File Title
1 Autoimmune Diseases: All You Need to Know
2 Chimp-carried HIV strains can be transferred to humans, study confirms
3 Simple Home Remedies for Cold Sores
4 Iron deficiency puts a third of pregnant women at risk of complications
5 Personality, behavioral changes may signal Alzheimer's
6 All You Need to Know About External Hemangiomas
7 Zika study: 'Up to 1.65 million childbearing women could become infected'
8 Labor induction: No association with autism
9 What are the Symptoms of a Blood Clot?
10 Breast cancer risk may be influenced by type of fat dad eats
11 High numbers of black youths killed by police 'reflect excess exposure'
12 Dysplasia: What You Need to Know
13 Aging accelerated by menopause, insomnia
14 Decline in U.S. early term birth rates, labor induction, cesarean delivery
15 Colorectal cancer: Minimally invasive, triple-therapy patch destroys tumors
16 Transgender identity 'should not be classified as a mental disorder'
17 The dangers of physical inactivity revisited in 45-year study
18 Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease: What to Expect
19 Mono: What are the Early Signs and Symptoms?
20 Acetaminophen: Is it as safe as we think?
21 E-cigarettes: Toxic emission level dependent on temperature, type, age of device
22 Ketone drink may help athletes unlock greater human metabolic potential
23 All You Need to Know About Flea Bites
24 Resveratrol study offers new insight into Alzheimer's
25 Just 1 minute of secondhand marijuana smoke impairs blood vessel function
26 Poison Oak: Identifying and Treating this Poisonous Plant Rash
27 Apollo astronauts more prone to cardiovascular problems
28 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge fuels novel gene discovery
29 Just 1 hour of exercise offsets health risks of prolonged sitting
30 Most powerful obesity gene yet boosts risk by 40 percent
31 Neanderthal skulls and brains may have developed just like ours
32 Astronauts prepare for Mars mission at the bottom of the sea
33 Visit MetaWorld--the virtual world that exists after you leave
34 Revealed: the teenage brain upgrades that occur before adulthood
35 US and UK fall behind in largest ever global study of height
36 Amazon to begin UK delivery drone trials to make them safer
37 New Zealand to wipe out all rats as part of alien eradication
38 Whooping crane recovery puts human chick 'parents' out of a job
39 Dolly the sheep's poor health may not have been due to cloning
40 Missing craters on Ceres may have been smoothed by a mud facial
41 Deepest-ever reef survey by divers discovers new fish species
42 Bye bye Philae! Comet team to lose touch with lander for good
43 Controversial pesticides may be lowering the sperm count of bees
44 Hammerhead sharks roll over and swim sideways to save energy
45 Orangutan learns to mimic human conversation for the first time
46 Alzheimer's drug that failed trial may still slow disease
47 Old planets always get too hot or cold for life in the end
48 Torn-apart galaxy may be exacting revenge on the Milky Way
49 Legal ketone sports supplement pushes athletes further, faster
50 Baidu uses millions of users' location data to make predictions
51 How drones are learning to find their own way in the world
52 Bacteria made to turn sewage into clean water--and electricity
53 Is tech racist? The fight back against digital discrimination
54 Boozy primates seek out nectar with the highest alcohol content
55 Universal ancestor of all life on Earth was only half alive
56 CRISPR genome editing could save sight by tweaking DNA
57 Huge boom in teen HIV cases could cause epidemic to spiral
58 Jupiter's Great Red Spot is making its atmosphere hotter
59 Squishy cubes with a secret smile could be used for prosthetics
60 Red wolf may lose endangered status because it's just a hybrid
61 Spiky new ant species is named after Game of Thrones dragons
62 Desk job death risk is eliminated by an hour's walk or cycle
63 Aerial pictures reveal England's ancient archaeological sites
64 Theresa May reassures UK scientists in wake of Brexit fears
65 Crows are first animals spotted using tools to carry objects
66 Detective gulls sniff out illegally dumped trash from the skies
67 Save the world's largest living thing: build a fence around it
68 Fossil tumour is oldest evidence of human cancer discovered yet
69 Why Hinkley Point is a nuclear folly of Titanic proportions
70 Inbreeding has destroyed the English bulldog's genetic diversity
71 Deep-sea ecosystems still under threat despite UN protection
72 Autoimmune diseases may be side effect of a strong immune system
73 Now you see me: true invisibility cloak impossible to build
74 Ocean-cleaning sea bins will gobble up plastic waste to recycle
75 First locally-transmitted Zika case confirmed in continental US
76 Neanderthal skulls and brains may have developed just like ours
77 Old planets always get too hot or cold for life in the end
78 Baidu uses millions of users' location data to make predictions
79 Cancer on a Paleo-diet? Ask someone who lived 1.7 million years ago
80 Brain areas altered during hypnotic trances identified
81 A minute of secondhand marijuana smoke may damage blood vessels: Study in rats
82 Seeing structure that allows brain cells to communicate
83 Knots in chaotic waves
84 Breakthrough solar cell captures carbon dioxide and sunlight, produces burnable fuel
85 Jupiter's great red spot heats planet's upper atmosphere
86 White dwarf lashes red dwarf with mystery ray
87 Teasing out the microbiome of the Kansas prairie
88 Researchers pinpoint abrupt onset of modern day Indian Ocean monsoon system
89 Evolution drives how fast plants could migrate with climate change
90 Effects of past tropical deforestation will be felt for years to come
91 Acute kidney injury identifiable in preterm infants
92 Adolescent exposure to drugs, alcohol fuels use in adulthood
93 Virtual brain helps decrypt epilepsy
94 Breastfeeding associated with better brain development, neurocognitive outcomes
95 Study finds couples' division of paid, unpaid labor linked to risk of divorce
96 Maintaining healthy relationships: Studies identify a promising way
97 More evidence in quest to repurpose cancer drugs for Alzheimer's disease
98 Should crime victims call the police?
99 Scientists warn about health of English bulldog
100 Conception timed with periods of low mosquito activity could reduce Zika virus infection
101 Music makes beer taste better
102 Smartphone exercises for a better mood
103 Waste from test fracking wells safe to be on highways, research concludes
104 Discovery of new emission lines from highly charged heavy ions
105 Sustainable sensors to detect, predict muscle fatigue
106 Students seek to reduce deaths from battlefield injuries that block breathing
107 Apollo astronauts experiencing higher rates of cardiovascular-related deaths
108 Avoiding stumbles, from spacewalks to sidewalks
109 Scientists simulated a nuclear explosion of an asteroid
110 Finding the loneliest young star