File Title
1 Pain of rejection makes us more likely to commit fraud
2 Tel Aviv University research opens the 'black box' of malignant melanoma
3 Self-healing textiles not only repair themselves, but can neutralize chemicals
4 Sibling competition helped guide dispersal in pre-industrial populations
5 Preparing to interview for your dream job? Better go in person
6 New movie screen allows for glasses-free 3-D
7 Common diabetes drug may help prevent preterm birth
8 Salmonella protein reduces drug resistance in tumors
9 Research shows sharing of cavity-causing bacteria may not be only from mothers to children
10 Risk factors identified in patient-to-patient transmission of resistant bacteria
11 Developmental differences in late preterm babies may not emerge until after age 2
12 Added bacterial film makes new mortar resistant to water uptake
13 Trolls often waive their anonymity online
14 Hot desert storms increase risk of bacterial meningitis in Africa
15 Hypoxia radiotracer produced automatically in dose-on-demand fashion
16 First discovery from 'New Riversleigh'--a new extinct carnivorous marsupial
17 New lightweight shape-shifting alloy shows potential for a variety of applications
18 Less fertilizer good news for the Great Barrier Reef
19 Researchers make new projections for spread of the Zika virus
20 Vast majority of guns recovered by Pittsburgh police not in possession of legal owners
21 National survey says many, not all, open to doctors talking about guns
22 Flu vaccine may reduce risk of death for type 2 diabetes patients
23 Evidence suggests migratory birds are not a reservoir for highly pathogenic flu viruses
24 Does a dementia diagnosis have a silver lining? Study suggests it can
25 Cities face dramatic increase in water treatment spending when watersheds are developed
26 Hot news flash! Menopause, insomnia accelerate aging
27 Scientists develop painless and inexpensive microneedle system to monitor drugs
28 New lithium-oxygen battery greatly improves energy efficiency, longevity
29 Visual pigment rhodopsin forms two-molecule complexes in vivo
30 Novel statistical method captures long-term health burden of pediatric cancer cures
31 Patch delivers drug, gene, and light-based therapy to tumor sites
32 New theory explains how beta waves arise in the brain
33 Nottingham researchers show novel technique that can 'taste' DNA
34 Study suggests 1.6 million childbearing women could be at risk of Zika virus infection
35 1 in 3 overweight and 1 in 7 obese in north east China (Jilin Province)
36 Shops openly flouting tobacco sales ban near schools in China
37 Unusual new zoantharian species is the first described solitary species in over 100 years
38 BRCA1 mutations in breast and ovarian cancer can predict treatment resistance
39 Using tau imaging as diagnostic marker for Alzheimer disease
40 Racial differences in inpatient procedures after stroke
41 Scientists test nanoparticle drug delivery in dogs with osteosarcoma
42 Are primary stroke centers associated with lower fatality?
43 Medical students using electronic health records to track former patients
44 Induced labor not associated with risk for ASDs
45 Marijuana exposure in kids rose after recreational use legalized in Colorado
46 Study finds induced labor not associated with risk for autism spectrum disorders
47 Living on borrowed time
48 Researchers discover how honey bees 'telescope' their abdomens
49 Sub-set of stem cells found to minimize risks when used to treat damaged hearts
50 Climate disasters increase risk of armed conflict in multi-ethnic countries
51 Changes in teenage brain structure provide clues to onset of mental health problems
52 Statins improve birth outcomes for mothers with an autoimmune disorder
53 US police killed or injured more than 55,000 people during 'legal interventions' in 2012
54 Rat fathers' diets may affect offspring's breast cancer risk
55 Study finds average 6-year delay between onset and diagnosis of bipolar disorder
56 Osteopathic manipulation can improve pain in postpartum women
57 Before animals, evolution waited eons to inhale
58 Researchers 'solve' key Zika virus protein structure
59 Delirium in advanced cancer patients often goes undetected in the emergency department
60 Excessive daily TV watching may increase risk of death
61 Moderate physical activity lowers heart disease risk in young women
62 Low Zika risk for travelers to Olympics in Brazil, study finds
63 Flu vaccine reduces risk of hospital stay for stroke, heart failure for diabetes patients
64 The exception and its rules
65 WSU researchers get unprecedented look at DNA damage
66 Low risk of international Zika virus spread due to 2016 Olympics [et al.]
67 Newly found, 'thrifty' genetic variant influences Samoan obesity
68 ANU scientists exploit malaria's Achilles' heel
69 New index reveals likelihood of terrestrial or aquatic lifestyles of extinct mammals
70 Quantitating the complete human proteome
71 Flower bud uniformity beholden to time and space
72 Newly discovered material property may lead to high temp superconductivity
73 Similarities unite 3 distinct gene mutations of Treacher Collins syndrome
74 Vaccine strategy induces antibodies that can target multiple influenza viruses
75 Saint Louis University research: Plant compounds give '1-2' punch to colon cancer
76 Lichen: Apparently happy couple really a threesome
77 Drug targeting BRAF mutation slows thyroid cancer, too
78 Brain activity and response to food cues differ in severely obese women, UTSW study shows
79 Researchers get new insight into deadly fungal infections
80 Mice survive brain cancer tumors lacking key surface proteins
81 Us suicide rate for people with Epilepsy exceeds levels in general population
82 Genes find their partners without matchmakers
83 Why do consumers participate in 'green' programs?
84 Study: Violations of privacy rights by fusion centers are the exception, not the rule
85 Can't see the wood for the climbers--the vines threatening our tropical forests
86 Gastrointestinal disorders involve both brain-to-gut and gut-to-brain pathways
87 Attosecond physics: Mapping electromagnetic waveforms
88 A 'smart dress' for oil-degrading bacteria
89 New remote-controlled microrobots for medical operations
90 Pathogenic bacteria hitchhiking to North and Baltic Seas?
91 New gene therapy prevents muscle wasting associated with cancer
92 Study confirms: Forms of HIV can cross from chimps to humans
93 Ultrasensitive sensor using N-doped graphene
94 Do think-tanks matter? A UBC professor says 'think again'
95 When it comes to empathy, don't always trust your gut
96 The Lancet: Simpler, cheaper psychological treatment as effective as cognitive behavioural therapy for treating depression
97 US land capacity for feeding people could expand with dietary changes
98 Behavioral activation as effective as CBT for depression, at lower cost
99 Designer protein gives new hope to scientists studying Alzheimer's disease
100 Hey robot, shimmy like a centipede
101 Blood of King Albert I identified after 80 years
102 Significant pain increases the risk of opioid addiction by 41 percent
103 Shaken baby syndrome accepted as diagnoses by majority of physicians
104 Novel compounds arrested epilepsy development in mice
105 Parasite proteins prompt immune system to fight off ovarian tumors in mice
106 A new key to understanding molecular evolution in space
107 Why apnea patients are prone to suffer from glaucoma
108 Three-drug combinations could help counter antibiotic resistance, UCLA biologists report
109 Lack of sleep increases a child's risk for emotional disorders later
110 Russian physicists discover a new approach for building quantum computers