File Title
1 Tabby's Star: The Most Mysterious Star Is Dimming in an Unusual Way
2 Jupiter's Gravity to Make Perseids Meteor Shower Better on August 11
3 China Spaceflight Breakthrough: Hypersonic Spaceplane to Take-Off, Land like Usual Aircarft; Ordinary People in Mars by 2030 Possible?
4 Perseids Meteor Shower 2016 Live Stream: 200 Meteors Per Hour to Light Up Sky on Thursday Night
5 Mercury Volcanic Activity 3.5 Billion Years Ago Shows Outcome When Rocky Planets Contract, Cool
6 Breathtaking Image of Northern Lights Spotted from Space Station
7 NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter's 1000+ Images Instrumental in Future Mars Missions?
8 Space-Age Food Products Cultivated by Incas Ahead of NASA
9 NASA Selects 6 Companies to Develop Space Habitats for Future Deep Space Missions
10 Saturn's Moon, Titan, Has Flooded Canyons, Spotted by Cassini Spacecraft
11 Space Exploration: Not Once in a Blue Moon Anymore
12 Suntan Is Cosmic, Comes from Sources Beyond the Galaxies
13 Evidence of Neanderthal Cannibalism Discovered
14 How a Phone Call Can Save People from a Dengue Outbreak
15 Ancient Tattoos Were Done Using Volcanic Glass Tools, Scientists Find
16 Changing the Oxygen Composition of Lithium-Rich Cathode Material Could Improve Battery Life, New Study Shows
17 Increasing Strain Beneath Bangladesh Might Lead to a Massive Earthquake
18 Can You Play Pokemon Go in Space? Here's What NASA Has to Say
19 Could the Big Bang Have Been a Big Bounce?
20 Demon Orchid: This New Flower Looks like a Devil's Head
21 Scientist Take Inspiration from the Natural World to Build Indestructible Bridge
22 Engineered 'Sand' Could be the Solution to Your Device's Heating Problems
23 Amazon Rainforest's 12,000 Tree Species Recorded in 300 Years, More Species Left to Discover
24 Einstein's Smelly Leather Jacket Sold at an Auction for Over $144,000
25 Amazon Rain Forests Still Hiding About 4,000 Undiscovered Trees, Will Take About 3 More Centuries to Describe Them All
26 Glaciers Retreat on the Western Antarctic Peninsula Due to Ocean Warming
27 Red Meat Consumption Strongly Associated with Increased Risk of Kidney Failure
28 This is What Free Will Looks like in the Brain
29 Real-Life Invisibility Cloaks is Possible, New study Shows
30 World's Smallest Hard Disk is the Answer to Data Storage Woes
31 Bill Nye Visits Ark Encounter, Calls the Exhibit Disturbing
32 Sleep Apnea Patients with Resistant Hypertension More Likely to Experience Severe Cardiovascular Outcomes
33 Scientists Develop New Thin Material, Performs like Cell Membranes
34 'Stoned' Age: Prehistoric Pot Dealers Date Back to 5,000 Years Ago, Says Study
