File Title
1 The World's Largest Living Primate Now Listed as 'Critically Endangered'
2 Lizard Population Threatened by Climate Change, Good or Bad News?
3 Pope Francis: 'Harming the Environment Should Be a Sin'
4 Toxic Nanoparticles from Air Pollution Found in Human Brains, Link to Alzheimer's Disease
5 A Jurassic Sea Monster Finally Unveiled in Edinburgh--No, Not the Lochness
6 Giraffe's Genetics Reveal Four Species, Not Just Only One
7 Daldykan River in Russia Suddenly Turns Blood Red
8 World's Largest Gorilla Species May Face Extinction Soon
9 Wilderness Is No Longer Wild, Studies Show We Need to Increase Protection
10 Get Ready for A Spectacular Autumn, this May Be the Best Season Ever
11 Bats Share Adorable Traits with Dogs, Cats, and Even Humans, Study Reveals
12 Enjoy Watching TV Together with Your Pet Dog
13 The Earth's Wilderness Needs Our Help Too; a Tenth of It Destroyed in Just Two Decades
14 Dolphin Facts: Scientists Recorded a Conversation Between Two Dolphins; Can They Really Talk like Humans?
15 Do We Still Have Enough Fuel Resources to Last Until 2025?
16 Hawaii Initiates Plan to Fight Coral Bleaching
17 Retired Lab Chimps Experience New Life at Project Chimps Sanctuary
18 The Great Barrier Reef Is Dying, Increases Influx of Tourists
19 Animal Life History: Were the Earliest Animals Microbial in Origin?
20 The Great Barrier Reef Has Been Hiding a Bigger, Donut-Shaped Reef
21 Ground Squirrel Facts: Studies Show They Use Sunlight to Hide Their Food; They Must Be Smarter than What We Think
22 Sixth Mass Extinction Could Wipe Out Plants, Biggest Animals Caused by Humans
23 Update on Killer Whale Theatrical Shows and Breeding: Bill Prohibiting Such Acts Now a Law
24 Climate Change Poses Deadly Risk to Military, Experts Suggest Swift Action
25 Hundreds of Horseshoe Crabs Spotted Dead in Japan
26 The Effect of Climate Change: Are Polar Bears Hunting Humans Now?
27 Surprising Fact About Large Terrestrial Mammals: They Depended on Plant Growth for 20 Million Years
28 Stingrays Chew Their Food Too, Scientists Discover
29 Scientists Can Jump-Start Brains of Coma Patients with New Ultrasound Machine
30 Most Adults Suffering from Depression Left Untreated, Here's Why
31 Depression Is Still a Taboo in the US
32 More Parents Refuse to Vaccinate Their Children, Study Reveals
33 Detect Cancer, Other Diseases Faster in the Near Future, Researchers Say
34 4 Easy Steps to Prevent Zika Infection
35 Early Detection of Stroke Can Be Done Using a Smartphone App
36 Colon Cancer Treatment: Vitamin A Compound 'Retinoic Acid' Highly Effective, New Study Finds
37 New York to Offer Home Delivery of Medical Marijuana by the End of September
38 Study Found Link Between Folic Acid and Reduced Rate of Congenital Heart Defect
39 Hepatitis A Outbreak Linked to Strawberries
40 Tasmanian Devils Potentially Saving Themselves from Extinction, Have the Cure for Cancer?
41 Selena Gomez Battling Lupus, Depression and Anxiety: Is this Goodbye Hollywood?
42 New Drug-Dispensing Contact Lenses Could Improve the Treatment of Glaucoma
43 Parents a Major Factor in Kids' Violence, Study Finds
44 Alzheimer's Disease News and Updates: Experimental Drug Showed Favorable Results in Human Trial
45 Painkiller-Sedative Mix Can Cause Death, FDA Warns
46 Zika News and Current Updates: Strong Link Found Between Zika and Guillain-Barre, Researchers Claim
47 Entemann Recalls Little Bites Brownies, Muffins in Wake of Plastic Contamination
48 Egyptian Parliament Continues to Protect Women, Strengthens Penalties for Female Circumcision
49 Marijuana News and Updates: Marijuana Infused Tampons, the New Way to Ease Period Cramps?
50 Continued Childbirth Pain Would More Likely Develop to Postpartum Depression, Study Says
51 Sexual Problems More Common in Women Following a Heart Attack
52 Meningococcal Outbreak in Australia Infects 15-year-old Schoolgirl
53 Autism News Update: iPad or Smart Tablet Games Can Help Identify Autism in Children
54 Precise & Effective Cancer Treatment Can Be Done Using A Genetic Scoring System
55 Ebola Virus Latest News: Virus Can Last in Semen Up to 19 Months
56 Drug Overdose Alert: Deadly Carfentanil Invading the Streets of Midwest
57 Alzheimer's Disease Latest News: Untreated Depression, Sleeplessness May Increase Risk of Alzheimer's
