File Title
1 A nose by any other name would sound the same, study finds
2 First signs of animal life on Earth may be from microbes
3 Researchers name a new species of reptile from 212 million years ago
4 The perfect car, according to science: Study used morphing technique and consumer choice model
5 13th century Maya codex, long shrouded in controversy, proves genuine
6 Life history of the 360-million-year-old tetrapod Acanthostega rewrites the tetrapod move on land
7 Introducing diversity in online language analysis
8 Relative Citation Ratio: Scientists publish new metric to measure the influence of scientific research
9 Similarities found between how ancient and modern fish survived youth
10 Social status and measuring reproductive success in the modern nonindustrial man
11 Friends help friends on Facebook feel better
12 3D skulls from Henry VIII's doomed warship placed online
13 50-year study pinpoints countries where women are doing the least housework
14 Move over Nessie: Real Scottish sea monster uncovered
15 Scientists unearth centuries-old crocodile stone
16 A Middle Jurassic monster put in its taxonomic place
17 Ancient Egyptians used metal in wooden ships
18 A rare small specimen discovered from the age of flying giants
19 Researchers say to conquer cancer you need to stop it before it becomes cancer
20 Gut pathogens thrive on body's tissue-repair mechanism
21 Brain benefits of aerobic exercise lost to mercury exposure
22 Looking into the brains of habitual short sleepers
23 'Heart repair' research boosted by new findings
24 New research offers 'critical insights' for treating, preventing Alzheimer's disease
25 Protein may be crucial in many lung ailments
26 Simple compound could provide first new therapy for myeloid leukemia in four decades
27 Zika found in eye fluid in study
28 World must ready for global microcephaly 'epidemic': study
29 Female sex hormone progesterone may protect women from worst effects of the flu
30 Scientists discover molecular handle behind some cancers' preference for fat
31 Team identifies how hepatitis A virus causes liver injury
32 MRI scanner sees emotions flickering across an idle mind
33 Stem cells transplanted in monkeys without anti-rejection drugs
34 Fantasy play helps creative thinking in children
35 Implant facilitates early detection of metastatic cancer cells and improves survival, study finds
36 Distinct neurological syndromes can be the result of variations in gene ATAD3A
37 Unravelling the genetic mystery behind mitochondrial disease
38 Prospect of shorter treatment and cure for chronic myelogenous leukemia
39 Can long naps cause diabetes?
40 Targeting SET protein revives p53, potent tumor suppressor, and prevents cancer growth
41 Treat or monitor early prostate cancer? 10-yr survival same
42 Study finds a key to nerve regeneration
43 Researchers image effects of hunger on the brain's response to food cues
44 Alcohol may damage the heart--at least for some
45 Mouse study reveals genes essential for life and provides insights into human disease
46 Special T cells that target solid tumors offer potential treatment for pediatric and adult cancers
47 Expert calls for animal-human embryo research to proceed
48 Researchers creating antibiotic gel to tackle ear infections
49 Iris Nebula Offers Clues to the Building Blocks of Life
50 Van Allen Probes View Supercharged Radiation Belt
51 Chandra Data Raises Questions about the Timing and Origin of Supernova Remnant G11.2-0.3
52 Exoplanet GJ 1132b Might Have a Thin Oxygen Atmosphere
53 Hubble Views Dwarf Galaxy NGC 5264
54 Study Suggests Habitable Zone Alone Isn't Sufficient to Support Life
55 MIT Biological Engineers Program Human Cells to Store Complex Histories in Their DNA
56 New Study Shows 'Smoke Waves' Will Affect Millions in the Coming Decades
