File Title
1 Aesthetic appeal of dormant Zoysiagrass enhanced with colorants
2 Lithium-ion batteries: Capacity might be increased by 6 times
3 Thousands of new cancer cases in Ontario each year due to environmental exposures
4 Making a solar energy conversion breakthrough with help from a ferroelectrics pioneer
5 Pesticides used to help bees may actually harm them
6 Nature, not nurture, defines cricket social networks
7 Thyroid tumor: It takes 2 to tango
8 Transmitting energy in soft materials
9 Tiger sharks can be marine 'hyenas' too
10 Evidence of Martian life could be hard to find in some meteorite blast sites
11 Seasonal allergies could change your brain
12 Looking different to your parents can be an evolutionary advantage
13 Origin of the long body of snakes now discovered
14 Self-cleaning, anti-reflective, microorganism-resistant coatings
15 Radical treatment and examination combined can halve mortality from prostate cancer
16 Olfactory receptors discovered in bronchi
17 New chili pathogens discovered in Australia
18 Small molecules to help make SMARTER cereals
19 Hi-tech test to find elusive sawfish
20 Study suggests tiger sharks opt for scavenging on dead and dying sea turtles as a feeding strategy
21 Magma-limestone interaction can trigger explosive volcanic eruptions--and affect the global carbon cycle
22 New drug class gives hope for better treatments for incurable myeloma
23 Beneficial role clarified for brain protein associated with mad cow disease
24 Scientific serendipity yields new neuron type in mouse retina
25 Impact of prion proteins on the nerves revealed for the first time
26 Economic burden of undiagnosed sleep apnea in US is nearly $150 billion per year
27 Compound shows promise as next-generation prostate cancer therapy
28 Liquid light switch could enable more powerful electronics
29 A single compound could treat 3 parasitic diseases
30 New drugs hope to fight neglected tropical diseases
31 K computer and high-tech weather radar come together to predict sudden torrential rains
32 CNIO researchers have discovered a mechanism that allows cancer to survive without glucose
33 Navigating the human genome with Sequins
34 Texting 1 million people in India improves diabetes prevention
35 Insurance status impacts survival in men with testicular cancer
36 Maternal high-fat diet during pregnancy can affect baby's gut microbes
37 FDA commissioner discusses future of cardiovascular medicine
38 Activating dopamine neurons could turn off binge-like eating behavior
39 Could thiamine-fortified fish sauce help fight infant beriberi in Southeast Asia?
40 Alternative insurance expansions under ACA linked to better access, use of care
41 Medicaid expansion under ACA linked with better health care for low-income adults
42 ICU use associated with more invasive procedures, higher costs
43 Higher ICU usage led to increased invasive procedures and costs
44 Researchers propose new treatment to prevent kidney stones
45 Study identifies novel treatment resistance mechanism in BRAF-mutant melanoma
46 Researchers find brain's 'physics engine'
47 Volunteering in middle age and senior years linked to enhanced mental health
48 IceCube search for the 'sterile neutrino' draws a blank
49 Low oxygen, high risk: How tumors adapt to become more aggressive
50 Mom's high-fat diet may have a lasting impact on baby's gut
51 Online gaming can boost school scores
52 Studies bolster evidence that insurance status affects cancer patients' health outcomes
53 Drought conditions slow the growth of Douglas fir trees across the West
54 Contamination from marine mammals may hamper recovery of California condors
55 Flint lead crisis adds up to $395 million in social costs
56 Lake Tanganyika fisheries declining from global warming
57 UVic-led archeology team makes world-first discovery about early use of stone age tools
58 Flu vaccine uptake slightly higher in provinces that allow vaccination by pharmacists
59 For the first time in history, high blood pressure is more common in lower-income countries
60 Scientists discover potential avenue to treating type 2 diabetes at early stages
61 Study finds that cardinals may be shielding Atlanta residents from West Nile virus
62 Mcr-1 gene isolated from human for the first time in Brazil
63 Study identifies new pathways involved in development of insulin resistance
64 Highly curative hep C treatment safe and effective for drug users
65 Okinawa mozuku: The treasure under the sea
66 Tailored AFM probes created via 3-D direct laser writing
67 Ancient DNA evidence traces origin of horses' smooth ride
68 Fresh look at burials, mass graves, tells a new story of Cahokia
69 From unconventional laser beams to a more robust imaging wave
70 Subduction zone earthquakes off Oregon, Washington more frequent than previous estimates
71 New virus found during investigation into largemouth bass fish kill
72 Hidden, local climate impacts of drought-friendly vegetation
73 USC quantum computing researchers reduce quantum information processing errors
74 Tall or short? Thick or thin? UT study shows many factors affect arm, leg size
75 Inspired by evolution: A simple treatment for breathing problem among premature infants
76 Researchers find most volcanic activity on Mercury stopped about 3.5 billion years ago
77 Preventing mass extinctions of big mammals will require immediate action
78 Discovery of infants' airway microbiomes may help predict lung disease
79 Argonne discovery yields self-healing diamond-like carbon
80 Diamond-based light sources will lay a foundation for quantum communications of the future
81 Study of summer research quantifies what students see as most beneficial
82 Microscopic collisions help proteins stay healthy
83 Record-breaking logic gate 'another important milestone' on road to quantum computers
84 From Sci Fi to reality: Unlocking the secret to growing new limbs
85 Wiley provides free access to latest Zika research to coincide with events in Brazil
86 Microcephaly discoveries made in non-Zika cases help explain abnormal brain growth
87 Some Catholic hospitals make it hard for physicians to provide referrals for reproductive services
88 Scientists discover light could exist in a previously unknown form
89 Veins on Mars were formed by evaporating ancient lakes
90 Characterizing the Zika virus genome
91 Greater production of 'feeling full' hormone could be responsible for weight loss
92 Asthma pill could reduce symptoms in severe sufferers
93 Under-reporting of fisheries catches threatens Caribbean marine life
94 A diagnostic tool allows encephalitis in sheep and goats to be spotted
95 Research to improve treatment for millions of lung disease patients
96 Putting the pressure on platinum
97 Autism risk in younger children increases if they have older sibling with disorder
98 Major treatment expansion could essentially eliminate hepatitis C in R.I. by 2030
99 Teamwork, communication training recommended to ensure surgical safety
100 Age-related infertility may be caused by scarred ovaries
101 Shape-changing metamaterial developed using Kirigami technique
102 Wistar scientists identify marker for myeloid-derived suppressor cells
103 Sleep apnea worsens non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in obese adolescents
104 Hot 'new' material found to exist in nature
105 Climate summaries 'for grownups,' but not too difficult for policymakers
106 Psychologist reveals science behind a fulfilling single life
107 Women appear to be more accepting of their bodies/weight
108 Can nature videos help improve prisoner behavior?
109 Researchers from CSI Singapore discover new way to inhibit development of lung cancer
110 After the fight, friendship