File Title
1 Make Your Holidays Better for You and for the Environment
2 Explosion of Alaska's Pavlof Volcano Imminent, According to Scientists
3 Climate Change Affecting Poverty and Economy in Africa
4 Adelie Penguin Population in Antarctica Suffering Through Climate Change
5 8 Million Seahorses Sequestered in Port Callo in Lima, Peru
6 Scientists Try to Figure Out Why Lava Reacts Differently to Ice and Water
7 Scientists at AVO Raises Alert Level for Pavlof Volcano Due to Level of Seismic Unrest
8 Why the Antarctic Ice Has Increased in Over the Past 40 Years Despite Global Warming, NASA Reveals
9 Primitive Dinosaur Discovered to Have Tumor Growths
10 Insect Study: Dishonesty Cannot Get Away with Paper Wasps
11 Watch Humpback Whales Put on a Stunning Show in Pacifica
12 'Ghost Fish' Discovered in the Mariana Trench
13 Dinosaur-Killing Mass Extinction Was Due to Combined Effects of Volcanic Eruptions and Asteroid Impact
14 Active Mount Curry Volcano May Wipe Out the Large Penguin Colony
15 Blue Lava: Discover Indonesia's Kawah Ijen
16 Underwater Forests Are Devastated Due to Extreme Heatwaves
17 Humans: The World's Greatest Evolutionary Forces, Create, Destroy Species and Ecosystems
18 Solar Panel Update: SolarCity Reports Solar Power Systems Last 35 Years Minimum, Metric Focus on Degradation Key
19 Boreal Forest Fires in Canada Have Great Impact on Global Climate
20 Why Great White Sharks Do Not Survive in Captivity
21 Missing Python Found Inside Zoo Premises, Returns Home Safe
22 Monkeys Have Used Stone Tools for at Least Seven Centuries
23 Climate Change Affects the Population of North American Fishes
24 Scientists Named Top 5 Animals that Can Be Kept as New Pets
25 Clouds Could Be Saying Something About Climate Change
26 Algal Bloom Creating Problems in Florida
27 Massive Earthquake Could Destroy Homes of Millions in South Asia
28 Greening the Deserts of Jordan: Permaculture Food Forests Develop
29 Corals Dance Too: Underwater Microscope Catches Dancing Corals in Their Habitat
30 A Pilot Spotted a Spectacular Storm from 37,000 Feet Above Pacific Ocean
31 Dormant Colli Albani Volcano Near Rome Active Again, Emergence of Steam Vents Seen
32 Thousands of Tree Species in Amazon Rainforest Discovered
33 Oxford University Physicists: Bacteria-Powered Windfarms, Smartphones Possible, Spinning Rotors Possible
34 Horrifying Demon Image Found in Clawed Flowers
35 The World Heats Up: 2016 Is on Track to Break the Record Again for the Hottest Year
36 'Cursed' Dinosaur Found to Have T-Rex Arms in Argentina
37 Mice Can Watch Film Noir, Among Other Things, Scientists Say in New Study
38 8 Manatee Deaths Plague Florida
39 World's Largest Previous Gem Holder Unearths 214.65 Carat Diamond in Russia
40 Asteroids Helped Dinosaurs Live, Scientists Say
41 Trillion of Cigarette Butts Littered Yearly Threatens the Marine Environment
42 New Study Explains How Immune System Directly Affects Social Behavior
43 The Friend Zone: Elephants Need Friends More than a Spacey Home
44 Sierra Nevada Snowpack Would Likely Not Recover from the Current Drought Until 2019
45 Philippines Is the Home of World's Greatest Concentration of Unique Mammals
46 Part of Lost Roanoke Colony May Be Found in Bertie County
47 Rare Loggerhead Turtles Nesting, Making a Comeback to Georgia Coast, Threatened Species Nears 3K Nests
48 Global Warming Costs Economy $2 Trillion in Lost Productivity
49 World's Saddest Zoo: Lonely Bear and Isolated Animals in Grandview Mall Ocean World
50 Ducklings Have Surprising Abstract Capability, Study Reveals
51 Heat Wave on the Rise: First Half of 2016, Hottest Ever Recorded, NASA Says
52 Dinosaur Species Found in Argentina in 2000 Finally Given a Name
53 16th Century Christian Symbols Found Next to Indigenous Drawings in Caribbean
54 USNWS Confirms July 17-23 Heat Wave Worst for 2016, Warns People to Prepare
55 Chicken Smell Keeps Malaria Mosquitoes at Bay, New Study Finds
56 A Wild Bird, Honeyguide, Leads Human Honey Hunters to Bee's Nest
57 New Study Says Gut Bacteria Existed Even Before Human Did
