File Title
1 Obesity 3 Times More Lethal in Men than Women, Study Says
2 New Potential Approach in Fighting Sepsis and Severe Bacterial Infections Discovered
3 New Study Explains How Immune System Directly Affects Social Behavior
4 Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Healthy Choice for Frying Fish
5 Screen Violence, Including News, Can Be Harmful for Children
6 Cycling Could Reduce the Risk of Developing Type Diabetes 2, Study Says
7 Smart Jump Rope Tracks Exercise Jump Count, Calories Burned Through LED Digital Display
8 'Healthy Diet' Has Lots of Fats, Studies Say
9 HIV Engineered Antibody Treatment Great for Cancer Patients, Too
10 Potential Clinical Applications for New Neuroprotection Strategies Could Slow the Progression of the Parkinson's Disease
11 Human Eyes Could Detect Photon, the Smallest Physical Entity that Has Lights
12 Meet Graham the Ideal Crash Proof Human
13 Erroneous Study of Advanced Prostate Cancer Criticized by Experts
14 Diet Supplements Are Useless, Here Are What's Good for You
15 Chinese Scientists to Test Gene Modifying Technique 'CRISPR' on Humans for the First Time
16 Real-Life Health Benefits of Playing 'Pokemon Go'
17 Alcohol Worse for the Human Body than You Think
18 1 Out of 10 Americans Experience Tinnitus, the Sensation of Ringing in Their Ears
19 Small Robots, Microbots, to Aid Medical Operations Currently in Development
20 First Case of West Nile Virus on Human Found in Lancaster County
21 Women, Elderly at High Risks of Opioid Addiction Due to Chronic Pains
22 Depressed People React Better to Cheap Treatment, Study Reveals
23 Children Are Exposed to Marijuana in Colorado, Study Finds
24 Eating Cranberries Can Improve Gut, Heart and Brain Health, Study Finds
25 Protein Crystals Grow Bigger and Better in Microgravity in Space, Could Be Used from Biomedical Research to Drug Design
26 New Hampshire: Cooking Ground Beef at Least 160F or 70C Avoids E. Coli Infection
27 Poor Sleep in Children Leads to Depression, Emotional Disorders, New Study Says
28 Colon Cancer Treatment: Turmeric Compound 'Curcumin' Highly Effective, New Study Finds
29 Stephen Hawking Receives Death Threats from Woman with Mad Crush on Him
30 CERN May Have Discovered New Particle, Reports Say
31 Ancient Passages to Tombs May Have Been Used to Study Skies
32 UN Says: 'Internet Access Is a Human Right'
33 The 'Science Guy' Bill Nye Visits Ken Ham's Newly Opened 'Ark Encounter'
34 Sleep Deprivation and Inflammation Link Confirmed, Increases Risks of Depression and Diabetes
35 Facebook: A Reluctant News Website?
36 Cannibalism: Neanderthals Ate Their Own Kind and Used Bones as Tools
37 Archeological Dig to Unravel Rare Undisturbed Bronze Age Burial in Lancashire
38 Adolf Hitler Holocaust: Austrian Government Determined to Take Down Nazi-House, Owner Won't Sell
39 Elderly Should Reduce Exposure to Artificial Lighting, It Can Cause Osteoporosis and Fraility
40 Bill Nye Thinks Kentucky's Ark Encounter 'Brainwashes' Visitors
41 16th Century Christian Symbols Found Next to Indigenous Drawings in Caribbean
42 PokeMonday GO Update: A Dating App Just for PokeMonday GO Players
43 Tesla Model S Update: Auto-Pilot Accident a Recall Precursor? Driver Watching 'Harry Potter' Film?
44 'Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2' Update: Worldwide Release Happens in October, NPCs, Super Saiyan 3 Mode Bonus
45 Tesla Motor 8.0 OTA Update: Improved UI, Auto-Parking, Auto Lane Change, Interactive Dashboard with Spotify
46 iPhone 'Original Inventor' Sues Apple for Stealing His Idea
47 New Windows 10 Phone by NuAns, NEO, Goes to Kickstarter
48 Google's Transparency Feature, 'My Activity,' Gives You Control Over Your Privacy
49 Tesla Motors, SolarCity Merger News: Powerwall Battery System Installations Cost Lessens by $900 Per Househould
50 'Overwatch' Cheat Program: Germany-Based Creator Sued in California Court, Genji/Hanzo Exploit Users Restricted
51 BAE Systems Chemputer: Supplemental 3D Printing Tech Grows Military Drones via Chemical Reaction Speed-Up
52 Chinese Malware Found in 10 Million Android Phones?
53 'Pokemon GO' Release Update: Australia, New Zealand Get iOS, Android Roll Out, End of Field Tests Signals US, Japan Release?
54 China Space Mission: World's Largest Radio Telescope as Big as 30 Football Fields, Completed for Extraterrestrial Research
55 Self-Driving Cars 2016: BMW, Intel, Mobileye Aims to Make Door-To-Door Self-Driving Car Platform by 2021
56 Facebook Brings the Internet to Remote Areas with OpenCellular
57 Nintendo's Foray into Smartphone Gaming Could Include a Physical Controller
58 Smartwatches, Wearable Devices Could Give Away Your ATM and Othe Important Codes
59 A New Bot Is Now Brewing Your Craft Beer
60 Tesla Motors, Elon Musk Update: Q2 Sales Lower than Expected, Q1 Sales, Stocks Go Down Steadily
61 US Defense Research Update: Hypersonic, ISR Drones by 2030 Give Enemies Seconds for Counter-Attack
62 US Death of Despair Rate: Middle-Aged White Americans Mortality Rate Increasing, Earning Loss Major Cause
63 India Tomato Market: Drought Results to Low Produce, Tomato-Based Curry to Be Forgotten?
64 Microsoft Surface Devices Rumors: 4K Surface Pro 5, 3-Variant Surface Phone to Wait for Windows 10 Update, Kaby Lake Processors?
