File Title
1 Newly discovered 'blue whirl' fire tornado burns cleaner for reduced emissions
2 The science of steroids: Keeping the Olympics fair (video)
3 Kindergarteners' mathematics success hinges on preschool skills
4 Multitasking proteins: Unexpected properties of galectin-3
5 Cornell scientists convert carbon dioxide, create electricity
6 New ceramic membrane enables first direct conversion of natural gas to liquids without CO2
7 Study finds sharks get bad rap when viewed with ominous background music
8 Study finds hundreds of genes and genetic codes that regulate genes tied to alcoholism
9 UWM researchers' work in catalysis could aid drug development
10 Head Start benefits children with disabilities
11 Three vaccine approaches protect monkeys against Zika infection
12 New tool enables researchers to rapidly manipulate protein levels in mammalian cells
13 Working full time not enough to lift thousands of Florida's working parents out of poverty
14 Goodbye, implants rejection!
15 Iowa State scientists develop quick-destructing battery to power 'transient' devices
16 Fresh look at burials, mass graves, tells a new story of Cahokia
17 Looking back into the future: Are corals able to resist a declining pH?
18 NYU, Google researchers hack business model of adware, scareware, other unwanted software
19 When it comes to recognizing shapes, timing is everything
20 Dot-drawing with drones
21 To beat hypertension, take the 'clinic' to the people
22 Penn researchers improve computer modeling for designing drug-delivery nanocarriers
23 Toe-tapping to better health: Fidgeting helps prevent arterial dysfunction from sitting
24 Melting ice sheet could expose frozen Cold War-era hazardous waste
25 Boosting swimming performance with sound data
26 Higher BMI not associated with bigger heart attack, death risk in heavier twin
27 Study analyses how epigenetics regulate vital functions from bacteria to humans
28 A sweeter way of teaching health and safety
29 Drink-seeking rats provide sobering look into genetics of alcoholism
30 Biofuel production technique could reduce cost, antibiotics use
31 Duke team identifies new 'mega-complex' involved in cell signaling
32 Study links increased ovarian cancer risk with lower socioeconomic status in African-American women
33 IU study finds despite expectations of privacy, one in four share sexts
34 Adaptation to climate risks: Political affiliation matters
35 Blocking the migration of cancer cells to destroy them
36 Comparing sexual experiences related to alcohol and marijuana use among adults
37 A surplus with consequences
38 'GPS in space': NPL and Leicester bring autonomous interplanetary travel closer to reality
39 Researchers find how proteins control gene expression by binding both DNA and RNA
40 New ways to mass produce human neurons for studying neuropsychiatric disorders
41 Fibroblast growth factor signalling controls fin regeneration in zebrafish
42 Head partitions reduce stress in goats during feeding
43 Alzheimer fibrils at atomic resolution
44 Thirty years of research translates into new treatment strategies for polycystic ovary syndrome
45 Clarifying the fusion plasma confinement improvement mechanism
46 Genomics study points to origins of pollen allergens
47 New analytical tool for fluorescence detection of double-stranded RNA
48 Smiling baby monkeys and the roots of laughter
49 The Lancet Oncology: Australian researchers uncover complex genetic secrets of cancer risk
50 Spider sharing isn't always caring: Colonies die when arachnids overshare food
51 UBC takes steps toward examining the DNA of the world's wine regions
52 Advanced economy nations have high rates of online marketing of stem cell thera[py]
53 NASA releases 'Omics: Advancing personalized medicine from space to Earth'
54 New study: Montmorency tart cherry juice found to aid recovery of soccer players
55 Autism Speaks MSSNG study expands understanding of autism's complex genetics
56 Biomimicry is a promising approach for driving innovation, study finds
57 Researchers identify part of the brain that compensates for hearing loss in older adults
58 Stanford-led team reveals nanoscale secrets of rechargeable batteries
59 'Liquid fingerprinting' technique instantly identifies unknown liquids
60 New X-Ray microscopy technique images nanoscale workings of rechargeable batteries
61 Research team discovers two biomarkers that contribute to spine osteoarthritis
62 Radar tracking reveals the 'life stories' of bumblebees as they forage for food
63 Botulinum toxin study proves possibility of remote effects
64 New research points to novel approach to tackling Ascaris roundworm
65 Brains of overweight people 'ten years older' than lean counterparts at middle-age
66 Researchers discover what makes mice freeze or flee
67 Vaccine candidates protect primates against Zika virus
68 Every atom counts
69 Gene testing in rare tumor type could uncover 'cancer families'
70 Acupuncture may help to improve dementia precursor--impaired memory
71 Air pollution may shorten survival of patients with lung cancer
72 Study reveals hidden pollution exchange between oceans and groundwater
73 Vitamin A metabolism is linked to eye tissue fibrosis and scarring
74 Elimination of senescent cells improves lung function in mice
75 Preclinical evaluation of a vaccine against herpes viruses
76 Heart-resident macrophages call in neutrophils following ischemic injury
77 Lab-reared maggots may save Darwin's famous finches
78 Nearly half of pediatric clinical trials go unfinished or unpublished
79 Sedentary behavior associated with diabetic retinopathy
80 Survey: Vision health a priority
81 Dangerous chemical eye burns common in young children
82 Alcohol abuse drug can be repurposed to treat a blinding disorder
83 African-American men negatively impacted by hormone therapy for treatment of prostate cancer
84 Breakthrough in understanding how stem cells become specialized
85 Towards the T-1000: Liquid metals propel future electronics
86 Combination therapy for type 1 diabetes improves blood glucose control
87 Soy may help protect women with PCOS from diabetes, heart disease
88 Vaccine candidates protect against Zika virus in rhesus monkeys
89 Vitamin D levels may drop when women stop using birth control
90 Analysis of metastatic prostate cancers suggests treatment options
91 Mass biofuel production without mass antibiotic use
92 Hotpots of US coastline susceptible to contamination
93 Zika vaccines offer full protection to monkeys
94 Geological data provide support for legendary Chinese flood
95 Mitochondrial maps reveal new connections to poorly understood diseases
96 Echo hunter: Researchers name new fossil whale with high frequency hearing
97 Gene expression profile may ID renal cell carcinoma patients unlikely to benefit from nivolumab
98 Study reveals brain's finely tuned system of energy supply
99 Magnifying mistakes boosts motor skills past a performance plateau
100 Buck Institute study sheds light on gender differences in diabetes and aging
101 Melting ice sheet could release frozen Cold War-era waste
102 Sunflowers move by the clock
103 Green and sweet: How plant sugars influence malaria transmission
104 Researchers from CSI Singapore discover new way to inhibit development of lung cancer
105 After the fight, friendship
106 Newly discovered 'blue whirl' fire tornado burns cleaner for reduced emissions
107 Kindergarteners' mathematics success hinges on preschool skills
108 Multitasking proteins: Unexpected properties of galectin-3
109 Cornell scientists convert carbon dioxide, create electricity
110 New ceramic membrane enables first direct conversion of natural gas to liquids without CO2