File Title
1 How Potent Is the Zika Virus? New Findings Reveal How It Does Its Damage
2 Berries Found in Australia Could Cure Cancer
3 Bath Lotion Deaths: At Least 49 People Died of Alcohol Poisoning in Russia
4 Scientists Found a New Way to Boost Self-Confidence
5 Gilead HCV Patent Case Against Merck Resolved; Federal Jury Ordered Gilead to Pay Merck
6 Mass Campaigning for Truvada; HIV Prevention Drug Is the Last Hope for Gilead
7 Treatment for Skin and Soft Tissue Infections: Research Methodologies and Market Scope
8 Female Doctors Are Better, Fewer Deaths Among Patients, Study Says
9 Diagnosing Blocked Arteries Quicker and Easier with Novel Medical Breakthrough
10 Cancer Breakthrough: New Treatment for Prostate Cancer Derives from Ocean Bacteria
11 Prince Harry: Young People Should Spend Less Time on Smartphones to Improve Mental Health
12 GSK Is Successful for Its Two-Drug Approach in Aiding HIV, Enables to Control the Virus that Causes AIDS
13 Seventh Grader Miraculously Saved by Presence of Mind of School Nurse
14 Ovarian Cancer: Real Life Inspirational Story About the Silent Killer Disease
15 Nottingham University Scientists Developed Revolutionary Ultrasound Technique for Nanoscale Live Cell Imaging
16 A Pill Is Underway to Treat the Serious Inherited Bleeding Disorder
17 Heart Attack Rates on High; Christmas Holiday Season Not So Good for the Heart
18 New Experimental Ebola Vaccine Gives High Protection: What Are the Side Effects?
19 Intermittent Fasting as Fountain of Youth: Weight Loss, Brain Health and Other Benefits
20 2.5 Metric Tons of 'Plastic Rice' or 'Fake Rice' Confiscated in Nigeria
21 Paleo Diet: Did Ancient People Consume More Plants, Carbs than Previously Thought?
22 Baby on Liver Transplant List Waits Only 40 Minutes to Get a Match
23 George Michael, Carrie Fisher Deaths: What Exactly Are Heart Failure, Cardiac Arrest?
24 Heart Failure Can Be Cured Now; Phase 1 Clinical Trial of Cimaglermin Drug Successful
25 First Case of Bird Flu from Infected Cat to Human in New York Reported
26 Cycling in-Bed Exercise in ICU Is Beneficial to Patients
27 Personalized Mini Factory for Drug Production in War Zones and Spacecraft
28 Inactivity Does Not Cause Obesity; Obesity Causes Inactivity, Study Reveals
29 Time of Death Can Be Estimated Through the Body Microbiome, Study Reveals
30 Bird Flu Virus Has Been Confirmed to Again Infect Humans; Source of the Virus Is Currently Under Investigation
31 Dangers of Daydreaming: How Dreams Turn into Real Life Nightmares
32 Cannabis Actually Has a Disgusting Side Effect
33 Mesentery: New Organ in the Human Body Discovered
34 The New Marijuana-Related Illness Increases in States that Legalize the Use of Cannabis
35 Gambling Addiction Treatment Can also Help in Treating Alcoholism and Smoking
36 Selling Over the Counter Cough Medicine to Minors Banned
37 Undisclosed Health Hazards of Coca-Cola Landed the Company in a Legal Lawsuit
38 Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Initiative: Cloud-Computing Services Developed for Scientists Engaged in Genome Research Projects
39 Band-Aid for Genes: Modified EXACT CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Editing Technique Can Repair Point Mutations
