File Title
1 Time crystals might exist after all
2 Breakthrough in moving small objects using acoustics
3 Researchers prototype system for reading closed books: New method identifies letters printed on first 9 pages of a stack
4 Hebridean rock provides clue to life on Mars
5 Changes in a distant quasar
6 Cassini begins epic final year at Saturn
7 Studies find echoes of black holes eating stars
8 Some ancient Mars lakes came long after others
9 Researchers find Earth composed of different materials than primitive meteorites
10 Starving black hole returns brilliant galaxy to the shadows
11 Hubble takes close-up look at disintegrating comet
12 Black hole hidden within its own exhaust
13 China launches second space station, Tiangong 2
14 Know thy star, know thy planet
15 New discovery shatters previous beliefs about Earth's origin
16 Pluto 'paints' its largest moon Charon red
17 X-ray detection sheds new light on Pluto
18 What happened after the lights came on in the universe?
19 ALMA spots possible formation site of icy giant planet
20 HD 30963 is a chemically peculiar star, study finds
21 One billion stars in 3-D: Gaia's billion-star map hints at treasures to come
22 Astronomers shed light on different galaxy types
23 Mapping our galaxy: The Milky Way revealed
24 Astronomers observe star reborn in a flash
25 Astronomers discover two new inflated 'hot Jupiters'
26 Explaining why the universe can be transparent
27 THEMIS sees Auroras move to the rhythm of Earth's magnetic field
28 Amazon's chief Jeff Bezos unveils new rocket design
29 US regulators: Official recall of 1M Samsung Note 7 phones
30 New tech promises to boost electric vehicle efficiency, range
31 Galaxy Note 7 recall shows challenges of stronger batteries
32 VR arrives at Tokyo Game Show, counted on to revive industry
33 Electric planes a steeper challenge than electric cars
34 Engineers teach machines to recognize tree species
35 Uber launches groundbreaking driverless car service
36 Hungry startup uses robots to grab slice of pizza
37 Experts anticipate significant continued reductions in wind energy costs
38 Engineers propose a technology to break the net neutrality deadlock
39 New programming language delivers fourfold speedups on problems common in the age of big data
40 GM's electric Chevy Bolt to go 238 miles per charge
41 Artificial photosynthesis: Researchers create the first practical design for photoelectrochemical water splitting
42 Green-powered boat readies for round-the-world voyage
43 Tesla says it's improving Autopilot by boosting radar
44 Apple tapping brakes on self-driving cars
45 Three-wheeled electric vehicle set to go on sale this year
46 Simulation highlights potential for low-cost security imaging device
47 Study: Ethnic groups' government influence and internet access go hand in hand
48 Google parent Alphabet unit to drop burritos by drone
49 Life after Fitbit: Appealing to those who feel guilty vs. free
50 Amazon slashes price, adds Alexa to new Fire tablet
51 New applications for ultracapacitors
52 Upgraded Apple Watch is waterproof, has GPS
53 Apple makes splash with waterproof iPhones (Update 3)
54 New method of engineering polymer brush patterns promises to cut down processing time while adding versatility in design
55 Researchers decode metabolic pathway of soil bacterium that thrives on lignin
56 New big data approach predicts drug toxicity in humans
57 Study suggests disordered protein 'shape shifts' to avoid crowding
58 New theory overcomes a longstanding polymer problem
59 New CCCCC pentadentate chelates with properties for use in photothermal therapy
60 Food waste could store solar and wind energy
61 Method that transports microbes through the stomach to the intestine may benefit human health
62 Researchers find way of developing composites that self-heal at very low temperatures
63 Proton diffusion discovery a boost for fuel cell technologies
64 Water helps assembly of biofibers that could capture sunlight
65 Scientists improve method to pull greenhouse gas from natural gas streams
66 Singapore scientists develop DNA-altering technology to tackle diseases
67 On-surface chemistry leads to novel products
68 Manipulation of liquid crystals could help control drug-delivery process
69 Carbon-coated iron catalyst structure could lead to more-active fuel cells
70 'Tracking bugs' reveal secret of cancer cell metabolism
71 Scientists develop one-step process for making precursors
72 Chemists offer enhanced 3-D look inside batteries
73 Study to help solve medical and industrial challenges
74 Protein-like structures from the primordial soup
75 Two protein studies discover molecular secrets to recycling carbon and healing cells
76 Engineers develop the 'potalyzer,' a roadside saliva test for marijuana intoxication
77 Measuring forces in the DNA molecule
78 Seeing energized light-active molecules proves quick work for Argonne scientists
79 Why are there so many species of bugs, but so few species of human?
80 High number of pesticides within colonies linked to honey bee deaths
81 Largest-ever study reveals environmental impact of genetically modified crops
82 Simulation posits why legendary leapers have different 'spring' stiffness
83 Hidden green skills
84 Russian geneticist repeats dog domestication with foxes in just fifty years
85 Mystery of colourful giant plants of the subantarctic solved
86 For ants, 'elite' individuals are not always so effective
87 How rattlesnakes got, and lost, their venom
88 How plant roots sense and react to soil flooding
89 Bats use second sense to hunt prey in noisy environments
90 Floating DNA reveals urban shorelines support more animal life
91 Fishing pressure risks erasing largest marine animals
92 Tracking technology shows some individual color-sensing cells in the eyes do not help us see color
93 Ancestral gene sequence reconstruction benchmarked via synthetic phylogeny
94 Newly discovered gene critical to embryo's first days
95 Dung excreted on fruits by vinegar flies contains sex pheromones and invites conspecifics to join the meal
96 Fish lose their unique personality when they go to 'school'
97 'Living fossil' crabs mysteriously dying in Japan
98 Tropical crow species is highly skilled tool user
99 Survival of the smallest? Bigger sea species more threatened
100 Study suggests Japan falsified catch lengths of sperm whales in 60's and 70's
101 Stingrays found to chew their food before swallowing
102 Finding things in complex environments
103 Birds choose spring neighbors based on winter 'friendships'
104 Tunisian remains prove 100,000-year human presence
105 What dinosaurs' color patterns say about their habitat
106 Study investigates crowd behaviour under stress in a virtual environment
107 Oldest textile dyed indigo blue found
108 Ancient DNA traces extinct Caribbean 'Island Murderer' back to the dawn of mammals
109 Ancient British explorer ship likely found in Canadian Arctic
110 Children learn quantifiers in the same order no matter what their language is