58 Infertility in Females Might Be Caused by Too Much Alcohol Intake
59 Shark Meat Consumption Linked to Development of Neurodegenerative Diseases like Alzheimer's and ALS
60 Dengue Vaccine Implementation in Countries like the US Might Worsen Viral Disease
61 Antibacterial Hand and Body Wash Products No More Effective than Soap, FDA Says
62 We Might Be Getting Closer to "Immortality" Through Medical Nanotechnology
63 Hypertension Latest News and Updates: Coffee Can Complicate Hypertension Diagnosis and Treatment
64 Breast Feeding Reduces Risk of Asthma to Infants
65 Linking Science and Religion: New Book Suggests Buddha Might Have Been a Data Scientist
66 Vitamin D Would Likely Reduce Severe Asthma Attacks
67 Worldwide Ovarian Cancer Death Rate Drops Due to Contraceptive Pill Use
68 Binge Eating, Alcohol Dependence on Individuals with ADHD Influenced by Hereditary Factors?
69 Pediatrician's Recommendation: Children Aged Months 6, Older Should Be Vaccinated Against Flu this Year, No Exceptions
70 Isabelle Dinoire Dies at 49, Should Her Face Transplant Operations Be Blamed?
71 Zika Virus Latest News and Updates: Zika Virus Can Survive in the Eyes, Genetic Material Found in Tears
72 Gluten-Free Doesn't Necessarily Mean Healthy Albeit Celiac Disease Prevention, Experts Say
73 Umbilical Cord Blood Could Be Life-Saving for Leukemia Patients, Study Says
74 Zika Epidemic Update: Zika Can Be Transmitted by a More Populated Culex Mosquito Species
75 Adelaide Ass Kicker: The Coffee that Can Keep You Awake for 18 Hours, 80 Times Stronger than Espresso
76 Caesarean Births May Increase Obesity Rates, How True Is This?
77 Early Life Exposure to Antibiotics Would Likely Have Greater Risk of Developing Allergies Later in Life
78 Stunning Video of Evolution Will Leave You Breathless, Watch
79 US Teen Smoking, Drinking Rate Fall to New Lows
80 DNA in Skeleton's Teeth May Solve London's Great Plague, the Truth Behind the Mass Death
81 Fans Not Allowed for the Elderly Especially During High Temperature, Experts Advise
82 Aspirin's Protective Mechanism Explained
83 Flu Shots Not Nasal Spray, Experts Explains Why
84 Marijuana Is Safe During pregnancy, Experts Do Not Encourage
85 Depression Would Likely Occur After Having Stroke, Study Reveals
86 British Public Still Uninformed on the Risk of Cancer Development in Obese Individuals
87 More Physical Activity in Midlife Reduces the Risk of Cognitive Decline Later in Life
88 France Top the Most Doubtful Regarding Immunizations, Survey Says
89 Chinese Traditional Medicines Decoded: Scientists Explain How Traditional Medicines Kill Cancer Cells
90 Obesity Latest News and Update: Three Out of Four People Have No Idea About the Connection Between Obesity and Cancer
91 Ginger and Chili Peppers Could Save Your Life, Scientists Reveal
92 Five-Second Myth of Fallen Food, Disproved by Scientists
93 Statins' Benefits and Side Effects: Are Statins Really Harmful? Find Out Here
94 MRI Safe for Pregnant Women, Not Encouraged by Studies, Here's Why
95 Corticosteroid Deflazacort, Can It Really Cure Muscle Dystrophy?
96 Playing Video Games Increases Children's Cognitive Ability?
97 AIDS Causes Children to Face Social Stigma
98 Prostate Cancer Prevention Latest News and Updates: 10 Foods that Will Help Prevent Prostate Cancer
99 Soccer--Related Injuries News: Why the Sudden Change Among Young Players
100 Sleeping Benefits Latest Update: Sleeping in Late During the Weekend, Is It Doing More Harm than Good?
101 Pac-Man like Protein that Eats Dead Cells Could Stop Cancer from Spreading?
102 The Effects of Ionizing Radiation on the Human DNA: can it Cause Cancer?
103 Passive Smoking Can Cause Heart Disease in Children, Study Says
104 Antibodies Targeting Holes Found On HIV Protective Shield Could Lead to Novel Vaccine Development
105 Music Therapy: Can It Really Reduce the Levels of Anxiety Among Patients?
106 E-cigarettes: New Study Claims E-cigarettes Help Smokers Quit Their Addiction to a Great Extent
107 Weight Loss Pills May Impact Brain Functions, Study Reveals
108 Diabetes News and Latest Update: Cone Snail Venom Insulin a Key to Better Treatment for Diabetes?
109 Eating Too Much Oily Fish Can Increase Risk of Developing Diabetes, Study Says
110 Alzheimer's Disease Latest News and Updates: Memory Loss Do Not Always Indicate Alzheimer's?