58 Meteorologists Explain Why July 'Heat Dome' Brings Flooding Rains, Damaging Winds
59 Climate Change Update: Only Healthy Trees Can Save the Planet
60 Deadly Heatwave Plagues US, Puts 114 Million People Under Extreme Heat Watches
61 Great Barrier Reef Deteriorating Because of Coral Bleaching
62 Kola Superdeep Borehole: The Deepest Man-Made Hole Reaching the Earth Crust
63 Ontario Launches 'Spend More Time in Nature' Challenge for a Healthier Life
64 Lack of Air Conditioning in Truck Caused 14 Dogs to Die in Indiana
65 San Francisco Bay Area's 'Spare the Air' Alert Signaled on July 25, High Ozone Pollution Recorded
66 Scientists Discover a Sponge Extract in Antarctica, Can Kill 'SuperBug' MRSA Bacterium
67 Taking a 10-20 Minute Power Nap Is Healthy, Here's Why...
68 An Enzyme in a Bacteria Discovered, Could Lead to the Development of New Antibiotics
69 Want to Reduce Your Risk of Colon Cancer? Just Eat Walnuts
70 Fertility Apps Under Scrutiny for Effectivity, Can It Really Tell When You're Ready for a Baby?
71 Watch a Single Cell Organism Play Pac-Man in Real-Life
72 Alzheimer's and Dementia News: Are Vascular Diseases Signs?
73 Formation of the Melanin Discovered, Opens to New Development in Medicine, Cosmetics, Environmental Technology
74 Paracetamol When Pregnant? Not Linked to Autism and ADHD, New Research Reveals
75 People with Diabetes Should Avoid Eating Instant Oatmeal
76 Pasta Doesn't Make You Fat, Obesity Link Debunked: Eat It, Lose Weight
77 Outrageously High Levels of Brain-Eating Amoeba Found at Water Park
78 Brazil Discovers New Drug-Resistant Bacteria in Rio Beaches
79 Google AI DeepMind May Help Cure Blindness, Can this New Technology Save Your Eyes?
80 Zika Exposure Study a Priority in Light of Olympics in Rio
81 Gelatin Hydrogel Could Develop Stronger Muscles, Might Be Used for ALS Cure
82 Elderly Patients at Risk of Hypotension: Anti-hypertensive Medications Doing Harm?
83 Could Your Sunscreen Be Damaging to Your Skin?
84 D2 Neurons Discovered, Could Prevent and Treat Alcoholism
85 Superbug 'MCR-1' Update: Investigators Alert to Its Possible Spread
86 Fighting Sexism on Nettie Steven's 155th birthday: Mother of the XX/XY Chromosome
87 Robotic Stingray Discovered, May Lead to Development of Better Artificial Heart
88 Broccoli-Related Compound Could Treat Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)
89 Hepatitis Kills as Many, Even More People Worldwide, like AIDS
90 Can Cancer & Alzheimer's Disease Be Treated with the Same Medicine?
91 Sleep Deprivation and Inflammation Link Confirmed, Increases Risks of Depression and Diabetes
92 Space News Update: Lack of Gravity May Cause Astronauts' Eyesight to Deteriorate
93 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Is Triggered by Fear of Self, Study Reveals
94 Statins Could Reduce Death Rates in Most Common Cancers, Study Says
95 Regenerative Medicine Latest News: Synthetic Dental Biomaterial 'New Paradigm for Dental Treatments' Promote Autonomous Teeth Healing
96 Can Exercise Lead Pregnant Women to Give Birth Prematurely?
97 GMO Alert: You Have the Right to Know if Your Food Is Genetically Modified, Says the Senate
98 Impaired Vision Can Be Restored by Regrowing Brain Cells
99 Eating More Fruits and Vegetables Each Day Could Increase Happiness Levels Among Humans
100 Probiotics, Yogurt Can Hasten Weight Loss
101 A Molecule in Pomegranates Could Fight Aging
102 Targeted Nanosystem Drug Delivery Method, a New Drug Carrier Discovered
103 PokeMonday, Go Update: PokeMonday, Go Helps Players Deal with Depression, Other Mental Health Conditions
104 Traveling East? Beware of Longer Jet Lag Recovery Time
105 South Korea Dog Cloning: SBRS Foundation Promises Accurate, Perfect Pet Replacement for $100,000
106 Head Trauma Not Linked to Alzheimer's Disease but Parkinson's
107 Women in 40s Give Birth More, Millenials Are into 'Career Over Children' Trend in England
108 Vegan Diet May Be Harmful for Children
109 Cinnamon Would Likely Improve Learning Ability, Study Says
110 Pill Truvada Can Help Prevent AIDS Among Gay and Bisexual Men