File Title
1 Reference: Facts About Beluga Whales
2 What's in Your Food? A Peek Under the Cover of the FDA's Handbook
3 Caribbean Cave Art Illuminates Encounters with Europeans
4 Is Personality an Illusion?
5 Hottest Year Ever? 2016 Burns Through Heat Records, NASA Says
6 Nectartini? This Little Lemur Has a Taste for Alcohol
7 Why Comparing Yourself to Others Is Normal
8 The Unexplored Brain: Nearly 100 Uncharted Areas Revealed
9 Kepler Adds 100 to Galaxy's Planet Count
10 This Robot Is Part Sea Slug
11 Was Zika Contracted in Florida? How the Virus Could Spread Locally
12 Chickens May Help Repel Malaria-Carrying Mosquitoes
13 Reference: Octopus Facts
14 Does Caffeine Really Dehydrate You?
15 Why Did NASA Send a DNA Sequencer to Space?
16 Parasite Evolution: Here's How Some Animals Became Moochers
17 What Would Happen if Comet Swift-Tuttle Hit the Earth?
18 'Earthquake' in Florida Was Actually a Naval Explosion
19 Children's Doodles Found in Margins of Medieval Manuscript
20 Mighty Viking Ax Discovered in Tomb of Medieval 'Power Couple'
21 Trains, Dolls and Dinosaurs: Why Do Kids Get Obsessed?
22 Human Gut Microbes Took Root Before We Were Human
23 Food for Thought: Americans Just Can't Stop Throwing Out Food
24 Why the 'Heat Dome' Will Scorch Nearly the Entire US this Weekend
25 Do Your Ears Ring? How to Deal with Tinnitus
26 How Your Sandwich Could Be Hurting Your Diet
27 Reference: Molar Pregnancy: Signs, Symptoms & Treatment
28 Family of Exotic Tetraquarks Discovered
29 Are Gifted Kids More Sensitive to Screen Violence?
30 Cocaine & Meth Use May Erode Moral Compass: Study
31 Pew! Pew! Pew! Mars Rover Curiosity Can Now Fire Laser on Its Own
32 Bloody Leaves from King Albert's Deadly Fall Are Authentic, DNA Shows
33 Move Over, 'Star Trek'--Hubble Telescope Sees the Real Final Frontier
34 Why Quiet Is Important for Kids' Learning
35 That's Insane! Daring Skydiver 'Surfs' on Storm Clouds
36 Ultrathin Electric 'Tattoo' Can Monitor Muscles and More
37 Bartender, Beware: Squeezing Limes Can Cause 'Margarita Burn'
38 Mysterious Green Foam Spews from Drain in Utah
39 Depressed Patients Do Well with Cheaper Treatment
40 Juicy, Exotic, Decadent: Food Porn Is Actually Centuries Old
41 What if the Moon Disappeared Tomorrow?
42 The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
43 Solar Probe Plus: We're Going to Dive into the Sun
44 How to Talk About Race to Kids: Experts' Advice for Parents
45 Great White Shark Dangles Seal Meal from Its Maw
46 Why Do People Hate the Sound of Their Own Voices?
47 More Kids Consuming Pot by Accident in Colorado
48 Bizarre-Looking 'Graham' More Likely than You to Survive Car Collision
49 Mars Sand Dunes Are Unlike Anything Seen on Earth, Curiosity Rover Discovers
50 NASA Approves New Horizon Mission's Extension
51 What Do Green Galaxies Signify?
52 Rosetta Mission Update: 12-Year Mission Ends on September 30 via Comet Landing, What's Next?
53 Mars Sand Dunes Update: Discovery Proves Mars Had Wispy Wind 3.7 Billion Years Ago
54 Mars Rover Mission: The Potential Landing Site Selection for 2020
55 China Space Mission: World's Largest Radio Telescope as Big as 30 Football Fields, Completed for Extraterrestrial Research
56 Japanese Satellite Hitomi Sent Galactic Wind Data Before Disappearance
57 The Mysterious Formation of Martian Moons Solved, Shaped from a Giant Collision
58 Hubble Telescope Reveals 'Beating Heart' of Crab Nebula
59 Dawn Mission: Identifies Areas on Dwarf Planet, Ceres, Accumulate Ice Deposits
60 Water Clouds Observed Outside the Solar System, WISE 0855 Looks like Jupiter!
61 Space News Update: Lack of Gravity May Cause Astronauts' Eyesight to Deteriorate
62 'Pokemon Go' Update: No Pokemons for Astronauts in the ISS
63 Puerto Rico SETI Research: 'Earth's Ear' Arecibo Telescope Nears Shut Down, No More Extraterrestrial Life Messages?
64 'Frankenstein' Galaxy Discovered, Why Did It Surprise Astronomers?