35 Harvard Scientists Power Flow Batteries with Vitamins
36 Study: How Men and Women React Differently on Dating Sites
37 San Andreas Earthquakes Could Be Caused by Gravitational Pull of Sun and Moon
38 Anoxic Waters Delay the Recovery of Life on Earth by 5 Million Years After the Mass Extinction
39 Mysterious Grooves on Moon May Rewrite 'Most Violent' Chapter in History
40 Exploring the Brain: New Map of the Brain Will Help Neurological, Psychiatric Research
41 Dark Matter Still a Mystery, Scientists Left Empty Handed
42 Human Eye Can Detect Even the Smallest Unit of Light, Study Says
43 Gravitational Tug of Sun and Moon Could Trigger Earthquakes Along San Andreas Fault
44 Tinnitus: Why Your Ears are Ringing Without External Sound?
45 No More Pain: Scientists Develop New Microneedle System for Painless Drug Monitoring
46 Study: How Rejection Could Lead to Fraud
47 New AI Developments Enable Machines to Learn Human Emotions, Scientists Say
48 New Novel Hybrid Material Could Make Dirty Water Potable
49 Dandelion Could be the Next Source of Sustainable Rubber
50 Scientists Discover Evidence of Cancer and Bony Tumors in 1.7 Million Years Old Foot Bone
51 Newly Developed Solar Cells Capable of Converting Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide into Burnable Fuel
52 Researchers Take a Peek on the Brain of a Hypnotized Person
53 Lake Tahoe Have Been Warming at 15 Times its Historic Average in the Past 4 years, Study Reveals
54 Researchers Discover Possible Cause of the First Mass Extinction on Earth
55 Mini-Brains? Scientists Grow Rice Grain-Sized Brains to Aid Parkinson's Research
56 Scientists Discover New Virus that Cause Beak Deformities in Birds
57 Scientists Turn Carbon Dioxide into New Usable Fuel Source
58 This $500 Shirt Could Detect Pollution, Radiation
59 Oldest Human Cancer Found in 1.7-Million-Year-Old Bone
60 Scientists Find Cheaper Water Quantifying Methods in Pharmaceutical Drugs
61 Scientists Develop Device that Gauges Power Consumption
62 No More Dengue? Scientists Develop New Anti-Mosquito Strategies
63 Swallowed a Battery? Ingestible Origami Robot Made from Pig Gut Can Remove It, Stop Stomach Bleeding
64 Antarctic Sea Ice Houses Bacteria Capable of Coverting Mercury to Neurotoxin
65 Boomerang Fathers Reduce Depression in Teenage Girls: Study
66 Effects of Extreme Weather Conditions to Fish Habitat: Study
67 Study Adds Evidence that Energy Drinks Lead to Cardiac Complications
68 Green Impacts City Life, Here Is How
69 Scientists Measure Lightning Energy with Fossils
70 No Myth! Scientific Evidence Proves China's Legendary Emperor Yu and the 'Great Flood' Could Be Real
71 Early Snowmelts Dirsupt Subalpine Forest Carbon Dioxide Uptake
72 Major Volcanic Activities in Mercury Ended Nearly 3.5 Billion Years Ago
73 Northern Parts of Cascadia Subduction Zone More Prone to Rupture than Previously Thought
74 Research States that Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Cause No Threat
75 Study: Human Noise Links to Cetacean Mammals' Behavior: Study
76 Researchers Discover Geological Evidence Proving China's Great Flood
77 Zika: Doctor Talks Transmission, Campaign; Disease Managed Through Modified Vectors?
78 How Toxic Gases Play a Role in Medication Development
79 Ready for a Human Hybrid? Human-Animal Chimeras May Now Be Possible
80 Floating Cups? These Anti-Gravity Drinking Glasses Will Lift Your Spirits
81 Plant Biologists: Sunflowers Use Their Clock to Follow Sun During Day
82 Moon Express: New Mission to Take Human Ashes to Moon at $3 Million Per Kg
83 WATCH: Incredible Caddisfly's Silk Can Be the Next Super Adhesive
84 Scientists Discover New Type of Beautiful Flame Capable of Cleaning Oil Spills
85 400-Year-Old Petroglyphs Found Along Hawaiian Coast
86 Bacterial Structures May Help Search for Life on Other Planets
87 Ancient Bison DNA Reveals How Clovis People Reach America
88 Ancient Black Magic Unlocked? Archeologists Find Devil-Invoking Spells, Skeletons in Serbian Grave
89 South African Girl Will Fight Drought Using Orange Peels
90 Engineers Develop a New Way to harness Biofuel from E.coli
91 One of the Greatest Evolution Hoax of All Time Orchestrated by One Man
92 3,000-Year Old Skeleton Might Confirm Human Sacrifice in Greek Religion
93 U.S. Government Permits to Grow More Marijuana Farms for Research
94 This New Scanning Tool Shows How Genes in the Brain are 'Switching Off'
95 Long-Term Health Impacts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic Bombs are Highly Exaggerated, Study Shows
96 Move Over, Sewing! Scientists Discover Self-Healing Fabric Using Special Liquid
97 Scientists Probe the Empty Spaces in the Universe to Disprove Einstein's General Theory of Relativity
98 Scientists Debunk Popular Conspiracy Theory About Chemtrails
99 Human Brains Are Big Because We Are Good at Judging Others, Scientists Say
100 New 'Superlens' Goes Beyond What Microscopes See
101 How a solar flare nearly triggered a nuclear war
102 New traps ooze human body odour to lure malaria mosquitos
103 Two new bizarre 'barreleye' fish pulled from the depths
104 Dental plaque bacteria hitch a ride in blood to fortify colon cancer
105 Cassini spies Titan's methane-flooded canyons
106 Do dogs have our best interests at heart--really?
107 Cosmic 'blob' divulges supermassive black hole's violent past
108 You're bathed in light from distant galaxies and black holes
109 How two body clocks manipulate your sleepy mind
110 Paraplegics regain feeling and movement, thanks to virtual reality
111 Kepler snaps spinning stars in the Seven Sisters
112 New metamaterial 'superlens' can spot etches on a Blu-ray DVD
113 Why shift workers may be more prone to infections
114 The moon is shrouded in a dynamic dust cloud