40 Exposure to Heavy Traffic Leads to Memory Loss and Dementia, Study Conducted in Ontario Reveals
41 Cannabis Use Disorder: Is There Really Such a Thing?
42 Ross River Fever Outbreak Suspected in NSW Riverina Region; Health Authorities Issue Mosquito Warning
43 Killing time: Study sheds light on phages and precision cell destruction
44 Air pollution and lack of physical activity pose competing threats to children in China
45 Close to half of adults and one quarter of kids in the US regularly consume artificial sweeteners
46 Essential quality control system in cells identifies and destroys faulty genetic material
47 New technology will cut plug-in hybrid fuel consumption by one third
48 Drug shown to aid injured adult brains may exacerbate cognitive problems in children
49 Dual-purpose biofuel crops could extend production, increase profits
50 UAB investigators find repeat cesarean deliveries less cost-effective in low-risk women
51 UTA researcher shows computer users are overconfident when dealing with junk emails
52 Next-generation optics offer the widest real-time views of vast regions of the sun
53 University of Guelph researchers identify monarch butterfly birthplaces to help conserve species
54 University of South Carolina researchers discover new subtype of cervical cancer
55 Play, cognitive skills in kindergarten predict extracurricular activities in middle school
56 Mass. General-led team identifies gene mutations behind lack of a nose
57 Play an instrument? You probably react faster, too
58 Landmark study defines normal ranges for testosterone levels
59 Pretty in pink: Some algae like it cold
60 Meet Canada's 'poop lady'
61 Researchers reveal connection between female estrogen cycle and cocaine addiction
62 Socioeconomic status and prior pregnancy affect women's treatment choices when suffering miscarriage
63 For viral predators of bacteria, sensitivity can be contagious
64 New molecular discovery may help identify drug therapies to prevent dementia
65 The importance of making friends fast--when you're an immigrant
66 New report finds significant improvements in methods to collect data on recreational fishing
67 Study finds postdoc jobs in biomedicine don't yield positive returns in the labor market
68 Wastewater treatment upgrades result in major reduction of intersex fish
69 Study reveals gender and race disparities in ACS pretest probabilities in the ED
70 New study finds postdocs don't yield positive labor market returns
71 Innovative imaging and surgery treats lymph condition in adults
72 Hospitals are less likely to admit publicly insured children, but outcomes aren't affected
73 What kind of selfie taker are you?
74 Protein build-up may trigger inflammation associated with Alzheimer's and other conditions
75 Airborne thermometer to measure Arctic temperatures
76 Study shows risk of skin cancer doesn't deter most college students who tan indoors
77 Researchers develop new compound to fight cytomegalovirus
78 'Dementia gene' may guard against decline associated with parasitic disease
79 Compound from chicory reveals possible treatment strategy for neurodegenerative disorders
80 Circulating fatty acids ratio may help predict bariatric weight loss surgery outcome
81 Antioxidant may protect offspring of obese mothers from fatty liver disease
82 Older adults with obesity less responsive to memory training than those with lower BMIs
83 NASA study finds a connection between wildfires and drought
84 Routine procalcitonin screening reduces hospital stays and costs for patients with sepsis
85 Americans more in control of their long-term care
86 Hubble captures 'shadow play' caused by possible planet
87 Hubble's front row seat when galaxies collide
88 Byzantine skeleton yields 800-year-old genomes from a fatal infection
89 Nothing fishy about better nutrition for mums and babies
90 Bacterial Pac Man molecule snaps at sugar
91 Criminology study links NFL players' misbehavior on, off field
92 National VA effort reduced risky opioid prescriptions for veterans, study finds
93 3-D printing and nanotechnology, a mighty alliance to detect toxic liquids
94 Researchers concerned about young people's responsibility for their work ability
95 Evidence growing of link between youth exposure to alcohol marketing and youth drinking
96 First study to show parents' concerns about neighborhood restrict kids' outdoor play
97 Couch potatoes face same chance of dementia as those with genetic risk factors: Research
98 Taking graphics cards beyond gaming
99 What does it take for an AIDS virus to infect a person?
100 An ordered route to improved performance
101 Plus-sized fly: A model to understand the mechanisms underlying human obesity
102 Neurons modulate the growth of blood vessels
103 People with early-onset Parkinson's disease may benefit from boosting niacin in diet
104 New research sheds light on why plants change sex
105 Study reveals best states for lovers
106 Identification of autophagy-dependent secretion machinery
107 Study shows biological changes that could underlie higher psychosis risk in immigrants
108 Scrapping excessive neural connection helps build new connections
109 The importance of the glutamine metabolism in colon cancer
110 Telerehabilitation through internet improve life of women suffering breast cancer