File Title
1 Study finds sharks get bad rap when viewed with ominous background music
2 Study finds hundreds of genes and genetic codes that regulate genes tied to alcoholism
3 UWM researchers' work in catalysis could aid drug development
4 Head Start benefits children with disabilities
5 Three vaccine approaches protect monkeys against Zika infection
6 New tool enables researchers to rapidly manipulate protein levels in mammalian cells
7 Working full time not enough to lift thousands of Florida's working parents out of poverty
8 Goodbye, implants rejection!
9 Iowa State scientists develop quick-destructing battery to power 'transient' devices
10 Fresh look at burials, mass graves, tells a new story of Cahokia
11 Looking back into the future: Are corals able to resist a declining pH?
12 NYU, Google researchers hack business model of adware, scareware, other unwanted software
13 When it comes to recognizing shapes, timing is everything
14 Dot-drawing with drones
15 To beat hypertension, take the 'clinic' to the people
16 Penn researchers improve computer modeling for designing drug-delivery nanocarriers
17 Toe-tapping to better health: Fidgeting helps prevent arterial dysfunction from sitting
18 Melting ice sheet could expose frozen Cold War-era hazardous waste
19 Boosting swimming performance with sound data
20 Higher BMI not associated with bigger heart attack, death risk in heavier twin
21 Study analyses how epigenetics regulate vital functions from bacteria to humans
22 A sweeter way of teaching health and safety
23 Drink-seeking rats provide sobering look into genetics of alcoholism
24 Biofuel production technique could reduce cost, antibiotics use
25 Duke team identifies new 'mega-complex' involved in cell signaling
26 Study links increased ovarian cancer risk with lower socioeconomic status in African-American women
27 IU study finds despite expectations of privacy, one in four share sexts
28 Adaptation to climate risks: Political affiliation matters
29 Blocking the migration of cancer cells to destroy them
30 Comparing sexual experiences related to alcohol and marijuana use among adults
31 A surplus with consequences
32 'GPS in space': NPL and Leicester bring autonomous interplanetary travel closer to reality
33 Researchers find how proteins control gene expression by binding both DNA and RNA
34 New ways to mass produce human neurons for studying neuropsychiatric disorders
35 Fibroblast growth factor signalling controls fin regeneration in zebrafish
36 Head partitions reduce stress in goats during feeding
37 Alzheimer fibrils at atomic resolution
38 Health-care costs are bad medicine
39 And the Oscar goes to...climate change
40 Can you teach koalas new tricks?
41 Brazilian study identifies new target for treatment of melanoma
42 Schizophrenia simulator: When chemistry upends sanity's balance
43 Tiny high-performance solar cells turn power generation sideways
44 New microfluidic chip replicates muscle-nerve connection
45 Minorities less likely to have knee replacement surgery, more likely to have complications
46 ISU study suggests 'use it or lose it' to defend against memory loss
47 Desert elephants pass on knowledge--not mutations--to survive
48 Contagion in popular places: From Zika to political extremism
49 ORNL optimizes formula for cadmium-tellurium solar cells
50 Researchers inhibit tumor growth in new subtype of lung cancer
51 Waste not: Edible wax coating slicks liquids with ease
52 UCLA astronomers make first accurate measurement of oxygen in distant galaxy
53 Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, August 2016
54 Next generation anode to improve lithium-ion batteries
55 This week from AGU: Greenland's thawing ice sheet, Nepal's landslides, and more
56 Deadly bat fungus in Washington state likely originated in Eastern US
57 Live-streaming crime--how will Facebook Live and Periscope challenge US privacy law?
58 New study links risk factors to variations in postpartum depression
59 Scientists keep a molecule from moving inside nerve cells to prevent cell death
60 Novel genetic mutation may lead to the progressive loss of motor function
61 Research shows new neurons created through exercise don't cause you to forget old memories
62 Perpetual 'ice water': Stable solid-liquid state revealed in nanoparticles
63 Consumption of natural estrogens in cow's milk does not affect blood levels or reproductive health
64 Inosine treatment helps recovery of motor functions after brain injury
65 What's really in your swimming pool?
66 For the love of trash films
67 New research explores why people 'pass the buck'
68 Paper: Strategic trade-offs in automobile design affect market-share value
69 Researchers at Sandia, Northeastern develop method to study critical HIV protein
70 Foraging strategies of smallest seals revealed in first ever satellite tracking study
71 Blood sugar slumps affect how lean men treat the more rotund
72 Carbon nanotube 'stitches' make stronger, lighter composites
73 Researchers work to understand causes of search and rescue in the Arctic
74 Paving the way toward novel strong, conductive materials
75 How an enzyme in fireflies, click beetles and glow worms yields different colors
76 Discovery: Mantis shrimp use UV color spots, chemical cues to size up opponents
77 HIV/AIDS: Filarial worm infections double the risk of infection
78 Detecting blood alcohol content with an electronic skin patch
79 First evidence of sleep in flight
80 Research associates some pesticides with respiratory wheeze in farmers
81 Successful treatment of rare forms of obesity
82 New cause of immune neuropathy discovered
83 Better contrast agents based on nanoparticles
84 Forensic research finds bone density affects size of bullet holes
85 Challenging the 'rigidity' for smart soft electronics
86 Infectious and non-infectious etiologies of cardiovascular disease in human immunodeficiency virus i
87 Gentle cancer treatment using nanoparticles works
88 Hospitals that send the most heart patients to the ICU get the worst results, study finds
89 Preventing dependency when patients first receive opioids: Say no to refills
90 Honey bee colonies fall by nearly 12 percent
91 MASE Astrobiologists study Mars-like environments on Earth
92 Next steps towards preventing cancer and Alzheimer's
93 New finding helps understand feeding ecology of Pleistocene proboscideans
94 Magnetic atoms arranged in neat rows
95 From happiness on Twitter to DNA organization
96 Hatching the reward deficiency egg: Neurogenetic and nutrigenomic translational research links
97 The role of N-acetylcysteine in the management of COPD: A review of recent literature
98 Big step towards cure for lifelong viral infections
99 Why parents are the new 'heroes' in policing young drivers
100 Rich bugs revealed: Homes in wealthier neighborhoods host a greater diversity of insects
101 Team led by SF State astronomer catalogs most likely 'second-Earth' candidates
102 Imaging study shows link between inflammatory biomarkers and increased heart disease in men with HIV
103 Clinical trial results support adalimumab treatment for painful skin condition
104 University of Toronto chemists create vitamin-driven battery
105 Study provides a new method to measure the energy of a lightning strike
106 Mayo researchers identify breast microbiome/bacterial differences between healthy and cancerous tissue
107 The Lancet Oncology: Immediate aggressive treatment may not be necessary for all adults with advanced kidney cancer
108 Recycling carbon dioxide: U of T researchers reduce climate-warming CO2 to building blocks for fuels
109 Global warming, a dead zone and surprising bacteria
110 Early snowmelt reduces forests' atmospheric CO2 uptake, decreases streamflow volume