File Title
1 Cancer stem cells in 'robbers cave' may explain poor prognosis for obese patients
2 New reaction for the synthesis of nanostructures
3 New probe developed for improved high resolution measurement of brain temperature
4 One-third of women with ADHD have anxiety disorders, almost half have considered suicide
5 Improving health facility efficiency could markedly expand HIV treatment
6 Majority of physicians have favorite patients, study finds
7 Making parenting a national priority
8 Study finds differences in older adults who fall indoors versus outdoors
9 Reading Harry Potter lowers Americans' opinions of Donald Trump
10 Improving artichoke root development, transplant quality
11 Oceans may be large, overlooked source of hydrogen gas
12 'Perfect storm' brought sea louse epidemic to BC salmon: University of Toronto study
13 Preventing HIV in transgender people--JAIDS assembles critical evidence
14 Nanoparticle versus cancer
15 Penn-led team develops plant-based Polio booster vaccine
16 Pitt neuroscientists' study sheds light on how words are represented in the brain
17 New data on bird population trends and the climate conditions they occupy
18 Higher-income students have an edge when it comes to working memory
19 Neurons form synapse clusters
20 Rapid, low-temperature process adds weeks to milk's shelf life
21 Rationing healthcare: More than half of US doctors say no to clinical services
22 Urocortin-3: A signaling molecule for making friends
23 Quantum drag
24 Guiding EU researchers along the 'last mile' to Open Digital Science
25 Study shows changes in brain activity after mindfulness therapy in adolescents
26 Winter overseeding and colorant treatments compared for bermudagrass
27 Cosmetic therapy: The link between makeup and a down economy
28 Menthol-like cigarettes still sold in Canada despite ban
29 How do cells recover their shape after being subjected to external forces?
30 New Yale-developed device lengthens the life of quantum information
31 Diseases that run in families not all down to genes, study shows
32 Opened up new channels for antibacterial therapies to combat respiratory infections
33 Study raises concerns over unnecessary imaging after thyroid cancer
34 Exercise as effective as surgery for middle aged patients with knee damage
35 Thinking inside the box--How our brain puts the world in order
36 Russian scientists develop a minimally traumatic and inexpensive ceramic laser scalpel
37 Ocean acidification--the limits of adaptation
38 The effectiveness of treatment for individuals with brain injury or stroke
39 World first discovery gets to the heart of birth defects
40 Functionalized surfaces with tailored wettability determine Influenza A infectivity
41 Fungus a possible precursor of severe respiratory diseases in pigs
42 New sun cream compound offers unprecedented protection against UVA radiation
43 Breastfeeding alters maternal metabolism and protects against diabetes
44 Female birds call the shots in divorce
45 Single camera can capture high quality facial performance
46 Adaptive rendering method reduces discolored pixels in photo-realistic images
47 New method reconstructs highly detailed 3-D eyes from a single photograph
48 Disturbances in blood cell gene transcription may lead to leukemia
49 Garnet-type fast ionic conductor for all-solid-state lithium battery
50 New review on optimal first foods for babies reveals gap between research and reality
51 After the age of dinosaurs came the age of ant farmers
52 3-D-printing lab instruments 1 block at a time
53 HPTN 073: Consistency between self-report and drug levels for PrEP among black MSM in US
54 USF researchers find dangerous bacteria after sewer spills
55 Synthetic biology used to limit bacterial growth and coordinate drug release
56 Connectome map more than doubles human cortex's known regions
57 First atmospheric study of Earth-sized exoplanets reveals rocky worlds
58 Entering the health-care system: The challenge of the universal test-and-treat strategy
59 High efficacy of on-demand pre-exposure prophylaxis is confirmed
60 A recent pause in Antarctic Peninsula warming
61 Surgeons' disclosures of clinical adverse events
62 Study examines opioid agonist therapy use in Medicare patients
63 Tapping into behavioral economics to boost clinical trial participation
64 Imaging after thyroid cancer treatment does not necessarily mean better outcomes
65 Uncovering a new principle in chemotherapy resistance in breast cancer
66 Asteroid that formed moon's Imbrium Basin may have been protoplanet-sized
67 Yale scientists apply new imaging tool to common brain disorders
68 To protect yourself from malaria sleep with a chicken next to your bed
69 World's most sensitive dark matter detector completes search
70 Neural networks--why larger brains are more susceptible to mental illnesses
71 Smokers quitting tobacco also drink less alcohol
72 Should I stay or should I go?
73 Unconventional quasiparticles predicted in conventional crystals
74 Mines hydrology research provides 'missing link' in water modeling
75 Yeast emerges as hidden third partner in lichen symbiosis
76 A missing link in water modeling
77 Helpful bacteria evolved alongside hominid hosts
78 Lichens' secret symbiotic threesome
79 A sweet example of human and wild animal collaboration
80 Research offers new hope for understanding deadly infections
81 How humans and wild birds collaborate to get precious resources of honey and wax
82 Background noise may hinder toddlers' ability to learn words
83 University of Montana research unveils new player in lichen symbiosis
84 Female smokers face greatest risk for brain bleeds
85 Research suggests that diabetes could be due to failure of beta cell 'hubs'
86 Brains of college athletes with prior concussion show physical changes months, years later
87 Fire clues in cave dripwater
88 New review concludes that evidence for alcohol causing cancer is strong
89 Autophagy: Cellular waste recycling systems converge into a single process
90 Some bacteria have lived in the human gut since before we were human
91 Stop the snails
92 Accurate design of large icosahedral protein nanocages pushes bioengineering boundaries
93 Carnegie Mellon algorithm characterizes how cancer genomes get scrambled
94 Antibiotics weaken Alzheimer's disease progression through changes in the gut microbiome
95 Regenerative medicine improves strength and function in severe muscle injuries
96 Metabolite secreted in urine may cause cognitive impairment in kidney failure patients
97 Fluorescent trypanosomes reveal invasion of skin and beyond following tsetse fly bites
98 What hunter-gatherers can tell us about fundamental human social networks
99 How however almost kicked but's butt: Linguistics study
100 Gaining a better understanding of the way we taste
101 Infrared imaging technologies offer reduced costs, improved quality of life
102 Super-eruptions may give a year's warning before they blow
103 Case Western Reserve University researchers block common colon cancer tumor type in mice
104 Pap screenings linked to less cervical cancer in elderly women
105 Diversifying clinical science to represent diverse populations
106 Mayo Clinic study shows power of Twitter for sharing physician-generated medical news
107 Aripiprazole reduces severity of tics in children with Tourette's disorder
108 Come on baby, (re)light my fire
109 Combining new and old drugs improves survival for soft-tissue cancer patients
110 Titanium + gold = new gold standard for artificial joints