65 Tesla Model X Autopilot Update: Elon Musk Tired of Misleading Headlines, Autopilot Life-Saver
66 Nokia Come-Back 2016: Nokia P1 Carries 3GB RAM, HD Display Rebranded Sharp Aquos P1? 5G Investment to Come Soon
67 US National Security: Navy Spends $75K for Bomb Sniffing Robot Locust, Technology Better than Dogs?
68 General Motors, NASA Roboglove Functions: Human Exoskeleton Technology Not Only for ISS, Aims Elimination of Hand Fatigue
69 NASA Cassini Spacecraft: Saturn, Sun Share 8300Km-Wide Magnetic Rope FTE; Earth, Mercury Share Too
70 IERS Confirms Leap Second Addition on December 31, Earth Rotation Slow Down Continues
71 Tesla Motors Post-Model X Incident: Masterplan Part 2 Implies Stocks, Issues Recovery?
72 Europe Food Waste Law Says Supermarkets Should Minimize Overproduction, Waste Amount Can Occupy Entire China
73 Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 Features: 10% Better than Snapdragon 820, 600mbps Download Speed Highlight
74 'Pokemon Go' Popularity Creates 'Pokeconomy' for Entrepreneurs
75 Asus ZenFone 3 Deluxe Specs, Release: 1st Q Snapdragon 821 Chipset Bearer a Powerhouse at $780
76 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Leaks, Features: Black Onyx Variant Confirms Iris Scanner, Colored Metal Frame
77 Privacy Shield Agreement: EU Says Framework Enough; Privacy Advocates Disagree
78 US Senate Requests Tesla Motors Explain Auto-Pilot Accident, Disable Auto-Steering Function
79 Mercedes Benz 3D Printing Creates Durable, Authentic Parts Just like Daimler AG
80 iPhone 7 Leaked Photos Reveal Silver, Space Gray, Gold, Old Rose Colors, New Camera Component Revealed
81 FCC Confirms Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Arrival to Major US Carriers, iPhone 7 AMOLED Display
82 Samsung Serif TV Arrives in US via Samsung, MOMA Design Store for $1499, but Nothing Special Says Review
83 Central Park Chaos: Watch Hundreds of People Stampede Due to 'Pokemon Go'
84 Microsoft Buys LinkedIn to Know More About Users?
85 iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak Tool: What Happened to Pangu's MOSET 2016 Display?
86 iPhone 7 Latest Leak: A10 SoC Processor Makes Device 'Portable Monster Computer'
87 'Star Wars Battlefront' Releases Offline Skirmish Mode on July 20, Multiplayer Maps, Bespin Free Trial in Pack
88 Cortana for Xbox One: 4 Reasons Why It's Way Better than Kinect
89 Elon Musk, Tesla Motors Tap Bosch, Mobileye to Improve Autopilot Feature, Make Wireless Tesla Cars with OTA Updates
90 DARPA Gather's World's Best Computer Experts for Cyber Grand Challenge, Defeat Hackers for Good
91 Mars 2020 Mission Brings EDL Microphones to Hear Mars Sounds
92 Smart Jump Rope Tracks Exercise Jump Count, Calories Burned Through LED Digital Display
93 ABC Will Save You from Bogus Presidential News on Facebook
94 Mercedes Benz Semi-Autonomous Future Bus: Amsterdam Freeway to Experience 1st Ever CityPilot System
95 Virtual Reality Gears, Games: More Effective, Cheaper Pain Treatment than Drugs
96 NASA: Tesla Autopilot System Success Should Be Combo of Driver, Technology, Company
97 5 Gadgets Great for a Cool Summer Vacation
98 Voting Registration Problems? Google Shows You How
99 Vitamin Powered Batteries Are Greener Alternative to Metal Ion Based Batteries
100 Elon Musk's Hyperloop Technology: Cargo Shipping at 745mph Possible; Putin, Russia Support Project
101 iPhone Features 7, Release: Headphone Jack Removal for Longer, Better Battery Performance?
102 Next Gen. Subways in NYC Have WiFi, Built in USB Ports for Passengers
103 'Rise of the Tomb Raider' PS4 Confirms New Chapter, VR Support for 20th Year Celebration Edition
104 Get Started: A Beginner's Guide to PokeMonday Go
105 iOS 9.3.3 Is the Security Update that Android Ignored to Address
106 Google Nexus 2016 Release Date, Specs, Update: Android Nougat on Nexus 'Marlin,' 'Salifish' Confirmed?
107 Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date, Specs, Price: Next Gen. Pro Will Be Gaming Oriented?
108 Microsoft Surface Phone 2016 Release Date, Specs, Price: Smartphone to Feature a Massive 8GB RAM?
109 MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date, Specs, Price Update: September Launch on the Cards?
110 Tesla Motors Explains Why a New 'Master Plan' Is Needed