File Title
1 Selfie righteous: New tool corrects angles and distances in portraits
2 Social media linked to more satisfaction with breast cancer treatment decisions
3 Microswimmer robot chains can decouple and reconnect in a magnetic field
4 After-hours email expectations negatively impact employee well-being
5 Satellite data reveal serious decline in Georgia salt marsh health
6 Animal 'roles' could provide key to accurate forest restoration findings, says new study
7 Double-edged sword of wildlife-friendly yards
8 First whale detected by newly deployed acoustic buoy in New York Bight
9 Earthquake-resilient pipeline could shake up future for aging infrastructure on west coast
10 Oil pollution a threat to haddock
11 Monsoon intensity enhanced by heat captured by desert dust
12 Los Angeles mountain lions hunt closer to human settlements than expected
13 Archaeologists find elusive 16th-century Spanish fort on Parris Island
14 Ancient temples in the Himalaya reveal signs of past earthquakes
15 New Zealand wren DNA analysis reshapes geological theory
16 DNA analyses reveal genetic identities of world's first farmers
17 Toward an effective TB vaccine: Analysis of the immune response to a promising candidate
18 Introduction of screening could significantly reduce lung cancer deaths
19 Financial cycles of acquisition and 'buybacks' threaten public access to breakthrough drugs
20 Cities face dramatic increase in water treatment spending when watersheds are developed
21 Research tracks interplay of genes and environment on physical, educational outcomes
22 Pain of rejection makes us more likely to commit fraud
23 One-third of students report elevated psychological distress, survey shows
24 Here's why run-down schools trigger low test scores
25 Twitter sentiment offers clues to stock performance, study shows
26 Light-bulb moment for stock market behavior
27 Workplace climate, not women's 'nature,' responsible for gender-based job stress
28 More than four in 10 working adults think their work impacts their health
29 Biological explanation for wheat sensitivity found
30 Overprotecting parents can lead children to develop 'Peter Pan Syndrome'
31 Common brain changes found in children with autism, ADHD and OCD
32 Missing link found between brain, immune system; major disease implications
33 How rope was made 40,000 years ago
34 Astronomers discover dizzying spin of the Milky Way galaxy's 'halo'
35 Astronomers confirm faintest early-universe galaxy ever seen
36 Human 'super predator' more terrifying than bears, wolves and dogs
37 Historical records miss a fifth of global warming: NASA
38 Neanderthals in Germany: First population peak, then sudden extinction
39 Human nose holds novel antibiotic effective against multiresistant pathogens
40 No dream: Electric brain stimulation during sleep can boost memory
41 Swirling data: Boosting computing power and info transfer rates tenfold
42 Physicist offers leading theory about mysterious Large Hadron Collider excess
43 Did the LIGO gravitational waves originate from primordial black holes?
44 Novel state of matter: Observation of a quantum spin liquid
45 Researcher discovers unique anatomical characteristic in barnacle study
46 Sexual rivalry may drive frog reproductive behaviors
47 Postcards provide link to Edwardian social media
48 Japanese tadpoles relax in hot springs
49 PPPL applies quantum theory and Einstein's special relativity to plasma physics issues
50 ORNL-led study analyzes electric grid vulnerabilities in extreme weather areas
51 Replication project investigates self-control as limited resource
52 MSU criminologist investigates public safety consolidation
53 Zika infection is caused by one virus serotype, NIH study finds
54 New fossil evidence supports theory that first mass extinction engineered by early animals
55 Fish oil vs. lard--why some fat can help or hinder your diet
56 The heart-brain connection: The link between LQTS and seizures
57 Kruppel-like factor 12 promotes colorectal cancer via early growth response protein 1
58 Pathway signatures in lung and liver fibrosis and glaucoma may play a role in aging
59 New method for making green LEDs enhances their efficiency and brightness
60 Scientists find a way of acquiring graphene-like films from salts to boost nanoelectronics
61 Flexible building blocks of the future
62 KAIST develops ultrathin, transparent oxide thin-film transistors for wearable display
63 Rice crops that can save farmers money and cut pollution
64 Triple-therapy patch delivers local treatment, prevents recurrence in colon cancer model
65 Frequent nut consumption associated with less inflammation
66 Inflammatory response to ceramic scaffolds promotes bone regeneration
67 Adolescent exposure to drugs, alcohol fuels use in adulthood
68 Cognitive ability varies, but prejudice is universal
69 A research project coordinated by UC3M helps reduce the cost of parallel computing
70 Molecular troublemakers instead of antibiotics?
71 The discovery of new emission lines from highly charged heavy ions
72 Teasing out the microbiome of the Kansas prairie
73 Researchers pinpoint abrupt onset of modern day Indian Ocean monsoon system
74 Breastfeeding associated with better brain development and neurocognitive outcomes
75 Novel 'repair system' discovered in algae may yield new tools for biotechnology
76 Knots in chaotic waves
77 Lattice structure absorbs vibrations
78 Teens who smoke daily are more likely to report health complaints
79 Acute kidney injury identifiable in preterm infants
80 Compromise nearly guaranteed when a woman is involved in decision-making pairs
81 Should crime victims call the police?
82 International team of scientists unveils fundamental properties of spin Seebeck effect
83 First whale detected by newly deployed acoustic buoy in New York Bight
84 Insurance, distance to care can be barriers to breast reconstruction
85 Vortex laser offers hope for Moore's Law
86 How to reduce US firearm suicide rates?
87 Evolution drives how fast plants could migrate with climate change: UBC study
88 Production area does not affect phosphorus digestibility in soybean meal fed to pigs
89 Maintaining healthy relationships: University of Waterloo studies identify a promising way
90 Sex and death insights from a mutant roundworm
91 Chorus of black holes radiates X-rays
92 Penn study verifies human gene therapy in model of rare metabolic disorder
93 Why brain neurons in Parkinson's disease stop benefiting from levodopa
94 Earth's mantle appears to have a driving role in plate tectonics
95 The feel of food
96 Scientists discover new therapeutic target for lung cancer driven by KRAS
97 Planting time, flurprimidol treatments recommended for Lachenalia
98 Mulching plus remediation corrects contaminated lawns
99 Sustainable sensors to detect, predict muscle fatigue
100 The risk of surgery for patients with obstructive sleep apnea
101 Pitt researchers solve mystery on how regenerative medicine works
102 New noninvasive imaging method for showing oxygen in tissue
103 Music makes beer taste better
104 Brain changes after menopause may lead to lack of physical activity
105 Household MRSA controlled through treatment compliance, patient education
106 Virtual rocks: A new spin on virtual geology
107 T-cells can be directed to treat a variety of ovarian cancers
108 Psychiatry on closed and open wards: The suicide risk remains the same
109 Why do antidepressants take so long to work?
110 Promising results with new gene therapy approach for treating inherited neurodegenerative diseases