File Title
1 Protein in, Ammonia Out
2 Crucial Peatlands Carbon-Sink Vulnerable to Rising Sea Levels
3 Make No Mistake, Revenge Is (Bitter) Sweet, Study Confirms
4 Country Pledges Overshoot Paris Temperature Limit
5 Climate Study Finds Human Fingerprint in Northern Hemisphere Greening
6 El Nino Could Drive Intense Season for Amazon Fires
7 Jupiter Rendezvous
8 As Sea Level Rises, Hudson River Wetlands May Expand
9 UofL Human Subjects Protection Program Earns Reaccreditation
10 Modular Construction on a Molecular Scale
11 The Gold Standard of Cracking Tests
12 New Survey Shows Consumer Interest in Prebiotics Growing, but More Information and Education Needed
13 New Method Tells Growers More About Citrus Decay
14 Working Better Together: Two Materials Defining the Future of High-Speed Electronics
15 Lightning Lab: Recreating Nature's Big Show for Research
16 Keeping Cool with a Black Semiconductor
17 New Understanding of One of Nature's Best Biocatalysts for Biofuels Production
18 Understanding Ice Loss in Earth's Coldest Regions
19 Iron Supplements Help Microbes Working Together to Thrive When Oxygen Is Scarce
20 Work Together or Go It Alone? Microbes Are Split on the Answer
21 Microbial Community Dynamics Dominate Greenhouse Gas Production in Thawing Permafrost
22 How Does Your Garden Grow? Study Identifies Instigators of Plant Growth
23 Heat-Loving Microbe Engineered to Produce Bioalcohols for Fuel
24 Stimulate Bacteria to Stop Chromium in Groundwater
25 Water Gunks Up Biofuels Production from Bio-Oils
26 Hubble Captures Vivid Auroras in Jupiter's Atmosphere
27 A One-Pot Recipe for Making Jet Fuel
28 Resistant Starch May Benefit People with Metabolic Syndrome
29 Fruit Flies Adjust to Sudden Drops in Temperature; Just Keep Buzzing About the Fruit Bowl
30 Astronomers Release Spectacular Survey of the Distant Universe
31 RIT Professors Create New Method for Identifying Black Holes
32 Boost Needed to Keep World Below 2íC or 1.5íC: Study
33 Cornell 'Cosmic Archeologist' Will Study Juno Mission Mysteries Starting July 4
34 Microbes, Nitrogen and Plant Responses to Rising Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
35 Scientists Observe First Signs of Healing in the Antarctic Ozone Layer
36 Analysis of Anatomy and Diet Finds Evolution Follows Least Resistant Path
37 Climate Change's Effect on Rocky Mountain Plant Is Driven by Sex
38 U of M Astronomers Help Citizen Scientists Discover Rare Galaxy Cluster
39 Cornell 'Cosmic Archeologist' Will Study Juno Mission Mysteries Starting July 4
40 Fuel Cells and Vehicle Technologies Specialist Available for Reporters
41 NASA's Juno and JEDI: Ready to Unlock Mysteries of Jupiter
42 When a Beach Is More than a Beach
43 Why Probe Jupiter? "Ask a Spaceman!" Astronomer/Popular Science Podcaster Comments on NASA Juno Probe's July 4 Arrival at Jupiter
