File Title
1 Expert Says U.S. Senate's Votes Against Proposed Gun Laws Are Not Surprising
2 Tracking the Aluminum Used to Purify Tap Water
3 Caribbean Sea Acts like a Whistle and Can Be 'Heard' from Space
4 How Chameleons Capture Their Prey
5 Researchers Find Highland East Asian Origin for Prehistoric Himalayan Populations
6 Which Animals Will Cope with Climate Change Droughts?
7 Scorpions Have Similar Tastes in Burrow Architecture
8 The Clean Dozen: 12 Techs Near Commercial Use
9 Sierra Nevada Snowpack Not Likely to Recover from Drought Until 2019
10 Nematode Containment Facility Has Ability to Inspect Soil and Plants Prior to Export
11 Explorations at Aztalan Yield Enthusiasm and Excitement for Visitors, Students
12 New BGSU Research Important to Atmospheric Photochemistry
13 Chemists Find New Way to Recycle Plastic Waste into Fuel
14 Novel Device Developed in Abu Dhabi to Boost Power Output from Solar Panels
15 UF/IFAS Researchers to Study How to Reduce Carbon Dioxide in Ranch Soil
16 BRI Reports Status of Common Loon Translocation Study
17 Get a clue: Biochemist studies fruit fly to understand Parkinson's disease, muscle wasting
18 Wild Boars and Wart Hogs May Have an Internal Compass
19 Fish Out of Water Are More Common than Thought
20 A "Fitbit" for Plants?
21 94 Million-Year-Old Climate Change Event Holds Clues for Future
22 Airplanes Make Clouds Brighter
23 Dormant Black Hole Eats Star, Becomes X-Ray Flashlight
24 Lizard Tail Adaptations May Reflect Predators' Color Vision Capabilities
25 PNNL to Lead Regional Smart Manufacturing Center
26 Particle Zoo in a Quantum Computer
27 Learning About the Future from the Distant Past
28 Columbia Engineers Develop New, Low-Cost Way to Capture Carbon
29 The Reason Behind Your Group Project Fail
30 A Green Transport Revolution for Venice
31 Novel Controller Allows Video Gamer Who Lacks Hands to Compete with His Feet
32 Migratory Bears Down in the Dumps
33 U of Iowa Unveils New ATV Virtual Reality Simulator
34 Collaborative Student Project at Wichita State Helps Local Children with Disabilities
35 Do Sharks Survive After the Hook?
36 Sex with the Lights On
37 Hubble Confirms New Dark Spot on Neptune
38 One of Africa's Most Biodiverse Regions Protected
39 Sea Star Death Triggers Ecological Domino Effect
40 TSRI Scientists Reveal Single-Neuron Gene Landscape of the Human Brain
41 Successful First Observations of Galactic Center with GRAVITY
42 Researchers Discover New Chemical Sensing Technique
43 How Well Do Facial Recognition Algorithms Cope with a Million Strangers?
44 Keep It Simple: Low-Cost Solar Power
45 Giant Blobs of Rock, Deep Inside the Earth, Hold Important Clues About Our Planet
46 WIU Faculty, Students Studying Zika Virus
47 Sparrows with Unfaithful 'Wives' Care Less for Their Young
48 How Make-Up Makes Men Admire but Other Women Jealous
49 This Message Will Self-Destruct
50 Minimum Legal Drinking Age of 21 Can Protect Against Later Risk of Death
51 Adolescent Girls Choose to Drink at Lower Blood Alcohol Concentrations
52 Researches Look to Graphene to Support Desalination and Energy in Abu Dhabi
53 Understanding Risk Factors Involved in Initiation of Adolescent Alcohol Use
54 Substance User's Social Connections: Family, Friends, and the Foresaken
55 Multi-Media Project Targets Binge Drinking and HIV Infection Among Hispanic/Latino Young Adults
56 Mobile Breathalyzers Can Help Treatment Providers Extend the Reach of Outpatient Treatment
57 A Shampoo Bottle That Empties Completely--Every Last Drop
58 Ancient "Deep Skull" from Borneo Full of Surprises
