survivors
103 Anemia protects African children against malaria
104 Scientists use light to control the logic networks of a cell
105 Arctic sea ice loss impacts beluga whale migration
106 Measuring trees with the speed of sound
107 Using fat to help wounds heal without scars
108 Researcher turns 'SARS mask' into a virus killer
109 Research sheds new light on high-altitude settlement in Tibet
110 TSRI researchers discover surprising process behind sense of touch