File Title
1 New 'Gel' May Be Step Toward Clothing that Computes
2 Giant Panda Is No Longer Endangered Species
3 Double Eclipse! Earth and Moon Cross in Front of Sun (Photo)
4 Crying Zika: Virus Material Found in Tears
5 Reference: Flu Shot Facts & Side Effects (Updated for 2016-2017)
6 Baby Gorillas Show Off Cute Hairstyles
7 'Magic' Picture Frame Slows Time--Or So it Seems
8 Iconic Blue Whale at AMNH Gets a Scrubbing: How to Watch Live
9 Is Your 'Self' Just an Illusion?
10 What Is a Solar Eclipse?
11 Why Don't People Have Orange or Golden Eyes?
12 Forget Loch Ness--Storr Lochs Monster Ruled Ancient Scotland
13 NASA Is Making 'Star Trek' Tech a Reality
14 Full Moon Baby Boom? Cow Births Increase During Certain Moon Phases
15 Alcohol Dependence Can Be Reversed, Rat Study Suggests
16 Partial Skull Removal Can Save Lives After Injury
17 A Bus-Size Asteroid Just Gave Earth a Close Shave
18 Irregular Heartbeat May Have Wide-Ranging Effects in the Body
19 Hospitals Jack Up Costs 'Strategically,' Study Finds
20 Reference: Who Were the Canaanites?
21 Reference: Facts About Lizards
22 Designer Thinks About Death Every Hour: Why Do We Dwell on Dying?
23 Are 'Fairy Circles' Just the 'Ghosts' of Termite Nests?
24 Tiny 'Vampires' Put the Bite on Amoeba Prey 740 Million Years Ago
25 How a Museum Cleans a Whale
26 Russian River Runs Red
27 Oklahoma Just Experienced Its Largest Earthquake on Record
28 Chronic Sinus Problems Linked to Small Increase in Cancer Risk
29 Scottish Prisoners of War from 17th-Century Battle to Be Reburied
30 Four New Wasp Species Identified in China
31 1 Long Neck, 4 Species: New Giraffe Diversity Revealed
32 Drug Use in America: What the Numbers Say
33 New iPhone Lacks Headphone Jack: Are Bluetooth Headphones Safe?
34 Chicken Pox Virus Spreads Through School Bus
35 3 Great Back Exercises You Can Do at the Gym
36 Using Pot While Pregnant Not Tied to Birth Risks
37 Reference: The Feejee Mermaid: Early Barnum Hoax
38 Apple of My Eye: Handheld Device Tells You if Fruit Is Ripe
39 Who Knew? Cats like to Work for Their Food
40 Dark Matter Just Got Murkier
41 The Heat Is On: Search Begins for 'Alien' Life Beneath Earth
42 Next Stop, Bennu! NASA Launches Bold Asteroid-Sampling Mission
43 Stunning Before and After Space Pics Reveal Massive Ice Avalanche
44 Zika Pesticide Controversy: Is 'Naled' Dangerous to Human Health?
45 Daylight Saving Time 2016: A Guide to the When, Why, What and How
46 Changing Face of Science: The Psychology of Face Transplants
47 Why Is the Dead Sea So Salty?
48 10 Percent of the World's Wilderness Has Been Lost Since 1990s
49 Hepatitis A Outbreak: How Does a Virus Get into Strawberries?
50 The Best Back Exercises for Preventing Injury and Reducing Pain
51 Bobblehead Bats: Head Waggles Help Catch Prey
52 New Tech Could Read Books Without Opening Them
53 The Science Behind the Samsung Galaxy Note 7's Battery Fires
54 Leprosy Suspected in 2 California Kids: How Could They Contract It?
55 Reference: Facts About Rubidium
56 Hurricanes Normally Peak Today
57 The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
58 Disputed Maya Codex Is Authentic, Scholars Say
59 Animal Sex: How Mosquitoes Do It
60 How Brangelina's Baby Bump Changed Image of Unwed Pregnant Stars
61 Homeschooling Is on the Rise: Here's Why
62 Sugar Industry Tried to Bias Heart Research, Study Says
63 Lightning Nearly 3 Times as Deadly as Tornadoes this Year
64 Blue Origin Announces Huge 270-Foot-Tall Rocket
65 Hillary Clinton's Health: Can Pneumonia Really Occur in Summer?
66 Why Are People Afraid of Clowns?
67 Daily Marijuana Use Linked to Lower BMI
68 Zika Can Cause Birth Defects in Monkeys Too
69 Polly Wanna Fever? Man's Rare Infection Linked to Parrots
70 Reference: Facts About Minks
71 Japanese Volcano Sakurajima Due for Major Eruption
72 'Unusual' Bee Species Drills Apartment-Style Nests Out of Rock
73 Native American Mascots Really Do Reinforce Stereotypes
74 Surprise! Another Massive Reef Is Hiding Behind the Great Barrier Reef
75 Entangled Particles Reveal Even Spookier Action than Thought
76 Wearable Camera Lets You 'Go Back in Time' to Record Fleeting Moments
77 Rare Disorder that Made Patient 'Feel Unreal' Linked to Grim Daydreams
78 High Tides Raise Odds of Powerful Earthquakes
79 Alexis Arquette's Death: How Do People Die from AIDS?
80 Sober People Make Drinkers Feel Drunker
81 Cute Insect-Murdering Mammal Had Roots in Dinosaur Age
82 Toxins at Home? Dust May Harbor Harmful Chemicals
83 This Stingray Chews Its Food
84 Glider Will Attempt Record-Breaking Flight to Edge of Space
85 Live Mice Are Bred from Artificially Developed Egg
86 August Declared Hottest on Record: NASA
87 One Simple Comic Explains Climate Change
88 Doomed 16th-Century Warship Yields Secrets with New 3D Models
89 Rare Gold Coin with Nero's Face Discovered in Jerusalem
90 More Couples Are Asking Friends and Family to Officiate Weddings
91 2nd Tool-Using Crow Species Found
92 Russian Scientists Trapped by Polar Bears Have Been Rescued
93 Oldest Indigo-Dyed Fabric Ever Is Discovered in Peru
94 Alcohol's Toll on the Heart: Bigger, Not Better
95 Weird Red Spot on Pluto Moon Explained
96 MS: Treating earliest signs reduces risk of diagnosis, relapse
97 Poor protein control key to Alzheimer's progression
98 What is Mono and Should I Worry About It?
99 Could memory loss be reversed with a common painkiller?
100 Osteoarthritis can be caused by senescent cells, study finds
101 Paralysis patients regain sensation, muscle control through brain machine
102 Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Have the long-term effects been exaggerated?
103 Children failing to meet ideal cardiovascular health guidelines
104 Bone Marrow Biopsy: What to Expect
105 Mid-range 'good' cholesterol levels associated with longer life
106 Connections between gut, brain, and immune system strengthened
107 Schizophrenia symptoms eased with aerobic exercise
108 Better cultural fit may encourage healthy eating
109 Chemo drug in pregnancy may cause early menopause in daughters
110 Blood vessel-forming protein could offer alternative to heart bypass surgery