File Title
1 Scientists nose out the genes that shape your face
2 Galaxy made of 99.99% dark matter brought to light
3 Intense storms shake the Earth--and unveil the planet's layers
4 Gastro-causing virus needs bile to infect gut cells
5 African farming trials create food for thought
6 Juno skims past Jupiter with science tools switched on
7 Baby fish follow sounds of a healthy reef--but only when they're close
8 Feather map reveals secrets of waterbirds
9 Societal collapse can be foretold--if you see the early warning signs
10 Dogs can recognise half-hearted praise
11 Lucy the hominin died after a tumble from a tree
12 Martian moon Phobos' grooves caused by collision debris
13 Tasmanian devils evolve defense against deadly cancer
14 Milky Way bubble a 'distant echo' of supermassive black hole binge
15 Drug scrubs toxic clumps from Alzheimer's brains
16 How marmosets scurry and scamper through treetops
17 Twin stars found hosting three massive exoplanets
18 Mass drug hand-out curbed Liberian malaria during Ebola outbreak
19 What 3.7-billion-year-old fossils mean for life on Mars
20 When the weather warms up, pop on cooling clothes
21 Dawn probe paints picture of icy, rocky Ceres--with an ice volcano
22 Juno snaps photos of Jupiter's north and south poles
23 The many potential lives of 'Earth-twin' planet Proxima b
24 Physicists help deliver precision to paddocks
25 For lizards roaming a warming world, shade is vital
26 Planet smash delivered carbon to Earth 4.4 billion years ago: study
27 Rosetta finally finds comet-lander Philae
28 To stop nosebleeds, salty water is as good as drug treatments
29 InSight robotic exploration of Mars rescheduled for 2018
30 Mass grave reveals secrets of ancient 'walking fish' childhood
31 How a single strand of hair might identify a criminal
32 Engineers drill into atomic structure of tooth enamel
33 Milky Way 'fossil relic' is one of a kind
34 Device can tell if an apple's ripe from its 'glow'
35 Cheers to 500 years of different beers, thanks to brewer's yeast
36 Giraffes come in four species--not one
37 Rosetta's grand finale--probing Comet 67P's pits
38 Head waggles and ear wiggles help bats hunt
39 Glimpses of the Madala boson: have we detected the dark Higgs?
40 Newborn's gut microbes affect allergies and asthma later: study
41 How tides may tip small earthquakes into monsters
42 Epic crash vaporised baby Earth--and so the moon was born
43 Cave formations tell tales of ancient earthquakes
44 Hot born-again star spotted quickly cooling off
45 Fires will regularly rage in subarctic forest and tundra
46 Hawaiian crows wield tools, just like their New Caledonian cousins
47 Pluto moon Charon's red head tinted by trapped gas
48 Humans pushing larger sea animals to extinction: study
49 NASA's bold plan to capture an asteroid rock
50 Starving black hole quickly sends shining galaxy into shadow
51 Camouflage quirks of parrot dinosaur revealed
52 Is this the birth of a giant icy planet?
53 Rockfall onslaughts intensified by land clearing
54 Self-weeding crops produce their own herbicides
55 Genesis project--a plan to seed life on other planets
56 Quantum hotline: information 'teleported' across cities
57 How Pluto's big frozen heart grew and evolved
58 Antarctic penguins catch new strain of bird flu
59 Fake nuclear warheads exposed with neutron imaging
60 Hardy tardigrade protein fortifies human cells against radiation
61 Watching films releases 'natural painkiller'
62 Vets warn people against buying 'flat-faced' dogs
63 Survival secret of 'Earth's hardiest animal' revealed
64 Invasive Asian Hornet spotted in Britain for first time, experts confirm
65 Teleportation step toward quantum internet
66 China embarked on wind power frenzy, says IEA
67 Green spaces worth 2.2 billion pounds to public health in England
68 French MP inquiry calls for abattoir video cameras
69 'Let mangroves recover' to protect coasts
70 Second lowest minimum for Arctic ice
71 Dinosaur's camouflage pattern revealed
72 China launches second trial space station
73 Anglo-Saxon 'palace' found at Rendlesham near Sutton Hoo site
74 Beautiful and mathematical: Football as a numbers game
75 Why water war has broken out in India's Silicon Valley
76 Google weakens Allo chat app privacy promise
77 US Army builds 'ambidextrous' grenade
78 Silicon Valley Brits: 'We had to leave the UK behind'
79 Mobile phone roaming charge abolition plan rewritten
80 Students warned of new 'phishing' scam
81 Samsung in Note 7 row in China after reports of devices catching fire
82 GoPro or go home! Crunch time for the 'mad billionaire'
83 Microsoft launches $40 billion share buyback
84 US releases highway code for robot cars
85 Tesla updates software after car hack
86 Berlin's bid for London's tech talent
87 NHS watchdog issues sexting advice
88 'No proof' fitness trackers promote weight loss
89 How disease testing tech is saving lives faster
90 Bears with keyboards: Russian hackers snoop on West
91 How do you charge your phone when the sun doesn't shine?
92 Beyond the safari: How South African tourism is changing
93 Berlin's bid for London's tech talent
94 School tests 'kill joy of reading,' says War Horse author
95 Foster care workers vote to form first ever trade union
96 Pedal power boosts N Carolina pupils' performance
97 Internet can be 'paedophile playground,' warns NSPCC
98 Volunteers help Cardiff students get home in freshers' week
99 Young 'being ghettoised' by inner city renting
100 Saracens Rugby Club to open one of 77 new free schools
101 Councils call for greater powers to tackle illegal schools
102 Teenage hormones 'turn pupils off school for three years'
103 Kent school bids to be first new grammar
104 Are universities secretly sexist?
105 Harvard's new students: Virgins with iPhones
106 Girls 'aren't strong enough to say no'
107 Northampton: The ancient English university killed by a king
108 'No proof' fitness trackers promote weight loss
109 Miami's Wynwood district declared free of Zika virus
110 Teenage cannabis use rises in Europe--EU Espad survey