File Title
1 NASA Makes Contact with Long-Lost Sun Probe
2 Italy Earthquake: Complex Geology Drives Frequent Shaking
3 Science-Proven Way to Reduce Teen Drinking
4 Lost WWII Ships Explored in Underwater Expedition
5 Who's Really Happier: Young People or Older People?
6 Found! Potentially Earth-Like Planet at Proxima Centauri Is Closest Ever
7 How Do EpiPens Work?
8 Nicer Up North: Canadians Top Americans in Altruism
9 Soft, Rubbery 'Octobot' Can Move Without Batteries
10 Human-Driven Warming Started Nearly 200 Years Ago, Study Finds
11 In Babies, Zika Can Linger for Months, Brazilian Case Suggests
12 Why Does the Moon Turn Red During a Total Lunar Eclipse?
13 Reference: Facts About Germanium
14 Reference: Facts About Kombucha, the Fermented Tea Drink
15 Gross! High-Speed Images Show What Happens When You Sneeze
16 'Stranger Things': How Realistic Are Parallel Worlds?
17 Closeness to Family, Not Friends, Helps You Live Longer
18 How Long Will Your Caffeine Buzz Last? Genes May Tell
19 The Real Reason the EpiPen Is So Expensive
20 Why Tesla's Model S Is So Incredibly Fast
21 Are Biofuels Worse than Gasoline for the Climate?
22 'Weather Bombs' Could 'X-Ray' Earth to Help Detect Quakes
23 Why Areas with More Men Have Higher Marriage Rates
24 Sexual Assault on Campus: Why College Freshmen Face Increased Risk
25 Trousers, Heal Thyself: Squids Make Self-Fixing Clothes Possible
26 Rosetta Probe Gets Rare Close-Up of Comet Eruption [Video]
27 Mystery Solved: How Lyme Disease Bacteria Spread Around the Body
28 Deaths from Fentanyl, Drug that Killed Prince, Rise Sharply
29 Watch Out for Wasps: Insect Sting Causes Man's Stroke
30 What's a Vomitorium?
31 Proxima b: Lasers Might One Day Power Ship to Closest Alien Planet
32 Facial Features and Genes: Study Taps New Connections
33 This Weird Galaxy Is Actually 99.99 Percent Dark Matter
34 Dead Sea Transforms Deathly Dress into Gorgeous Salt-Encrusted Jewel
35 What if Scientists Found Life on Closest Alien Planet Proxima b?
36 Goddess Name Inscribed in Lost Language on Ancient Tablet
37 Congressional Tweets Can Reveal Levels of Partisanship
38 EpiPen Alternatives Exist, and They May be Cheaper
39 Reference: Facts About Microbursts
40 Will You Make More Money if You Attend a Top-Tier School?
41 More Parents Are Refusing Vaccinations, but Their Reasons Are Changing
42 Why Republicans and Democrats Live in Different Economic Realities
43 Computers Can Sense Sarcasm? Yeah, Right
44 Video: Adorable Baby Panda Loves Rolling Around
45 More than 300 Reindeer Killed by Lightning: Here's Why
46 Mock Mars Explorers Emerge from Habitat to End Year of Isolation in Hawaii
47 The Perks of Being a Twin May Include a Longer Life
48 One Glorious Map Shows the Future of Animal Migrations
49 Human Ancestor 'Lucy' May Have Died After Falling from Tree
50 How Does Listeria Get into Veggies?
51 Scientists Deliver Opioid-Like Pain Relief Without Addiction Risk
52 Is a Blue Fire Tornado the Future of Oil Spill Cleanup?
53 Gene Wilder's Death: How Do People Die from Alzheimer's?
54 Anthony Weiner: Do Cheaters Always Do It Again?
55 Reference: What Are Sweetbreads?
56 Egyptian Mummy's Face Recreated with 3D Printing
57 Salute! Stunning Microphotos Capture Boozy Beauty in Italian Cocktails
58 Fascinating Topics May Lead to False Memories
59 SETI Team Investigating Mysterious Signal from Star 94 Light-Years Away
60 Pothead Rats Are Up to Task, but Just Don't Feel like It
61 The Science of Timeouts: How to Make Them Work for Your Kids
62 New Pterosaur Species with Intact Skull Uncovered in Patagonia
63 Adorable American Pika Is Disappearing Due to Climate Change
64 Confirmed: Your Dog Understands What You're Saying
65 World's 1st Plague Pandemic Bacteria Gets New Genetic Analysis
66 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome May Leave a 'Chemical Signature' in the Blood
67 Has Planet Earth Entered New 'Anthropocene' Epoch?
68 Reference: Buttermilk: Nutrition Facts and Benefits
69 Reference: Perpetual Motion Machines: Working Against Physical Laws
70 Teensy Pterosaur Was the Size of a House Cat
71 How LSD Permits Leaping Word Associations
72 Record-Low Arctic Sea Ice Is the 'New Normal,' NASA Says
73 3 for 1: Space Station Eyes Hurricanes Lester, Madeline and Gaston
74 3.7-Billion-Year-Old Rock May Hold Earth's Oldest Fossils
75 New Drug Clears Abnormal Brain Proteins Tied to Alzheimer's
76 Parents' Mental Health Linked to Violence in Kids
77 Why Taller People May Be Better at Judging How Far Away Things Are
78 What Earth's Oldest Fossils Mean for Finding Life on Mars
79 Reference: Facts About Cesium
80 'Alien' Signal Had Earthly Cause, Russian Scientists Say
81 US Marijuana Use Grows as Fewer People Worry About the Risks
82 Lasting Childbirth Pain Tied to Postpartum Depression
83 New Snow-Making Tech Gives a Lift to Ski Resort in Summer
84 What Nerve: Different Nerve Cells Cause Hard Nipples, Goose Bumps
85 What Causes Motion Sickness?
86 How Meat Labels Trick Your Mind
87 How Did Life Arise on Earth?
88 Scary Cave Spider? No, They're New Beetle Species
89 Triathlete Deaths Possibly Linked to Fluid in the Lungs
90 Launchpad Explosion Destroys SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket, Satellite in Florida
91 Does IQ Determine if You're Prejudiced? It's Complicated
92 Alien Interpreters? How Linguists Would Talk to E.T.
93 Nix Homework to Help Students? What the Science Says
94 Milky Way's 'Blowout Bash' May Explain Galaxy's Missing Mass
95 How to Help Shy Kids Without Harming Them
96 Crocodile Carving Played Ritual Role in Ancient MesoAmerican City
97 Driven to Drink: Brain Enzyme Linked to Alcohol Dependency
98 FDA Bans Antibacterial Chemicals in Soaps
99 Gumby Bots! New Bendable Structures Could Make Origami Machines
100 Double Dogs: Identical Twin Puppies Confirmed
101 Mussolini Message Found Under Rome Obelisk
102 Alaska Has Been Mapped as Precisely as Mars
103 Why a 4-Day Workweek May Not Be Good for Your Health
104 Pediatricians Issue New Flu Shot Recommendations for Kids
105 World's Largest Gorilla Species at Risk of Extinction
106 Are Iron Maidens Really Torture Devices?
107 Are Bats Really Blind?
108 Strange Stroke Stories: Ebola, Hickeys and Other Weird Causes
109 Philae Lander's 'Lost' Grave Found on Comet
110 'Little Doubt' Typhoons Have Become More Intense, Study Finds