File Title
1 Post-mortem assessment guidelines for vascular cognitive impairment
2 Screening for suicidal thoughts and behaviors declines with patient age
3 Age before youth: Older cranes lead the way to new migration patterns
4 Hungry cells on the move
5 Scientists discover a new deep-reef Butterflyfish species in Papahanaumokuakea Monument
6 Brown dwarfs hiding in plain sight in our solar neighborhood
7 How that 'old book smell' could save priceless artifacts (video)
8 Researchers at the CNIO discover a gene that is essential for the DNA-replication process
9 Drug reduces seizure frequency in children with tuberous sclerosis complex
10 Cyber Security Survey reveals darknet use higher among 18- to 24-year-olds
11 Some islands started in diamond-bearing regions under continents, geochemists say
12 Towards the workplace of the future--with virtual reality
13 Rice University-led team morphs nanotubes into tougher carbon for spacecraft, satellites
14 Body heat as a power source
15 Researchers use hardware to accelerate core-to-core on-chip communication
16 Wits University scientists predict the existence of a new boson
17 A minimalist theory to predict protein movements
18 YouTube videos promote positive associations with alcohol use
19 New simulations of wind power generation
20 New tool can calculate renewable energy output anywhere in the world
21 Infrared light to detect early signs of esophageal cancer
22 Tuning the instrument: Spider webs as vibration transmission structures
23 Nanotechnology supports treatment of malignant melanoma
24 Healthcare corruption taken to task by technology, study shows
25 Structure of mammalian protein complex of respiratory chain solved at atomic level
26 New research shows link between extended GP surgery hours and fewer A&E visits
27 Hypertension: Releasing the pressure at its source
28 Human aichi virus atomic structure identified by IBP and STRUBI scientists
29 European standards to prevent repeat heart attacks launched today
30 Nutrient pollution is changing sounds in the sea
31 Single HIV mutation induces distinct T cell immune responses
32 Genetics of African KhoeSan populations maps to Kalahari Desert geography
33 Incidence of venous thromboembolism in patients undergoing major hip surgeries at a single institution
34 Rumor patterns on social media during emergencies--Ben-Gurion U. study
35 Research shows it may be time to abandon dreaded digital rectal exam
36 Throughout history humans have preferred their pigs to be black, suggests study
37 Simulation study highlights potential driving risk posed by patients with obstructive sleep apnea
38 Research reveals artificial thyroid cancer epidemic
39 Twin study helps unravel the genetic blueprint of the human brain
40 Speech technology enables kids to control video game
41 NIH scientists publish new metric to measure the influence of scientific research
42 African fishers undertake highly risky expeditions to make a living
43 Friends help friends on Facebook feel better
44 High utility bills trigger anxiety and depression in low-income households
45 Fish 'biowaste' converted to piezoelectric energy harvesters
46 Recessions are harmful to health
47 Twins should be delivered at 37 weeks to minimize deaths, say experts
48 Irregular heartbeat linked to wider range of serious conditions than previously thought
49 Water and light 'flow' inspire ultrasensitive optical microfiber coupler sensor
50 Fungi contribute to delayed healing of chronic wounds
51 Location matters in the self-assembly of nanoclusters
52 Cesarean delivery may lead to increased risk of obesity among offspring
53 Tumor microenvironment acts as a mechanism of resistance to chemotherapy
54 Evidence of Zika virus found in tears
55 Survey: Most parents rely on outdated advice when caring for a child with concussion
56 Technique identifies chemotherapy-resistant cells within acute myeloid leukemia tumors
57 Nasal sprays not effective in reducing duration, frequency of nosebleeds caused by blood vessel disorder
58 Screening for latent tuberculosis infection recommended for those at increased risk
59 MRIs during pregnancy and outcomes for infants, children
60 Intervention addresses pediatric patient families' social needs
61 Cesarean birth appears associated with higher risk of obesity in children
62 Prevalence of celiac appears steady but followers of gluten-free diet increase
63 Is sex in later years good for your health?
64 Barcodes to identify gene regulators
65 New article-level metric measures the influence of scientific research
66 Bad seeds: How the parental lineage may determine viability in tomato hybrids
67 Super-resolution microscope builds 3-D images by mapping negative space
68 Canadian Cardiovascular Society sets new guidelines for atrial fibrillation management and treatment
69 Zika infects the eyes of adult mice
70 BCL11A-based gene therapy for sickle cell disease passes key preclinical test
71 MRIs in first trimester of pregnancy not associated with increased risk to fetus: Study
72 Canada needs a national suicide prevention strategy
73 Diagnosing and managing food allergies: A guide for physicians
74 A new angle on anxiety
75 Higher thyroid hormone levels linked to sudden cardiac death
76 Simple saline spray could be as effective as drug therapy for treating chronic nosebleeds
77 Factor isolated from babies' cord blood could treat harmful inflammation, sepsis
78 'Traffic jam' in brain linked to common cognitive disorder
79 Extending primary care hours is linked to fewer emergency department visits
80 Losing teeth raises older adults' risks for physical and mental disability
81 Angry drivers have a higher risk of collision
82 Risk factors, clinical outcomes of infective endocarditis after transcatheter aortic valve replacement
83 Broccoli v. French fries: Appealing to teens' impulse to rebel can curb unhealthy eating
84 Treatment could prevent neuropathy in diabetic patients
85 Chronic stress increases level of a protein that decreases availability of mood-regulating chemical
86 Children's willpower linked to smoking habits throughout life
87 Impact of advertising psychiatric drugs
88 Discrimination toward overweight adolescents predictive of emotional problems
89 Brain scans show building blocks activate spatial ability in children better than board games
90 More than just a cue, intrinsic reward helps make exercise a habit
91 Healthy diet boosts children's reading skills
92 Asphalt-based carbon-capture material advances
93 Integrating graphene, reduced graphene oxide onto silicon chips at room temperature
94 Proton diffusion discovery a boost for fuel cell technologies
95 New tools assess the future of wind power
96 New laser provides ultra-precise tool for scientists probing the secrets of the universe
97 Discovery nearly doubles known quasars from the ancient universe
98 Avoiding 'traffic jam' creates impossibly bright 'lighthouse'
99 Ripples in fabric of space-time? Hundreds of undiscovered black holes
100 Language delivers fourfold speedups on big-data problems
101 Lightweight robots in manual assembly
102 New computer chip manufacturing method squeezes more onto limited wafer space
103 New software helps to identify course of cancer metastasis, tumor 'evolution'
104 Land-based food not nutritionally sufficient for wild polar bears, according to new study
105 Rapid gene analysis method accelerates photosynthesis studies
106 Study links altered brain chemistry, behavioral impairments in fish exposed to elevated carbon dioxide
107 Killing superbugs with star-shaped polymers, not antibiotics
108 Living with environmental change: Investigating our native woodlands
109 Initiative to restore one million corals launches in the Caribbean and Florida Keys
110 A look inside volcanic flows