File Title
1 Dark matter clumps may have punched through star stream
2 Human activity means sharks are disappearing from the North Sea
3 Hackers stealing and selling your health records must be stopped
4 Paradise lost: we've destroyed most of the world's wilderness
5 CSI Eta Carinae: Clouds suggest odd star's history of violence
6 Fear of vaccine safety is higher in Europe than in the US
7 North Korea's largest nuclear test still lacks missile capacity
8 Drones get first anti-laser lasers to stop being shot down
9 Reform damaging prisons, or risk losing the fight against crime
10 White gulls dependent on ice are disappearing from the Arctic
11 World's first 'nanofish' could be used as guided drug missiles
12 Virgin Galactic returns to the skies two years after fatal crash
13 Global treaty set to halt invasive species ravaging our oceans
14 Tiny lightning bolt explosions can vaporise the moon's thin soil
15 Myth busted: dumped pills aren't main source of drugs in sewage
16 Kuwait's mass DNA database is a huge attack on genetic privacy
17 Knowing you're being manipulated doesn't stop it from happening
18 Human sperm grown in a lab for the first time, claims study
19 Placenta's alarm clock signals when it's time for birth to begin
20 Oceans given boost as nations agree to protect a third worldwide
21 Full and new moons linked to timing of largest, deadliest quakes
22 Blue Origin unveils big new rocket that will put humans in orbit
23 Deaths from 9/11-related illness are set to exceed initial toll
24 First glimpse of a black hole being born from a star's remains
25 How forensic science can stop slaughter of endangered wildlife
26 Oil pipeline construction halted after Native American protests
27 Rosetta set for a grand finale by diving into cometary cave
28 Here's why "two-dad" babies aren't yet a biological reality
29 Star arrangement that hid for a decade spotted at galaxy's heart
30 More than half of UK species in decline--some may soon vanish
31 Asteroid assault on early planets was more like a gentle massage
32 Gaia's map of 1 billion stars is the clearest view of our galaxy
33 New Horizons discovery raises solar wind riddle around Pluto
34 Travellers warned of fatal tick-borne disease in Western Europe
35 Our water is full of drugs and we don't know their effects
36 Living a perfect Facebook life isn't worth the real-world stress
37 How PTSD recovery led me to look closer at genetic link
38 Doctors 'nudged' into prescribing far fewer antibiotics
39 UK approves controversial Hinkley C nuclear power plant
40 China launches a space station and wants an even bigger one
41 What you eat when you're sick may determine if you'll get better
42 Kamikaze galaxy explodes after diving into the Milky Way
43 Gaia's new star map will also reveal asteroids and dark matter
44 The US isn't giving away the internet--it never had control
45 Building blocks of memories seen in brains for the first time
46 Arctic summer sea ice melts to second lowest level ever recorded
47 Saturn's rings may be from the whirl of a passing icy rock
48 Snub-nosed monkeys are so inbred they may struggle to survive
49 Rattlesnakes silently shook their tails before evolving rattles
50 Blind people use brain's visual cortex to help do maths
51 Tap-dancing songbirds drum with their feet to attract mates
52 The warps in space that make Einstein's perfect cosmic accident
53 Grand project to unify global efforts to understand the brain
54 Quantum teleportation over 7 kilometres of cables smashes record
55 'Alien megastructure' star may be explained by interstellar junk
56 Supernova extraordinaire might actually be a black hole's lunch
57 New NASA budget could put asteroid grabbing mission in jeopardy
58 Secrets of life in the soil
59 Medical Nobel prize committee deals with surgical scandal
60 Mystery deportation of particle physicist leads to swell of protest
61 Brazil ratification pushes Paris climate deal one step closer
62 The office experiment: Can science build the perfect workspace?
63 No safe haven for polar bears in warming Arctic
64 Google's speech machine, Lasker awards and Obama's parasite
65 Detailed map shows Milky Way is bigger than we thought
66 Reproducibility: Respect your cells!
67 Europe proposes reform to help scientists mine research papers
68 China launches second space lab
69 Peru signals space ambitions with Earth-monitoring satellite
70 US toughens rules for clinical-trial transparency
71 DNA heist that wasn't sparks data questions
72 Elephant history rewritten by ancient genomes
73 Human skeleton found on famed Antikythera shipwreck
74 China-only science prize honours pathologist and experimental physicist
75 How cats conquered the world (and a few Viking ships)
76 US sharpens surveillance of crippling solar storms
77 Tardigrade protein helps human DNA withstand radiation
78 US government approves controversial drug for muscular dystrophy
79 Researchers should join protests over detained scientist
80 Using waste water to flush out drug dealers
81 US clampdown on clinical-trial reporting is long overdue
82 Religion and science can have a true dialogue
83 Seymour Papert (1928-2016)
84 Use antimicrobials wisely
85 Agricultural R&D is on the move
86 Hawking-like radiation spotted trickling from sonic black hole
87 Earth's oldest ocean crust formed 340 million years ago
88 Flu and superbug combo causes fatal lung damage
89 Electric cars could replace 90% of vehicles today: study
90 Rising seas may help some coral reefs
91 Two wild bird species enter select club of smart animals
92 Star snapped blasting out of hibernation in massive explosion
93 Bird parents sing to prepare unborn chicks for hot weather
94 Zika virus harms adult brain cells in mice
95 How gastro-causing virus latches onto and infects cells
96 The Iceman weareth: Otzi's clothes were made of bear, deer and goat
97 Jellyfish power new energy-efficient laser
98 Have physicists discovered a fifth force of nature?
99 In the ocean, invisibility trumps ultra-vision
100 Chimpanzees lend each other a helping hand
101 Planets are born to support life--or not
102 Proba-3 satellites will eyeball the sun's corona
103 Why you're jittery after a bad night's sleep
104 Martian 'salty streams' are as parched as Earth's driest deserts
105 Seals collect treasure trove of data on ocean currents
106 Rocky exoplanet found in habitable zone of star next door
107 Octobot--the first soft-skinned, self-powered robot
108 Humans have been warming the planet for 180 years
109 The stories a rat's whiskers can tell
110 Juno set for closest Jupiter pass yet