59 Righting the Wrongs of Misfolded Proteins
60 Language-Learning Games Have Greater Impact if You Up the Gamers
61 Institute of Food Technologists Student Association and Tate & Lyle Announce Developing Solutions for Developing Countries Competition Finalists
62 Texas Tech Physicist Contributed to Discovery of Unnoticed Black Hole
63 Anti-Anxiety Medication Limits Empathetic Behavior in Rats
64 Metabolic Flexibility and Immune Defenses May Influence Species Spread
65 Seeds of Black Holes Could Be Revealed by Gravitational Waves Detected in Space
66 ChemCam Findings Hint at Oxygen-Rich Past on Mars
67 Data Centers Continue to Proliferate While Their Energy Use Plateaus
68 Wind-Blown Antarctic Sea Ice Helps Drive Ocean Circulation
69 Husbandry of Chickens Works in Tandem with Science, Says Virginia Tech Poultry Expert
70 U.S. Department of Energy Commits More than $1.7 Million to Help Commercialize Promising Argonne-Associated Energy Technologies
71 Study Shows Trees with Altered Lignin Are Better for Biofuels
72 UF/IFAS Researchers Try to Cut Costs to Control Aquatic Invasive Plants in Florida
73 Inflamm-Aging: Alcohol Makes It Even Worse
74 Helicopter Parents: Hovering May Have Effect as Kids Transition to Adulthood
75 Bangladesh Rolls Out SMART Patrolling Across the Sundarbans
76 How to Make Fireworks and Other Explosives Safer
77 Tiniest Imperfections Make Big Impacts in Nano-Patterned Materials
78 New Model Predicts Once-Mysterious Chemical Reactions
79 'Squishy' Motors and Wheels Give Soft Robots a New Ride
80 See and Sort: Developing Novel Techniques to Visualize Uncultured Microbial Cell Activity
81 Honeybee Circadian Rhythms Are Affected More by Social Interactions
82 Hubble Reveals Stellar Fireworks in 'Skyrocket' Galaxy
83 Lionfish Invading the Mediterranean Sea
84 Researcher Finds 'Ghost Workers' Common in Migrant Farm Work
85 Engineers to Use Cyborg Insects as Biorobotic Sensing Machines
86 Pipelines Affect Health, Fitness of Salmon, Study Finds
87 Early Bird Wings Preserved in Burmese Amber
88 Lost Hormone Is Found in Starfish
89 A Lesson from Fruit Flies
90 New Framework Uses Patterns to Predict Terrorist Behavior
91 Hydrogen Production from a Relative of Fool's Gold
92 NIBIB-Funded Approach Could Advance Drug Development, Agriculture
93 Nano-Sculptures for Longer-Lasting Battery Electrodes
94 Bridge to Coveted Electronic Properties
95 Simple Preparation for Affordable Solar Energy Storage
96 Understanding the Properties of High Tech Gels Used in 3-D Printing
97 New Approach to Room-Temperature Materials Synthesis: Low Cost, Simple, and Controlled Composition
98 Can We Beat Mother Nature at Materials Design?
99 NSF Grants IU $525,000 to Advance Research on Molecular Transformations, 'Carbon Recycling'
100 Baby Fish Lose Poisonous Protectors in Acidified Oceans
101 Adelie Penguin Population Could Drop 60% by End of the Century
102 Surf's Up: Magnetic Waves on the Edge
103 Taking on the Heat in Solar Cells: New Calculations Show Atomic Vibrations Hurt Efficiency
104 Nano-Stiltskin: Turning Gold into...See-Through Rubber
105 Towards Eco-friendly Industrial-Scale Hydrogen Production
106 Combining Electrons and Lasers to Create Designer Beams for Materials Research
107 The Anonymous People Documentary: 25 Million Americans Will No Longer Be Quiet
108 Skype Data of 500 Million People Reveals the Real Patterns of Social Adoption
109 PNNL's Richard Moss to Help Guide New Phase of US National Climate Assessment
110 Asteroid Day Will Draw Eyes to the Stars, but the More Urgent Threat May Be Under Our Feet