File Title
1 Doctors' Advices on E-Cigarettes Vary, Study Says
2 Rainbows Are Much More than a Pretty View, Here's Why
3 High Diversity of Trees in Amazon Could Mitigate Climate Risks
4 Wine Secret Unlocked: Study Reveals Reason Behind Old Wines' Enticing Aroma
5 Officials Warn Musicians About Deadly Fungus in Bagpipes, Other Wind Instruments
6 Manmade Climate Change Deniers Have Answer About Solar Radiation's Role in Rising Temperatures
7 California-Nevada Border Up Next for Earthquake
8 FitBit for Chicago? Windy City Builds 'Fitness Tracker' to Keep its Metropolis in Shape
9 Fossil of New Species of Flying Dinosaur Found in Argentina
10 Prehistoric Explosive Pollen Release Caught Mid-Action
11 Oldest Fossil in the World is 3.7 Billion Years Old
12 Climate Change Did Not Speed Up Innovation
13 Beat the Heat! Scientists Create New Plastic Fabric to Keep You Cool All Day
14 Ancient Stone Crocodile Carving Answers Some Historical Questions but Raises More
15 FDA: Antibacterial Soaps Not Scientifically Proven to Prevent the Spread of Germs
16 Scientists Develop New Earth-Friendlier LEDs
17 Mount Etna's Weird Case of Wandering Craters Popping Out of Nowhere
18 Why the FDA is Ordering to Remove Antibacterial Chemicals Found in Soaps
19 Rare Discovery: 170-Million-Year-Old Jurassic 'Sea Monster' Fossil in Scotland Freed from Rock Tomb
20 Consequences of Climate Change: California Grassland to Become Less Productive Due to Warmer Climate
21 Hawaii's Endemic Life is Fast Disappearing; 87 Percent in Danger of Extinction
22 Nanotubes are Trending News for Wearable Tech--But What the Heck are They?
23 Animal Abuse for Science? Euthanized Beagles Cause Public Uproar but University Defends Study
24 Conservation vs. Genetics: Scientists Debate the Ethics of DNA Research, Gene Drives
25 Eutrophication Could Lead to More Silent Seas, Study Finds
26 European Earthworm Invasion Responsible for the Decline of Species Diversity in North American Forests
27 Scientists Discover New Method of Creating Long-Lasting Memories
28 Scientists Discover New Species, Genus of Freshwater Crabs Being Sold in Chinese Pet Market
29 Benjamin Franklin's House Has a Secret Underground Room Filled with Adult, Children Skeletons--Here's Why
30 Space Breakthrough: Scientists Discover Strange Compounds in Uranus and Neptune's Interiors
31 Eating Ginger, Chili Peppers Could Lessen Cancer Risk
32 Surprising Discovery: Giraffes Have More than One Species
33 New Discovery: This Ancient Reptile Species is Related to Crocodiles
34 Unusual Discovery: Scientists Found New Bivalve Species in Japan
35 Acoustic Magic! Watch Scientists Move Objects, Spell Letters Through Sound
36 Forensic Breakthrough: Unique Hair Proteins are Better than DNA in Human Identification
37 Move Over, iPhone 7: This New Spray-On Material Could Revolutionize Water Proofing
38 MXene: Scientists Create Extra Thin Coating to Clean Up 'Electromagnetic Pollution'
39 Scientists to Calculate How Much Fuel is Left on Earth by 2025
40 Say What? Scientists to Create a Robotic Vagina for Gynecological Exams
41 Physics' Biggest Mystery Solved? How 'Madala Boson' Will Unlock Dark Matter Secrets
42 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse to Take Place this Week--Facts on the Last Eclipse of 2016
43 4th Superbug Case in the US Found in Connecticut--Warning Facts About this Infection
44 These 63 Newly Discovered Quasars from Ancient Universe may Reveal Big Bang's Aftermath
45 Blue Origin Unveils 'New Glenn,' the Monster Rocket to Rival SpaceX's Falcon 9
46 Love Carbs? Scientists Discover a Sixth Sense that Explains Humans' Preference for Starchy Food
47 Smart Animals: Ground Squirrel Use the Sun for Navigation
48 52 Dogs Euthanized in Ohio Shelter Due to Canine Virus Outbreak
49 Memory Hacking: Scientists Discover How to Delete, Edit Unwanted Memories
50 Researchers Develop New Wearable Technology Capable of Converting Body Heat to Electricity
51 Scientists Discover Similarities Between Different Languages, Link Between Sound and Meaning