44 Black, Hispanic Drivers Stopped Most Often, White Drivers Most Likely to Have Contraband
45 Jupiter 'MRI' to Reveal Solar System Secrets
46 Individual Mycobacteria Respond Differently to Antibiotics Based on Growth and Timing
47 New Biomaterial Developed for Injectable Neuronal Control
48 Gene Amplification--the Fast Track to Infection
49 Seaweeds Get Sick Too When They're Stressed
50 Iowa State Researchers Describe Copper-Induced Misfolding of Prion Proteins
51 Zebrafish Reveal the Ups and Downs of Vision
52 UMD Researchers Demonstrate Effectiveness of New Lidar Technology in Forest Mapping
53 UD Expert on NASA Mission to Jupiter: We'll Find Out Where and How Fast Jumbo Planet Formed
54 N/A
55 Technique from Biology Helps Explain the Evolution of the American Car
56 Trauma Induces More Alcohol Craving than Stress among Veterans with PTSD and Co-occurring Alcohol Dependence
57 Expanding Antarctic Sea Ice Linked to Natural Variability
58 Discovery Could Dramatically Boost Efficiency of Perovskite Solar Cells
59 LJI Researchers Reveal Dominant Player in Human T Helper Cell Maturation
60 Dishonesty Is Aggressively Punished in the World of Paper Wasps
61 First Facial Tumour Fossil Discovered in a Dwarf Duck-Billed Dinosaur from Transylvania
62 New Discovery Could Better Predict How Semiconductors Weather Abuse
63 Global climate trend since November 16, 1978: +0.12 C per decade
64 Fruit Fly Outbreak Cost Growers $4.1 Million; Could Have Been Much Worse
65 What Happens When Sports Rules Go Awry?
66 Ostrich Relative Lived in North America About 50 Million Years Ago
67 U of A-Affiliated Company Seeks to Commercialize Improved Version of Teflon
68 Bouncing Droplets Remove Contaminants like Pogo Jumpers
69 Warming Pulses in Ancient Climate Record Link Volcanoes, Asteroid Impact and Dinosaur-Killing Mass Extinction
70 Integrated Trio of 2D Nanomaterials Unlocks Graphene Electronics Applications
71 Day-Biting Invasive Mosquito Species Spreading Its Range in Austria
72 Understanding Tourists' Preferences for Nature-Based Experiences May Help with Conservation
73 Mammals Diversified Only After Dinosaur Extinction Left Space
74 New Chinese Leaf-Roller Weevil Does Not Know How to Roll Leaves
75 York Chemists Lead Breakthrough in Carbon Capture
76 Quick, Early Test for Ebola Could Prevent Epidemics
77 Reconstruction of 12,000 Year Old Funeral Feast Brings Ancient Burial Rituals to Life
78 Researchers Harness DNA in a Super-Efficient Sensor that Detects Bacteria, Viruses, Metals and Drugs
79 A Sharper Focus for Plasmonic Lasers
80 What Really Killed the Dinosaurs?
81 New Study Upends a Theory of How Earth's Mantle Flows
82 Nanobubbles Generated by Pulsed Laser Identify & Destroy Cancer Cells
83 Baylor University Professor and Students Help Unearth Ancient Mosaics and Coins in Synagogue Ruins in Israel
84 UF/IFAS Study: Rhesus Macaques May Be Preying on Bird Eggs in Silver Springs
85 How Tree Tobacco Overcomes the Extreme Bitterness of Its Nectar
86 New Initiative Aims to Protect Birds on Private Lands
87 New Mexico African American Affairs Office Honors Two from Sandia
88 New Methods for Investigating Wood Formation
89 Characterization of Poplar Budbreak Gene Enhances Understanding of Spring Regrowth
90 Elevated Carbon Dioxide Suppresses Dominant Plant Species in a Mixed-Grass Prairie
91 Closing the Loop: Ionic Liquids from Biomass Waste Could Pretreat Plants Destined for Biofuels
92 Hubble Captures the Beating Heart of the Crab Nebula
93 Virginia Tech Expert Leads Efforts to Prevent Spread of Tomato-Pest Invasion
94 Breeding Populations of White-Naped Cranes on Decline in Eastern Mongolian Stronghold
95 Loosen Up Cell Walls and Get the Sugars Out
96 Journal Commentary Calls for Dedicated Funding for Gulf Ocean Observing Tools in Wake of DWH Settlement
97 Engineering E. Coli for Biofuel, Bioproduct Production
98 The First Evidence of Neanderthal Cannibalism in Northern Europe Is Discovered
99 A Watery Roadblock in the Pathway to Biofuels
100 Better Long-Range Sensors a Goal of Fundamental Optics Experiments
101 Recycled Plastic Lumber Invented by Pioneering Rutgers Professor
102 Probing Quantum Phenomena in a Tiny Transistor
103 Urgent Action Needed to Protect Dwindling Fish Populations in Eastern Pacific
104 Robot Helps Study How First Land Animals Moved 360 Million Years Ago
105 Identidad Madidi Announces 1000 Confirmed Bird Species for Bolivia's Madidi National Park
106 Graphene Flexes its Muscles in Boise State University Study
107 Setting the Gold Standard
108 Extortion Extinction
109 A Mixed Response
110 At the Insect Singles Bar, Cicadas Provide the Soundtrack