57 Yale Scientists Discover a New Therapy for a Chronic Brain Disease
58 NASA Telescopes Reveal a Surprising Blazar Connection
59 New Reserach Reveals How Zika Virus Causes Fetal Brain Damage
60 Earth-Sized Planet Proxima b Might be Habitable
61 Dragonfly 44-- a Massive Galaxy that Consists Almost Entirely of Dark Matter
62 Harvard Researchers Identify a Key Instigator in Lou Gehrig's Disease
63 A Billion or More Jupiter-Like Worlds Could Be Orbiting Stars in the Milky Way
64 Hubble Image of the Week-- a New View of Alpha Centauri A and B
65 Astrophysicists Show Milky Way Had a Blowout Bash 6 Million Years Ago
66 NASA Probes Peculiar Age-Defying Star IRAS 19312+1950
67 New Cassini Image Shows a Glowing Spot on Saturn's B Ring
68 Chandra Reveals Record-Breaking Galaxy Cluster
69 New Horizons Image Shows Pluto's Methane Snowcaps
70 Study Reveals a Promising New Target to Treat Type 2 Diabetes
71 Engineers Design a New Solar Cell that is More Efficient and Costs Less
72 ESOcast 87--Astronomers Discuss Proxima b
73 SEAS Engineers 3D Print the First Autonomous, Entirely Soft Robot
74 UCSD Researchers Use Adenosine to Command Stem Cells to Build New Bone
75 Juno Images Provide an Unprecedented View of Jupiter
76 MIT Researchers Help Reduce Runoff Pollution by Making Spray Droplets Less Bouncy
77 Hubble Image of the Week--Glowing Gas and Dark Dust in the LMC
78 NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory Witnesses a Double Eclipse
79 Why So Blue? ESO Views Spiral Galaxy Messier 98
80 Mysterious X-Ray Signal Most Likely from Sulfur Ions, Not Dark Matter
81 Astronomers Discover an Unusual Mix of Stars in Terzan 5
82 New Cassini Images Show Titan's Dunes and Other Features
83 Astronomers Detect Young Magnetar in Supernova Remnant, Likely the Slowest Pulsar Ever Discovered
84 Spitzer Telescope Views 'Enterprise' Nebulae
85 Hubble Image of the Week--Lenticular Galaxy PGC 83677
86 A Riddle for Our Time--Astronomers Examine Cosmic History
87 Yale Study Shows Video Games Can Have Lasting Impact on Learning
88 MIT Biologists Reveal How lncRNA Helps to Control Cell Fate
89 Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Views a Streamlined Form in Lethe Vallis, Mars
90 NASA's Curiosity Rover Views Layered Rock Formations
91 Speckle Imaging Helps Provide the Highest-Resolution Images Available of TRAPPIST-1
92 Charon's Polar Coloring the Result of Seasonally Cold-Trapped Volatiles
93 New T Cell Subsets Have Potential to Improve Cellular Therapy for Cancer
94 Chandra Detects X-Rays from Pluto
95 NASA's Cassini Spacecraft Begins Final Year of Its Voyage
96 Astronomers Solve the Mystery of a Rare Change in the Behavior of a Supermassive Black Hole
97 Record-Low Is the New Normal: As Good as Arctic Sea Ice Is Going to Get
98 Elephants Feel Threatened, Seek Protection in Botswana
99 Scientists Discover 3.7 Billion-Year-Old Fossil in Greenland, Could this Be the Oldest Fossil on Earth?
100 Tropical Storm 'Hermine' Advances in Florida with 'A Mind of Its Own'
101 Mending a Broken Heart? Nature Can Help You, Give You Emotional Balance; Study Reveals
102 Australia's Coral Reefs: On the Way to Recovery?
103 Fossils of the Largest Predatory Dinosaur Discovered in Germany
104 Monkeys Are Becoming More and More Human-Like Due to Zoo Diets, Study Shows
105 Bad News for Elephants: Slow Reproduction Rate Does Not Improve Population
106 A 5.6 Magnitude Earthquake Hit Oklahoma, the Strongest Quake Ever Recorded in the Region
107 Zoo Atlanta Welcomes More Furry Friends as Giant Panda Gives Birth to Twin Cubs
108 Good News Amidst Danger: Doughnut-Shaped Reef Found Behind Iconic Great Barrier Reef
109 US, China to Ratify Paris Climate Deal
110 Southeast Asia, China to Face Much Stronger Typhoons