65 Juno Snaps First Photo from Jupiter's Orbit
66 NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover Gets Back to Work on Red Planet
67 Distant Dwarf Planet Discovered Just Beyond Neptune
68 The Moon 'Photobombs' Earth in Stunning NASA Image
69 NASA Will Map an Asteroid with X-Rays
70 Black Hole Has a Wobbling Effect on Matter Around It
71 Russian Military Plans on Launching Weaponized Space Plane
72 Latest NASA Discovery Begs the Question: What Exactly Is a Dwarf Planet?
73 Holes Found in Sun's Atmosphere, Will These Cause Danger?
74 Asteroids Helped Dinosaurs Live, Scientists Say
75 The Largest 3D Universe Map Ever Made Unravels the Measurements of Dark Energy
76 NASA's New Horizons Spacecraft Lands on Icy Pluto, Seen on Video
77 Biggest Cosmic Map Reveals Universe's Greatest Mystery
78 Russia Launched Progress 64, SpaceX's Dragon to Follow
79 First-Ever Space Virus Hunter Kate Rubins Embarks on Microgravity DNA Research
80 Chernobyl Fungi Onboard the Space X's Dragon Could Protect the Human Space Travelers from Radiation
81 NASA Selects 5 Aerospace Companies for New Mars Orbiter Concept
82 Space 'Robot Swarm' Builds 21 Feet Diameter Space Telescope, Astronaut Houses on Moon Too
83 Russia Is Developing Hypersonic Stealth Nuclear Space Bomber, Report Says
84 Mars 2020 Mission Brings EDL Microphones to Hear Mars Sounds
85 NASA's K2 Mission Discovers 104 New Worlds, 4 Can Host Alien Life
86 NASA Sends First DNA Sequencing Equipment to Space Station on SpaceX Dragon
87 The Gravitational Pull of the Sun and Moon Causes Californian Earthquakes
88 NASA Unveils Its Future Plans for the Solar System
89 National Moon Day: Facts You Should Know on the 47th Anniversary of the Apollo 11
90 SpaceX Mission: Land 3 Rockets and Recycle
91 Rocky, Habitable Exoplanets Found in a Nearby Star, Scientists Prove
92 Evidence in the Existence of X-Shaped Structure Made of Stars Unraveled the Controversy
93 Space X's Dragon Spacecraft Arrives at ISS, Astronauts Get Supplies
94 NASA Pluto Stamp Holds Guinness World Record for Farthest Traveled Postal Stamp
95 New Time-Lapse Video Taken from Outer Space Captures a Year on Earth
96 Asteroid as Big as New Jersey Formed Right Eye of the 'Man in the Moon,' New Study Finds
97 NASA's Mars Rover Curiosity Autonomously Selecting Rocks as Targets for Its Laser
98 NASA Aquanauts 16-Days Underwater Training in Preparation for Deep Space Missions and Journey to Mars
99 Stunning Celestial Light Shows in Late July, Stargazers Rejoice!
100 World's Most Sensitive Device Could Not Get Signals 'Coz It's for WIMPS, not Dark Matter
101 Concentric Triple-Bubble Supernova Nested Much like the Russian Matryoshka Dolls Spotted in Space
102 US Air Force Starts the Training of the 'Space Mission Force' to Protect America
103 Star Trek at 50: Is There Real Science to It?
104 NASA to Turn the ISS into a Commercial Space Station?
105 Ozone Layer Is Gradually Healing, Scientists Finally Confirm
106 Massive Landslide Spotted in Glacier Bay National Park in Southeast Alaska
107 Pea Plants Can Gamble Despite Having No Brains, New Studies Found
108 Alaska's Most Active Volcano Is Waking Up Again, According to Scientists
109 Asteroid Day 2016 Recap: 'We Can Stop Asteroid from Hitting Earth' Founder Says
110 Florida Declares State of Emergency: Dead Fish, Stinky Waters on Florida Rivers & Beaches