File Title
1 New beginning for illegally traded endangered species
2 World's oldest known killer whale Granny dies
3 'Better estimate' of volcanic ash cloud return
4 India's double first in climate battle
5 Germany 'pollution spike' follows New Year's Eve fireworks
6 David Hempleman-Adams urges climate change action after Arctic voyage
7 Donald Trump makes top Republican fear environmental future
8 Scientists' work recognised in New Year Honours
9 Big digs: The year 2016 in archaeology
10 China announces ban on ivory trade by end of 2017
11 Private vehicles add to Delhi's pollution woes
12 Birds migrating earlier as temperatures rise
13 A science news preview of 2017
14 Apple sued over fatal 'FaceTime crash'
15 Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg takes up challenge to tour US
16 CES 2017: UK support to tech firms 'an embarrassment'
17 Taxi-sharing could end traffic jams, suggests MIT study
18 Fake borrowers at Florida library probed
19 Data breach exposes US Army doctor details
20 CES 2017: Tech preview of Las Vegas's biggest launches
21 A jolt for the electric car industry in the Midlands
22 Leap second briefly catches out computer firm
23 China Twitter boss leaves after seven months
24 New Year honour for TV tech campaigner Maggie Philbin
25 Five African inventions to look out for in 2017
26 Fake university degree websites shut down
27 'No outdoor sport' at over 1,000 Scottish schools
28 John Berger, art critic and author of Ways of Seeing, dies
29 Sharon Shoesmith: 'Empower social workers' to beat abuse
30 New Year honour for teenage campaigner
31 500,000 pounds to fund school holiday lunch and fun clubs
32 Scottish teachers and lecturers paid 600,000 pounds in compensation
33 Doctors issue new year detox health warning
34 Kids devouring too much 'breakfast sugar' warning
35 Melbourne warned of beach poo hazard after storms
36 Dentists call to end 'workplace cake culture'
37 Bill Gates: We are vulnerable to flu epidemic
38 Ice, Zika and babies from three people--health in 2016
39 Art may reveal early signs of dementia
40 Songbirds divorce, flee, fail to reproduce due to suburban sprawl
41 Antidepressant side effects reported more by patients with co-occurring panic disorder
42 Nanowire 'inks' enable paper-based printable electronics
43 Studies suggest gaming your brain to treat depression
44 Syracuse University researchers explore link between tropical glaciers, water supply
45 NASA adds up heavy rainfall from southeastern US severe weather
46 Research on sweat glands suggests a route to better skin grafts
47 Gun violence research underfunded, understudied compared to other leading causes of death
48 Stuttering linked to reduced blood flow in area of brain associated with language
49 TSRI scientists take step toward mapping how the brain stores memories
50 Tenfold jump in green tech needed to meet global emissions targets
51 Study shows new global evidence of the role of humans, urbanization in rapid evolution
52 Childhood poverty can rob adults of psychological health
53 Researchers uncover mechanism for cancer-killing properties of pepper plant
54 Will climate change leave tropical birds hung out to dry?
55 Chemo-brain among women with breast cancer is pervasive, study shows
56 Understanding the causes of neurological abnormalities that result from premature birth
57 New research examines trends in radiology journal publications relating to patient-centered care
58 Vaccine shows promising results for early-stage breast cancer patients
59 Study provides new look at Cesarean rate in China
60 Worries about food waste appear to vanish when diners know scraps go to compost
61 Ticks that carry Lyme disease found in eastern national parks
62 Rice U probes ways to turn cement's weakness to strength
63 Quantum simulation technique yields topological soliton state in SSH model
64 One step closer to reality: Devices that convert heat into electricity
65 Common antioxidant may guard against liver disease, says CU Anschutz researcher
66 Study finds more extreme storms ahead for California
67 Does cough syrup really work? (video)
68 Biodiversity project in Azores delivers detailed abundance data for 286 arthropod species
69 Not all Europeans receive the same care for Duchenne muscular dystrophy
70 Enzyme could protect against type of colorectal cancer by suppressing tumors, study finds
71 Streamlining the Internet of Things and other cyber-physical systems
72 Germanium's semiconducting and optical properties probed under pressure
73 Inflammation halts fat-burning
74 The researchers created a tiny laser using nanoparticles
75 Sugar-free and 'diet' drinks no better for healthy weight than full sugar drinks
76 Economics made simple with physics models
77 The beating heart of solar energy
78 Special issue of Future Oncology highlights the field of Psycho-oncology
79 Gambling addiction triggers the same brain areas as drug and alcohol cravings
80 Woman hospitalized after developing complication of a New Year 'detox'
81 New study estimates frequency of flight-disrupting volcanic eruptions
82 Random access memory on a low energy diet
83 Chemically modified insulin is available more quickly
84 Maternal depression across the first years of life impacts children's neural basis of empathy
85 First experimental proof of a 70 year old physics theory
86 NTU and German scientists turn memory chips into processors to speed up computing tasks
87 Relationship between patients with clinical auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder
88 New research: Feral cats now cover over 99.8 percent of Australia
89 UBC discovery opens up new treatments for problem gamblers
90 Detecting misinformation can improve memory later on
91 Sex hormone-sensitive gene complex linked to premenstrual mood disorder
92 How to 3-D print your own sonic tractor beam
93 Infant's prolonged infection reveals mutation that helps bacteria tolerate antibiotics
94 JAMA Internal Medicine publishes more articles on firearm violence
95 Medicare bundled-payments model cut joint replacement costs by more than 20 percent
96 Shell game: Understanding gene patterns behind mollusk diversity
97 How we know Zika virus causes Guillain-Barre Syndrome and birth defects
98 Genes affecting our communication skills relate to genes for psychiatric disorder
99 Zinc eaten at levels found in biofortified crops reduces 'wear and tear' on DNA
100 Improving health should be the focus of commercial diet programs, not just losing weight
101 Why odds are against a large Zika outbreak in the US
102 Deeper than obesity: A majority of people is now overfat
103 Geologists publish new details about evolution of East African Rift Valley
104 Rolling out an e-sticker revolution
105 New study finds EPA and DHA omega-3s lower risk of coronary heart disease
106 Experts update best practices for diagnosis and treatment of earwax (cerumen impaction)
107 Zinc: A surprise target in regenerating the optic nerve after injury
108 Think chicken--think intelligent, caring and complex
109 AMPK--the enzyme that makes physical activity healthy
110 A new direction in ophthalmic development: Nanoparticle drug delivery systems