File Title
1 Dam Good! Beavers May Restore Imperiled Streams, Fish Populations
2 Researchers Reveal First Sightings of Rare Whales Off New Zealand Coast
3 New UAH Wind Tunnel Ready for Action
4 MD Anderson, NASA and ILC Dover Partner on Space Suit Art Project to Increase Childhood Cancer Awareness
5 Argonne Partners with Strem Chemicals to Deliver Next-Gen. Battery Materials to Industry
6 UTEP Geology Team Wins Worldwide Imperial Barrel Award, $20K Prize
7 How Plants Sense Electric Fields
8 New Record in Microwave Detection
9 Messaging by Flow in the Brain
10 A High-Tech Solution for India's Human-Wildlife Conflict
11 Q-Biotype Whitefly Expands to 8 Florida Counties
12 Watch Out, Silicon Chips. Molecular Electronics Are Coming
13 Sandia Storing Information Securely in DNA
14 Engineering New Technology at the Molecular Level
15 Flying Insects Defy Aerodynamic Laws of Airplanes, NYU Researchers Find
16 Climate Tipping Points: What Do They Mean for Society?
17 To the Breaking Point: Testing Ideas About the Evolution of Long-Necked Sauropod Dinosaurs
18 Scientists, Teens and Veterans to Mark 5th Year of Coral Restoration in the Florida Keys
19 Study Shows New Role for B-Complex Vitamins in Promoting Stem Cell Proliferation
20 Subtropical Cornwall Climate Could Mean Exotic New Crops
21 Brexit Could Threaten Neurodegenerative Disease Research in Europe
22 Physicists Couple Distant Nuclear Spins Using a Single Electron
23 Physicists Collide Ultracold Atoms to Observe Key Quantum Principle
24 Gulf Stream Slowdown to Spare Europe from Worst of Climate Change
25 More Assassins on the Radar: As Many as 24 New Species of Assassin Bugs Described
26 Silk-Based Tissue Chip Provides Promise for Drug Testing and Implantable Devices
27 Engineering Researchers Strive to Create Cheaper, More Efficient Third-Generation Solar Cells
28 Germs Add Ripples to Make 'Groovy' Graphene
29 UW Researchers Improve Microscopy Method to 'Swell' Cellular Structures, Bringing Fine Details into View
30 A Giant Quake May Lurk Under Bangladesh and Beyond
31 The True Cost of Crime--in Carbon Footprints
32 Pumping Iron: Lighter Weights Just as Effective as Heavier Weights to Gain Muscle, Build Strength: Research
33 Scientists Optimize Defects for Better Superconducting Effects
34 New Hybrid Sweetgum Trees Could Boost Paper, Bioenergy Production
35 Mathematical Models Explain East-West Asymmetry of Jet Lag Recovery
36 Extending Terahertz Technology to Obtain Highly Accurate Thickness of Automotive Paint
37 Danforth Plant Science Center and Valent BioSciences Will Collaborate in Unique Root Science Initiative
38 Selfish Mitochondria Implicated in a Variety of Diseases
39 Directed Matter
40 Mantis Shrimp Roll Their Eyes to Improve Their Vision
41 UTEP Bilingual Augmented Reality Expert Available to Talk About Pokemon Go Popularity and AR Research/Applications for Daily Life.
