File Title
1 Novel method enables absolute quantification of mitochondrial metabolites
2 Purdue researchers discover signaling cascade that drives fatty tumors
3 Motivating eco-friendly behaviors depends on cultural values
4 Case Western Reserve researcher outlines road map for addressing ethical concerns tied to research
5 Bloodthirsty brains
6 New study finds connection between chronic pain and anxiety disorders
7 Out of sync: How genetic variation can disrupt the heart's rhythm
8 Breast cancer mortality lower in women who breastfeed
9 Study points to a novel culprit type 2 diabetes gene at well-established genomic location
10 SLAC's high-speed 'electron camera' films atomic nuclei in vibrating molecules
11 The Great Elephant Census reports massive loss of African savanna elephants
12 Sexual function problems occur after heart attack, disparities exist between men and women
13 Predictive tool vital to sustainable environmental futures
14 Crowdsourcing can help create better science tests cheaper
15 CU study: Feeling heavy, light, or about right? Your genes may be to blame
16 First test of oral rabies vaccine brings hope to the world's rarest canid
17 Food puzzles enhance feline wellbeing
18 Discovery one-ups Tatooine, finds twin stars hosting three giant exoplanets
19 A new key in fighting Kennedy's disease
20 Half-a-million people experience food insecurity in British Columbia, says new report
21 What your choice of smartphone says about you
22 Lightning strikes: Thunderstorms spread mercury pollution
23 New study highlights high rates of suicide and self-harm among transgender youth
24 New digital antenna could revolutionize the future of mobile phones
25 CRISPR/Cas9 technology to inactivate cancer mutations
26 Major step towards Alzheimer's blood test
27 Potential new treatment for cocaine addiction
28 Selenium status influence cancer risk
29 Algorithms offer insight into cellular development
30 How did prehistoric humans occupy the Tibetan Plateau?
31 Insecure childhood can make dealing with stress harder
32 Scientists show that a 'Superman' disguise could actually work
33 New theory--embryo geometry--proposes explanation for how vertebrates evolved
34 New research uncovers the first steps of how human organs and tissues develop
35 Freshening of the Southern Ocean
36 Simple measures cut sepsis deaths nearly in half
37 Bird bugs shed new light on malaria infection
38 Scientists discover noninvasive technique to monitor migraines
39 WSU researchers see hyperbaric chamber easing drug withdrawal symptoms
40 Researchers peel back another layer of chemistry with 'tender' X-rays
41 Americans lack awareness about heart valve disease, new public opinion surveys find
42 Study shows combination drug therapy for asthma patients is safe
43 Subatomic microscopy key to building new classes of materials
44 The Great Elephant Census reports massive loss of African savanna elephants
45 Customer publishes performance evaluation of first commercial mini-synchrotron
46 Antibody reduces harmful brain amyloid plaques in Alzheimer's patients
47 Many with migraines unhappy with treatments and struggle to fight stigma
48 The Lancet Psychiatry: Increasing number of US adults using marijuana as fewer people perceive the drug as harmful
49 Walking a tightrope: Regulators balancing need for safety and flexibility in approvals for new medicines
50 LJI researchers gain new understanding of how neutrophils latch onto vessel walls to protect from infection and clean up injured tissue
51 New population data provide insight on aging, migration
52 Concerns over glutathione skin bleaching in the UK
53 Patients with cancer at heightened risk of injuries during diagnosis
54 High alcohol intake associated with slightly decreased female fertility
55 Accumulation of a product of cell metabolism found to be linked with kidney tumor growth
56 No link to lower IQs in children of mothers who have taken newer forms of epilepsy drugs
57 Widely used brain cancer cell line faces identity crisis
58 Weight loss following bariatric surgery sustained long-term
59 Parents' psychiatric disease linked to kids' risk of suicide attempt, violent offending
60 Sexual function problems prevalent among younger adults after heart attack; more common among women
61 ICU patients lose helpful gut bacteria within days of hospital admission
62 Want to hit your target? Good luck, short stuff
63 Body's cellular building blocks arise from genetic tugs of war
64 Study suggests persistent childbirth pain increases risk of postnatal depression
65 Lunar cycle affects timing of birth in cows
66 Study finds potential new biomarker for cancer patient prognosis
67 Researchers use a single molecule to command stem cells to build new bone
68 Internet and mobile devices prompt positive lifestyle changes
69 Lowering the cost and environmental footprint of white LEDs
70 Study assesses climate change vulnerability in urban America
71 Forensic DNA analysis checks the origin of cultured cells
72 Newer epilepsy drugs taken while pregnant not associated with lower IQs in children
73 Female rhesus macaque calls may reflect familiarity rather than relatedness
74 Liberian malaria cases declined following mass drug administration during Ebola outbreak
75 Which snowy owls thrive in Saskatchewan's winters
76 The pros & cons of supplementary materials in scientific publishing
77 A data-cleaning tool for building better prediction models
78 Multiple sclerosis misdiagnosis study supports improved education of clinicians
79 Unlocking the mystery on how plant leaves grow their teeth
80 'Tug of war' keeps scientists working on storm tracks
81 A new tool for wetland management
82 EUS-FNA can help doctors manage certain pancreatic lesions more effectively
83 Drugs in the water? Don't blame the students
84 Young children's antibiotic exposure associated with higher food allergy risk
85 Genetic intersection of neurodevelopmental disorders and shared medical conditions
86 Patient care can improve with technology in nursing homes
87 Physician experts highlight research ahead of Otolaryngology's annual meeting
88 Iowa State engineers treat printed graphene with lasers to enable paper electronics
89 Politics affect views on healthcare quality--but not on personal experience with care
90 Ceres: The tiny world where volcanoes erupt ice
91 Blood cancer treatment may age immune cells as much as 30 years
92 Images from Sun's edge reveal origins of solar wind
93 Study links autism severity to genetics, ultrasound
94 New study uses cutting-edge miniature photography to unravel how vitamin A enters cells
95 Address systemic issues to change toxic health care environment, SLU commentary says
96 Findings about protein could open door to new class of antibiotics
97 Wounds from childhood bullying may persist into college years, study finds
98 The threat of group extinction proves a powerful motivator
99 Life and death: Hopkins team finds hospital readmissions sometimes save lives
100 Career advice for young allergy patients
101 Parents' math skills 'rub off' on their children
102 Field Museum scientists unearth centuries-old crocodile stone
103 It's a boy: Controlling pest populations with modified males
104 Researchers find vulnerabilities in cars connected to smartphones
105 Doctors: Beware of low diastolic blood pressure when treating hypertension
106 Strain differences in Zika infection gene patterns
107 Tight DNA packaging protects against 'jumping genes,' potential cellular destruction
108 Implanted device successfully treats central sleep apnea, study finds
109 Study: Safety net programs don't support high rates of trauma in participants
110 Most states report medicaid covers children's key mental health services but gaps remain