File Title
1 Species conservation profile of a critically endangered endemic for the Azores spider
2 A new study explores concerns of African American breast cancer survivors
3 Researchers find gene mutations lead to more aggressive colon cancer in African-Americans
4 Researchers take step toward eliminating cancer recurrence
5 Gastric bypass is better than other procedures for sustainable weight loss
6 Elotuzumab in multiple myeloma: Added benefit not proven
7 Immersion pulmonary edema may cause swimming deaths during triathlons
8 Induced labor after water breakage poses no harm to mothers or babies, TAU research finds
9 UCF team tricks solid into acting as liquid
10 Study: Care providers underestimate pain during pediatric burn dressing change
11 Scientists find new system in tomato's defense against bacterial speck disease
12 One more reason to swear off tobacco: The inflammatory trap induced by nicotine
13 Why does dying cost more for people of color? New study takes a deeper look
14 Subantarctic seabed creatures shed new light on past climate
15 Can melting of frozen methane explain rapid climate change 56 million years ago?
16 Technology and innovation not driven by climate change
17 Rotten egg gas could help protect diabetics from heart complications
18 Multiple resources jointly control plant diversity
19 New step towards clean energy production from enzymes
20 Trauma's epigenetic fingerprint observed in children of Holocaust survivors
21 Lung disease costs set to rise to 2.5 billion pounds per year, experts project
22 CrossFitters need rest too, study finds
23 When silencing phantom noises is a matter of science
24 Parental psychiatric disease linked with elevated risks of attempted suicide and violent offending during adulthood
25 Deadly duo
26 Unique health survey of Finnish cats reveals common and breed-specific illnesses
27 Mathematical nanotoxicoproteomics: Quantitative characterization of effects of multi-walled carbon nanotubes
28 Paleontology: A monster put in its place
29 Making the switch, this time with an insulator
30 Endangered right whale population threatened by entanglements & declining birth rate
31 Synthetic heart valves could help surgeons improve surgical skills
32 The Lancet Respiratory Medicine: Decision-making tool may help doctors cut unnecessary antibiotic prescribing
33 Zika reference strain sequenced--Will aid in diagnosis, screening
34 Stanford-hosted study examines how AI might affect urban life in 2030
35 Countries across Africa, Asia-Pacific vulnerable to Zika virus, new study finds
36 Longer survival of advanced cancer patients given methylnaltrexone for constipation suggests role for mu opiate receptor in cancer progression
37 Making memories stronger and more precise during aging
38 Dengue vaccine may increase risk of severe disease if used in areas with low rates of infection
39 Cannabis reduces short-term motivation to work for money
40 Why pneumococci affect primarily humans
41 Serendipitous finding leads scientists to propose mechanism to explain benign prostatic hyperplasia
42 Genome-wide Toxoplasma screen reveals mechanisms of parasitic infections
43 NIH review finds nondrug approaches effective for treatment of common pain conditions
44 Dengue vaccine could increase or worsen dengue in some settings
45 Chemistry method expedites path to useful molecules for medicine
46 Study finds heart infections increasing among younger injection drug users
47 Location, location, location: Cellular hotspots for tumors and regeneration
48 Intensified and multifaceted treatment of patients with type 2 diabetes and known vascular damage extends life by around 8 years
49 New TSRI method makes building 'one-handed' drugs easier than ever
50 Hospitalizations for heart infection related to drug injection rising across the US
51 Keeping cool without losing your shirt
52 Dawn spacecraft at Ceres: Craters, cracks, and cryovolcanos
53 Developing a global strategy for first dengue vaccine deployment
54 Rutgers engineers use microwaves to produce high-quality graphene
55 'Gambling' wolves take more risks than dogs
56 Are promises made to living donors being upheld?
57 Stanford engineers develop a plastic clothing material that cools the skin
58 Bacterial membrane vesicles can cause preterm birth
59 A missing influence in keeping diversity within the academy?
60 Sleeping brain's complex activity mimicked by simple model
61 Of dogs, foxes, cows, camels, and men--the fight against rabies in Northern China
62 The supernova that wasn't: A tale of 3 cosmic eruptions
63 Global study shows link between fertilizer and plant diversity
64 Personnel selection, training could mitigate effects of cognitive lock-up in automation operators
65 NASA's SDO witnesses a double eclipse
66 For first time, carbon nanotube transistors outperform silicon
67 'Materials that compute' advances as Pitt engineers demonstrate pattern recognition
68 HFES Annual Meeting presentations to focus on human factors in cyber security
69 3-D graphene has promise for bio applications
70 Early-onset spring models may indicate 'nightmare' for ag
71 Study validates TGen-developed test for health care-acquired infections
72 The great tit, Parus major, does better in the countryside
73 N/A
74 N/A
75 New model could help improve prediction of outbreaks of Ebola and Lassa fever
76 Crop domestication is a balancing act
77 DNA structure influences the function of transcription factors
78 A strange thing happened in the stratosphere
79 Rural Nepal: Despite evidence that hospital births are safer, poverty keeps women home
80 Researchers document first-ever evidence of white-tailed deer declines from CWD
81 Babies chew on subtle social, cultural cues at mealtime
82 New knowledge about the building blocks of life
83 EEG recordings prove learning foreign languages can sharpen our minds
84 Osteoporosis: Antibody crystallized
85 Hereditary diseases are the price of protection against infections
86 Parametric analysis on collapse-resistance performance of reinforced-concrete frame with specially shaped columns under loss of a corner column
87 Placenta in females, muscle mass in males: The dual heritage of a virus
88 Babies born with a low birth weight may be less active in later life
89 Luminous heart cells: Jellyfish proteins assist in heart rhythm disorder research
90 Living with dementia: Life story work proves successful
91 London air pollution policies are starting to have impact, but more work to be done
92 Trauma patient deaths peak at 2 weeks
93 New light on the complex nature of 'hot Jupiter' atmospheres
94 One vent just isn't enough for some volcanoes
95 Edible dormice: High food availability slows down cell aging
96 Circulating immune cells as biomarkers for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
97 The Genesis Project: New life on exoplanets
98 Low-cost and defect-free graphene
99 Memory for future wearable electronics
100 Encouraging decrease in certain antibiotic resistance levels of gonococci across Europe
101 X chromosome: The structure makes the difference
102 Important signaling pathway for leukemia cells discovered
103 Latest findings from human factors research on automation in vehicles to be presented
104 'Ghost snake' discovered in Madagascar
105 Insilico Medicine to co-organize and present new research data at the Aging Forum at BLSW
106 A new technique opens up advanced solar cells
107 Study shows extreme preemies must watch blood sugars and weight
108 Discovery offers hope for new Crohn's disease treatment
109 IUCN-led panel finds critically endangered whales in Russia recovering
110 Artificial intelligence could improve diagnostic power of lung function tests