42 These Days Fecal Transplantation Is No Joke
43 Entanglement: Chaos
44 Scavenger Crows Provide Public Service, Research Shows
45 UChicago Leads Simons Foundation Collaboration to Study the Physics of Glass
46 US Holds Potential to Produce Billion Tons of Biomass, Support Bioeconomy
47 Help at Hand for People Watching Their Weight
48 PPPL Launches Expanded New Laboratory for Research on the Use of Plasma to Synthesize Nanoparticles
49 Engineered "Sand" May Help Cool Electronic Devices
50 Breakthrough in Scaling Up Life-Changing Stem Cell Production
51 Humans Perceive Time Somewhere in Between Reality and Our Expectations
52 Low Snowfall, Missing Rain Making NY's Creeks Run Dry
53 UF/IFAS Researchers to Present Findings on Critical Ecosystem Habitats at International Conference
54 23andMe Launches New Genotyping Services for Research
55 Modeling Predicts Which Counties Could Store More Carbon in Soil by Growing Bioenergy Crops
56 What Free Will Looks like in the Brain
57 Upstream Trenches, Downstream Nitrogen
58 Gravitational Vortex Provides New Way to Study Matter Close to a Black Hole
59 NSF Awards UTEP $1.9 Million to Prepare New Generation in Computer Science
60 Stellar Outburst Brings Water Snowline into View
61 There Are So Many Amazonian Tree Species, We Won't Discover the Last One for 300 Years
62 Using Wireless Interface, Operators Control Multiple Drones by Thinking of Various Tasks
63 New Technique Targets Gene that Causes Neurodegenerative Disease
64 UCI Engineer Creates New Technique for Testing Nanomaterials
65 $450,000 Navy Grant Fuels IU-NSWC Crane Effort to Improve Safety of Military Technology
66 To Save Water on Lawns, Throw Some Shade
67 23 Shipwrecks Discovered Off Greece
68 FAU's I-SENSE and Dioxide Materials Partner on Novel Sensors for Heating, Ventilation and AC Applications
69 Strut Efficiency-Based Design for Concrete Deep Beams Reinforced with FRP Bars
70 Dark Energy Measured with Record-Breaking Map of 1.2 Million Galaxies
71 Measuring Oceans of Activity in One Drop of Water
72 Defining What It Means to Be a Naive Stem Cell
73 Cell Death: How a Protein Drives Immune Cells to Suicide
74 The Success of the Plant-Eating Dinosaurs
75 Butterflies' Diet Impacts Evolution of Traits
76 Religiosity Diminishes Conservative Opposition to Eco-Friendly Buying
77 UK Researchers Partner with Kentucky Bourbon Distillery to Convert Waste into Useful Products
78 Cougars Could Save Lives by Lowering Vehicle Collisions with Deer
79 Researchers Find Exceptional Species Diversity on Island in Philippines
80 Researchers Find More Aggressive Behavior in City Birds than Rural Ones
81 Research Begins at SLAC's Newest X-ray Laser Experimental Station
82 NUS Scientists Discover that Modifications to Protein RUNX3 May Promote Cancer Growth
83 Identifying Brain Regions Automatically
84 Calcification--Does It Pay Off in the Future Ocean?
85 How Are Beaches Restored?
86 Pushing a Single-Molecule Switch
87 Scientists Move 1 Step Closer to Creating an Invisibility Cloak
88 Neuronal Activity Shows Link Between Wakefulness and Fight-or-Flight Response in Mice
89 New Tool Calculates Emissions Impacts, Energy Benefits from Smart Grid Investments
90 There Is Something About Those Energy Drinks
91 Working Memory in Aging Adults Becomes Increasingly Affected by Alcohol
92 Comprehensive Map of Primate Brain Development Published in Nature
93 Climate Experts Help Communities Cope with Impact of the Indian Monsoon
94 New Theropod Dinosaur Suggests that Small T. Rex-Like Arms Evolved Multiple Times
95 40-Year-Old Chorus Frog Tissues Vital to Louisiana Hybrid Zone Study
96 Sex in the City: Peregrine Falcons in Chicago Don't Cheat
97 New Wichita State Virtual Reality Cave Uses Cutting-Edge Technology
98 Researchers Invent "Smart" Thread that Collects Diagnostic Data When Sutured into Tissue
99 Tiny Transformers: Chemists Create Microscopic and Malleable Building Blocks
100 Light-Trapping 3-D Solar Cells Undergo Space Testing
101 Researchers Build a Crawling Robot from Sea Slug Parts and a 3-D Printed Body
102 Toxicological Cross-Check
103 The Power of Scientific Meetings
104 Entrepreneur Application Opens for New $4.4 Million Energy Incubator at Argonne National Laboratory
105 Exploring Superconducting Properties of 3-D Printed Parts
106 Scientists Determine Structure of Enzyme Linked with Key Cell-Signaling Protein
107 Infantile Memory Study Points to Critical Periods in Early-Life Learning for Brain Development
108 Researchers Create Means to Monitor Anthropogenic Global Warming in Real Time
109 Researchers Develop Way to Upsize Nanostructures into Light, Flexible 3-D Printed Metallic Materials
110 Columbia Engineering Researchers Use Acoustic Voxels to Embed Sound with Data