File Title
1 Study of Israelis & Palestinians rethinks how HDL protects against coronary heart disease
2 Sussex-led research explodes the myth of a 'West vs. Rest' cultural divide
3 Pregnancy procedure associated with increased risk of preterm birth and neonatal loss
4 Researchers discover Sandman's role in sleep control
5 The push for more clinical research data sharing is paying off
6 Is there difference in surgical site infection using sterile vs. nonsterile gloves?
7 Routinely measured lipids show contrasting associations with risk of coronary artery disease, diabetes
8 Programmable ions set the stage for general-purpose quantum computers
9 Surgical stitch linked to stillbirth and preterm birth
10 The force is strong with embryo cells
11 Prescription drug abuse in Europe is a bigger problem than previously thought
12 Researchers identify how queen bees repress workers' fertility
13 Lasers melt rocks to reveal development of super-Earths and how giant impacts make magma
14 Growing up on an Amish farm protects children against asthma by reprogramming immune cells
15 Sprinkling of neural dust opens door to electroceuticals
16 Stanford-led study challenges view that sickle cell trait increases mortality risk
17 Heart disease, stroke risk factors may increase in severity before menopause
18 Making nail polish while powering fuel cells
19 Insomnia? Oversleeping? Both may increase your risk of stroke
20 Insect tibias are best suited for jumping and other emergency behaviors
21 Three new species identified amongst the Tegu lizard family
22 Asian giant honeybees may move in synchrony to ventilate nests
23 Sea anemone proteins could repair damaged hearing
24 Soaring metabolic rates place sea otter moms at risk
25 Shorter telomeres reveal stress in migratory birds
26 Good attitudes about aging help seniors handle stress
27 PET imaging of adult neurogenesis may contribute to better diagnosis of depression and evaluation of
28 Laser nudges may help destroy space debris threatening communications, navigation on Earth
29 Hysterectomy with ovary conservation doubles odds of hot flushes, night sweats
30 Reach in and touch objects in videos
31 Glucose transporters blocked in bacterial meningitis
32 UTA aerospace engineering graduate first to flight test UAV with mass-actuated controls
33 Discovery of male-harming DNA mutation reinforces 'mother's curse' hypothesis
34 Study: Caring for elderly stroke survivors costs an estimated $40 billion per year
35 Scientists model the 'flicker' of gluons in subatomic smashups
36 Do eco-friendly wines taste better?
37 Promising peer mentoring program for early career gero-nursing faculty
38 Heritability of thoracic spine curvature
39 Flexible wearable electronic skin patch offers new way to monitor alcohol levels
40 Police Training Institute challenges police recruits' racial biases
41 Research reveals cancer pathway to spreading through the body
42 Lower weight in late life may increase risk of Alzheimer's disease
43 Oregon research points to mechanisms on why 'green' helps in urban life
44 UTSW study finds innate immunity connection to rare, fatal childhood disease
45 Study shows cell-free DNA sequencing is more accurate for diagnosing myelodysplastic syndrome
46 SwRI space scientists observe Io's atmospheric collapse during eclipse
47 Underreporting of Zika is rife; researchers project epidemic's spread
48 Giant forest fires exterminate spotted owls, long-term study finds
49 What can a sea-lion teach us about musicality?
50 Study: Substitute teachers and replacement nurses may cause disease to spread faster
51 Depression screening tools not accurate for children and adolescents
52 Bacteria show capacity for rapid, beneficial mutations
53 Managing uncertainty: How soil carbon feedbacks could affect climate change
54 Longer duration of untreated childhood schizophrenia-spectrum psychosis predicts poorer outcomes
55 Rat whiskers shed light on how neurons communicate touch
56 Cardiac complications from energy drinks? Case report adds new evidence
57 Treatment strategy under development has 2 arms to get a secure grip on cancer
58 High schoolers with mental health issues more likely to use alcohol, tobacco, & marijuana
59 Stem cells may speed up screening of drugs for rare cancers
60 The Lancet: Infections with the parasitic worm W bancrofti associated with increased risk of HIV infection, according to Tanzanian study
61 Researchers study impact of extreme weather events on striped bass
62 Rapid bacterial infection test reduces antibiotic use
63 Child's home address can help guide health care
64 Colonel Sanders was ahead of his time
65 How 5-star online customer reviews can backfire
66 Clinical usefulness of bone turnover marker concentrations in osteoporosis
67 Patented bioelectrodes have electrifying taste for waste
68 NASA looks at historic flooding from slow-moving Maryland storms
69 'Starving' immune cell discovery points to cancer immunotherapy-boosting strategies
70 Hidden tooth infections may predispose people to heart disease
71 Ultracompact photodetector
72 Social media helps diagnose parasitic disease in teen travelers
73 Mobile Scan and Pay Technology could promote supermarket theft, study suggests
74 Experts assess changes to breast cancer screening recommendations
75 Flow diagnostics breakthrough for hydraulic capsule pipeline
76 University of Leicester discovery sheds light on how vertebrates see
77 Tracking down the first chefs
78 Combat exposure may jeopardize the behavioral health of women in the military
79 Many physicians still prescribe controversial drug combination
80 Chondroitin + glucosamine sulfate may provide no benefits for patients with knee osteoarthritis
81 Mapping the exotic matter inside neutron stars
82 Bridging the gap between the quantum and classical worlds
83 Proton pinball on the catalyst
84 Scientists discover new function of FHY3 in plant meristem determinacy and maintenance
85 IBS finds another aged problem of how naive t cells decline with age
86 The great evolutionary smoke out: An advantage for modern humans?
87 UTHealth research shows that Brighter Bites helps children, families eat healthier
88 'Virtual dental homes' prove safe, effective in six-year California study
89 Reducing 'mean girl' behaviors in classrooms benefits boys and teachers too
90 Millennials less sexually active than Gen-X peers
91 Adolescent depression in girls offset by presence of 'boomerang father'
92 T cell revival through PD-1: Clues for cancer immunotherapy
93 Creating bigger, better and more joined-up habitat networks
94 Study uses GPS technology to predict football injuries
95 'Red gene' in birds and turtles suggests dinosaurs had bird-like color vision
96 At least 1 in 10 young people in Britain report a recent distressing sexual problem
97 Echo templates aid mental mapping in bats
98 Collateral harm: The impact of Ebola and related fears on facility-based child deliveries
99 TSRI researchers find 'lead actors' in immune cell development
100 Vaccines fail to protect obese mice from severe influenza infections
101 FIGHT study proves type-2 diabetes therapy ineffective in the treatment of high-risk heart failure patients
102 New metamaterials can change properties with a flick of a light-switch
103 Crystallization frustration predicts metallic glass formation
104 Additives to boost vaccine responses not sufficient to protect obese mice from influenza
105 Low rate of Internet use by seniors for health purposes
106 Study compares treatments to improve kidney outcomes for patients with septic shock
107 Unlocking the secrets of creeping concrete
108 Drug does not improve outcomes for patients with advanced heart failure
109 Study examines use of off-site monitoring of cardiac telemetry and clinical outcomes
110 Population boom preceded early farming