File Title
1 Global warming's fingerprints seen in 24 weird weather cases
2 Mexico plans to catch, protect last few vaquita porpoises
3 Rare plant named after rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix
4 Ship to mash, ram polar ice as US aims to update aging fleet
5 Feds: No 'show-stoppers' found in nuke readiness review
6 America's oldest polar bear celebrates chilly birthday
7 China restricts cars, factories amid latest smog alert
8 Stormier times for California's water expected under new law
9 Fermi Lab co-founder, physicist Dr. Edwin Goldwasser dies
10 Scientists get antimatter excited, see first light
11 Brain changes seen in pregnancy, may help preparing for baby
12 Ancient skeleton to return to Native Americans for reburial
13 Testing stem cells in tiniest hearts to fight birth defect
14 Report: Facebook's unmanned aircraft crashed in test flight
15 N.H. to Get New Research Center for Soldiers
16 Happy Birthday Colo!
17 FEMA: Ohio emergency responders were exposed to deadly toxin
18 APNewsBreak: New Mexico OKs reopening troubled nuclear dump
19 The Latest: Hundreds celebrate oldest gorilla's birthday
20 Endangered Puget Sound orca found dead off Canadian coast
21 Family of bears likely killed from eating poisonous plant
22 US allowing work to restart at nuke dump 3 years after leak
23 NASA climate scientist and astronaut Sellers dies at 61
24 Super typhoon heads for Christmas Day blow to Philippines
25 Philippines braces for Christmas storm, offers roasted pigs
26 Vera Rubin, who did pioneering work on dark matter, dies
27 China plans to land probes on far side of moon, Mars by 2020
28 Obama names Utah, Nevada monuments despite GOP opposition
29 Tribes get say in land management but worry about Trump
30 Can New Technology Help Wood?
31 The Latest: Volcano in Alaska Aleutian islands settling down
32 China says it will shut down ivory trade by end of 2017
33 SpaceX finds source of rocket explosion, plans new launch
34 Hawaii residents renew push for stricter pesticide rules
35 Astronauts' No. 1 New Year's resolution: Ace spacewalks
36 California snowpack measures low, but big storms coming
37 Quirk may shield US slightly during busy hurricane seasons
38 Regulators changing fishing rules to protect endangered tuna
39 Global warming data that riled doubters is confirmed
40 Milwaukee zoo hand raises Amur tiger cub to save its life
41 NOAA releases plan for Alaska endangered beluga whales
42 Ski-run surprise: Lynx stroll past crowds in rare sightings
43 US delays cleanup rule at uranium mines amid GOP criticism
44 NOAA plans to open federal waters in Pacific to fish farming
45 Study documents tree species' decline due to climate warming
46 Obama Blocks Atlantic Ocean Surveys
47 Spacewalking astronauts upgrade station with new batteries
48 Second red panda triplet dies at suburban Philadelphia zoo
49 Scientists watch growing Antarctic crack but aren't alarmed
50 Bat-friendly tequila, research play role in species recovery
51 New ultrasound technique offers glimpse inside live cells
52 Study attempts to explain the scarcity of big brains
53 Children pick up on and copy non-verbal social biases expressed by adults
54 Study: Stressed snakes are aggressive snakes
55 Video shows false killer whale snagging tuna bait
56 MIT researchers reveal new technique for measuring gravity
57 Scientists decipher meaning in bat calls
58 World's smallest electrical wire made from world's smallest diamonds
59 Ant-like bees among newly discovered desert species
60 Bacteria evolving more sophisticated antibiotic resistance
61 Report: Cheetahs running out of space, vulnerable to extinction
62 Dark matter has decreased since the Big Bang: Study
63 Lifetime of organic light-emitting diodes affected by impurities in vacuum
64 Biomass operations aren't currently feasible in rural communities: Study
65 Scientists measure genetic variation among animals transitioning from one species to two
66 Research reveals movement and evolution of potato famine pathogen
67 Ice loss in 2016: A year in review
68 NASA image showcases Saturn's sun-soaked north pole
69 Bacteria evolution offers insights into human protein interactions
70 Hubble spots megamaser
71 Archaeologists: Chaco Canyon inhabitants likely relied on imported food
72 New map details shifting flood risks in the United States
73 Study shows link between social cooperation and sustainability
74 Scientists find genes driving Bahama pupfish specialization
75 Study: Language barriers holding back global science
76 Space station battery replacements to begin New Year's Eve
77 Timekeepers add 'leap second' to world clocks for new year
78 SpaceX concludes accident investigation, to start launching rockets again
79 Chickens are smarter and more complex than given credit for
80 Fossil fuel ingredients explain rise in atmospheric oxygen: Study
81 Scientists create tiny laser using silver nanoparticles
82 Scientists hope to make concrete tougher by studying its defects
83 Study predicts more extreme storms for California in the future
84 CES 2017 preview: Artificial intelligence, Smart tech highlight of this year's show
85 Scientists map effects of consumption on endangered species
86 New artificial leaf turns sunlight into hydrogen fuel
87 Scientists consider the effects of coastal erosion in the Arctic
88 Polar vortex is back, and a warmer Arctic may be to blame
89 Long-distance migratory patterns of birds follow peaks in resources
90 Scientists find 'penitentes' on Pluto
91 Origin of strange cosmic flashes identified after 10 years of mystery
92 CES 2017 preview: Samsung, Sony, LG tease flashy new products
93 Scientists try turning Christmas trees into plastic
94 Birds with big bills spend more time keeping warm
95 Another study disproves global warming 'hiatus'
96 Scientists train DNA nanotubes to self-assemble a bridge between molecules
97 Study reveals the importance of grazers for coral reefs
98 Deepest X-ray image offers glimpse of earliest black holes
99 In cool forests, foraging bees prefer the warmth of darker flower petals
100 Massive iceberg ready to break from Antarctic ice shelf
101 Astronomers discover cosmic particle accelerator
102 Scientists consider the technological prospects of earwax
103 Study finds link between drought and Rocky Mountain air quality
104 NASA: Solar storms could trigger sparks on lunar poles
105 Babies Made from DNA of 3 People Now Permitted in UK
106 New Detection Method Could Double the Number of Known Black Holes Within 2 Years
107 Zoo Hypothesis: What if Aliens Are Using Us as Lab Rats?
108 ALERT: Reduced Ability to Respond to Rewards Could Serve as Key Sign of Clinical Depression in Children
109 Artist Saves His Land from Pipelines by Turning It into Art and Buying It a Copyright
110 ALERT: Deaths from Synthetic Opioid Overdose Increased by Nearly 200 Percent