52 Alert: Severe Geomagnetic Storm Could Lead to Nationwide Blackouts
53 AI-Human Brain Fusion? Elon Musk's 'Neural Lace' Brain Hack is Sci-Fi Turned to Reality
54 Pediatric Health: Orphazyme Develops Promising New Treatment for Rare, Incurable Neurological Diseases in Children
55 No Sex Needed: Humans Can Soon Have Babies Without Using Eggs
56 Scientists Develop New Protein Capable of Precisely Controlled Gene Editing
57 Smart Animals: Critically Endangered Hawaiian Crow Capable of Proficiently Using Tools
58 Mysterious Red Spot in Charon Came from Pluto's Leaky Atmosphere
59 Goodbye, Chargers! Scientists Create Fabric that Could Power Gadgets Through Sun and Movement
60 Warning: House Dust Contains Toxic Chemicals
61 Rare Discovery: Mammoth Skull Found in California May Belong to a Transitional Species
62 Bat Uses Echolocation to Hunt in Noisy Environment, Study Shows
63 6000-Year-Old Fabric in Peru Reveals Pre-Historic Use of Indigo Blue Dye
64 World's Oldest Fish Hooks Discovered in Okinawa, Japan
65 Sewbo: A Robot that Could Sew an Entire Garment
66 Plaque-clearing drug shows promise in people with Alzheimer's
67 Spoiler alert: Why strange signals are never really from aliens
68 Laser made from human blood could help hunt down tumours
69 Where will we find the first telltale signs of the Anthropocene?
70 Superagers with amazing memories have shrink-resistant brains
71 Stars burning strangely make life in the multiverse more likely
72 Ebola virus has lurked in a man's semen for more than 500 days
73 There is now a sixth taste--and it explains why we love carbs
74 People born underweight do less exercise throughout their lives
75 Superfast evolution could save Tasmanian devils from extinction
76 Nanobots could swarm like bats to hunt out brain tumours
77 The threat of robot guards is not enough to stop people stealing
78 Stonefly lays eggs or has live births depending on the season
79 Here's what colourful clouds on alien gas giants would look like
80 Bees die needlessly as Zika prompts US state to spray pesticide
81 Giant panda off endangered list as China's conservation pays off
82 NASA's Juno probe snaps first images of Jupiter's north pole
83 Found: Philae lander finally spotted by Rosetta on comet 67P
84 Antidepressant makes bones weaker by slowing down new growth
85 Warming strengthens typhoons that batter Asian coast
86 Stressed? We're teaching computers to help handle our feelings
87 Ants trapped in nuclear bunker are developing their own society
88 Air pollution is sending tiny magnetic particles into your brain
89 Top tips to avoid getting metal pollution in your brain
90 Ocean warming is already spreading diseases and killing corals
91 NASA probe about to leave for asteroid Bennu and bring bits home
92 Hurricane Hermine's flood damage was ramped up by climate change
93 Blood samples from 9-year-olds can predict bipolar symptoms
94 When infinity gets boring: What went wrong with No Man's Sky
95 Bacteria lurking in blood could be culprit in countless diseases
96 Boom time for whales in the Arctic driven by the loss of sea ice
97 Artificial ovary may boost fertility and postpone the menopause
98 This fish has a love song and it sounds like a windshield wiper
99 Mercedes van will be a mothership for fleets of delivery robots
100 A wall of trees across the Sahara is cool--but we don't need it
101 How to profit from your data and beat Facebook at its own game
102 Time is right for a global ban to end trans fat health scandal
103 Extremists are turning Twitter and Facebook into theatres of war
104 Smart wristband tracks vital signs to keep truckers moving
105 Your distinctive hairprint can identify you even when DNA fails
106 Doing exercise may counteract some of alcohol's deadly effects
107 Think gluten-free is just a fad? The science isn't settled yet
108 This is why Apple got rid of the headphone jack on the iPhone 7
109 World's loneliest snail lives in Hawaii but can't get a date
110 White killer whales were a legend--now they are everywhere