File Title
1 Captain James Cook delivered first chickens to New Zealand
2 Scientists develop small, reprogrammable quantum computer
3 Seals help show how melting ice shelves in East Antarctica affect deep ocean
4 Climate warming 'started about 180 years ago' near the beginning of the Industrial Revolution
5 Frogs use ultrasonic calls to find mates near noisy streams
6 Ancient human ancestor Lucy died after falling from a tree, scans suggest
7 World's oldest known fossils found in Greenland push evidence for life back by 220 million years
8 Could lack of dingoes explain why Tasmania's bandicoots are not wary of dogs?
9 'Catastrophic' loss of 10 percent of wilderness across the world over past two decades
10 Sleep 'prioritises memories we care about'
11 Cumbrian lakes hold a centuries-long flood record
12 Pioneering 'diaries' reveal the secret lives of animals
13 US government halts oil pipeline opposed by Native Americans
14 N/A
15 Asteroid probe begins seven-year quest
16 Flight test for Virgin's replacement rocket plane
17 Dormice in Britain 'vulnerable to extinction'
18 Global effort launched to preserve precious sites
19 Musk: SpaceX fireball probe uncovering 'complex failure'
20 Giraffe genetic secret: Four species of tallest mammal identified
21 Solar tuk-tuk journey halted by robbery in France
22 Freddie Mercury: Asteroid named after late Queen star to mark 70th birthday
23 Paolo Macchiarini: A surgeon's downfall
24 Are lion hunters in South Africa shooting tame animals?
25 Mapuche community in Argentina fights fracking site
26 What would Trump's wall mean for wildlife?
27 Falcon blast to reverberate across space industry
28 The Crick: Europe's biggest biomedical lab opens
29 Pollution particles 'get into brain'
30 Samsung urges Galaxy Note 7 phone exchange urgently
31 Facebook U-turn over 'Napalm girl' photograph
32 Arrests over hacks of CIA and FBI staff
33 Robot operates inside eye in world first
34 Galaxy Note 7: Owners advised not to use on planes
35 EU rewrites plans to scrap mobile roaming charges
36 Airbnb introduces new anti-discrimination policy
37 iPhone 7, Airpods and courage: the internet reacts
38 Apple's iPhone 7 ditches traditional headphone socket
39 Northern Ireland teenager sues Facebook over nude photo
40 PS4 Pro: A generational leap or misstep?
41 The ultra-Orthodox Jews combining tech and the Torah
42 'Do you have an AK-47 and can you swim?'
43 Watchdog on Three: Smartphone disasters--what to do when tech fails
44 Tech inspired by faith booms in Africa
45 Three calls for curb on BT's mobile ambitions
46 School selection plans could undo years of reform--Morgan
47 British school students 'stole Auschwitz artifacts'
48 Universities to hide applicants' names in anti-bias trial
49 University of St. Andrews chief defends admissions policy
50 Children need three hours exercise a day--Finland
51 Record numbers call Childline over suicidal thoughts
52 Denbigh High School defends 72 exclusions over uniform
53 Two academies per week need intervention
54 Universities head: EU students need urgent Brexit reassurance
55 'Riot' as Margate pupils sent home in Hartsdown uniform row
56 'Gloating' SEN tweets law firm Baker Small paid millions
57 'Grammar plans' caught by photographer
58 Harvard offers lessons to big city mayors
59 Long wait for families to identify missing migrants
60 'London is most educated city in Europe'
61 Did grammar schools help social mobility?
62 What will Theresa May's new grammar schools look like?
63 Starting university: What to bring, who to avoid
64 Does an Oxbridge degree make a difference?
65 What parents really mean to say about exam results
66 Statins benefits underestimated, review says
67 Malaria stopped with single dose of new compound
68 Obesity link to cancer 'not well known by public'
69 First face transplant patient Isabelle Dinoire dies in France
70 Zika outbreak: US Congress blocks Zika funding bill
71 Swedish Nobel judges fired in Karolinska medical scandal
72 Pollution particles 'get into brain'
73 Gene-editing method shrinks cancer
74 Brain radiotherapy 'no benefit' for lung cancer spread
75 WHO strengthens Zika safe sex guidance
76 No Zika cases from Olympics, says WHO
77 German boy, nine, saves young brother in Korbach pool
78 Children need three hours exercise a day--Finland
79 The many myths of back pain
80 Is it true that periods synchronise when women live together?
81 What is the food that can really improve your eyesight?
82 Let's talk the stigma out of Alzheimer's
83 Why are cockroaches taking to the skies in New York?
84 Black holes may not be completely black. Stephen Hawking vindicated?
85 China's quantum satellite: The key to hacker-proof communication?
86 Scientists spot 'rebellious' object orbiting beyond Neptune
87 Is there a fifth fundamental force of nature?
88 Scientists sequence genome of very hungry caterpillar
89 Why Russia might make do with one less cosmonaut
90 Long-term study shows pesticides are killing bees
91 Latest cute animal discovery is an adorable purple squid
92 Before the Atlantic, before the Pacific: a 340-million-year-old ocean crust
93 Why healthy coral reefs need fish urine
94 Smithsonian finds extinct river dolphin skull in its collection
95 Zenkerella, an elusive scaly-tailed squirrel, is rediscovered
96 Second-oldest Great Lakes shipwreck offers a rare window into the past
97 Pet goldfish, discarded, become giant problem for Australia
98 Did our fingers evolve from fish fins?
99 Two Barbados bird species pull strings, join elite group
100 NASA greenlights OSIRIS-REx for asteroid hunt
101 For the first time ever, astronomers watch a sleeping white dwarf go nova
102 Does your dog love you more than her dinner bowl?
103 Frozen fashion: Decoding Otzi the Iceman's wardrobe
104 What a tiny sun-powered water purifier could mean for developing countries
105 What makes rare 'Tufts-Love' T. rex a 'must-see' dinosaur?
106 Why Yellowstone officials are poisoning its rivers
107 Space station's new door swings open to welcome commercial travellers
108 How scientists measure Louisiana's flooding from space (+video)
109 This tree in Greece is Europe's oldest known living tree
110 New software can track global poverty...from space