File Title
1 World's Deepest Blue Hole Is in South China Sea
2 Here's the US City with the Highest Pot Use
3 Ice Bucket Challenge Cash Helped Pay for ALS Gene Discoveries
4 Here's How You Can Keep Sitting from Killing You
5 Floating Underwater Tunnels Planned for Norway
6 Amazing Fireball Over Western US Caused by Chinese Space Junk
7 Is Secondhand Marijuana Smoke Bad for You?
8 Reference: Facts About Arsenic
9 Little Hope for Breeding Healthier English Bulldogs, Study Shows
10 North America Has Only 1 True Species of Wolf, DNA Shows
11 Fitness Nutrition: What Science Says About Diet and Exercise
12 Eating After Workouts: The Science of Timing Meals and Exercise
13 Workout Calorie Math: Here's How to Eat to Fuel a Workout
14 Workout Supplements: The Impact on Muscle Strength and Fatigue
15 Exercise and Weight Loss: The Science of Preserving Muscle Mass
16 Extreme Workouts: The Nutritional Needs of Elite Athletes
17 Unique 3D Views of Alaskan Forest Captured with Laser Scanner
18 Putrid-Smelling Corpse Flower Finally Blooms: Watch It Live
19 4 Florida Zika Cases Were Likely Contracted in the US, Officials Say
20 Fungal Disease 'Valley Fever' Is Often Misdiagnosed
21 Remote Antarctic Library Would 'Protect Ice Memory'
22 What Really Caused the Voices in Joan of Arc's Head?
23 Most of World's Biggest Beasts Could Be Extinct by 2100
24 Do Opioids Make Pain Worse?
25 Drones Taking Flight for Inaugural 'Liberty Cup' Race this Weekend
26 What Your Pee and Poo Color Says About Your Health
27 A Bad Bounce: More Kids Getting Injured Using Trampolines
28 What's Really Behind Our Obsession with 'Clean' Athletes?
29 YouTube's Smarter Every Day: Uncovering the Science Around You
30 'Doctor Who' Scientists: How Do Women Measure Up?
31 What Makes Yellowstone's Hot Springs So Colorful?
32 What's Worse than Death? Breathing Machines & Dementia, Patients Say
33 What's the Fastest Language to Type In?
34 Will the Great Attractor Destroy Us?
35 These Robots Are Chains of Tiny Magnetic Beads
36 Zika Warning: Pregnant Women Urged to Avoid Section of Miami
37 Forget Sharks, Lightning Poses Big Beach Threat
38 Holy Mola: Scientists Spot World's Largest Bony Fish
39 2016 Olympics: Visit Rio with 360-Degree Videos and Virtual Reality
40 Reference: Facts About Platinum
41 Did Rembrandt Use Mirrors and Optical Tricks to Create His Paintings?
42 Virtual Light Particles May Boost Quantum Computing
43 No, Asteroid Bennu Won't Destroy Earth
44 'Zombie' Anthrax Outbreak in Siberia: How Does It Kill?
45 Hookups Trend Down: Millennial Sex Lives Lag Behind Gen. X
46 Childhood Shyness: When Should You Worry?
47 Rare Black Whale Discovered in Pacific
48 Parkas Helped Early Humans Survive
49 Science of Politics: Why Trump and Clinton Should Be Nice to Each Other
50 How Skydiver Jumped Without a Parachute (and Survived)
51 Rio's Contaminated Water: 7 Infections People Could Get at the Olympics
52 New Tech Lets You Watch 3D Movies Without the Funky Glasses
53 Heavier, Not Taller: How American Bodies Have Changed
54 Lifestyles of the Rich Attract a Wealth of Insects
55 The Science Behind Hawaii's 'Smiley Face' Volcano
56 A Rosy View: Dinosaurs Likely Saw Shades of Red
57 Ouch! Duck-Billed Dinosaur Had Arthritis in Its Elbow
58 How Did the Pentagon Building Get Its Shape?
59 Donald Trump's Draft Deferment: What Are Heel Spurs?
60 Saved by the Whale! Humpbacks Play Hero When Orcas Attack
61 Floating 'Alien' Orb Spotted by Fisherman Off Australian Coast
62 First Reprogrammable Quantum Computer Created
63 Energy-Drink Habit Sends Man to ER with Heart Problems
64 New Zika Vaccine: Testing in People Underway in US
65 Blisters and Burns Prompt Fitness Tracker Recall
66 Why Amish Kids Get Less Asthma: It's the Cows
67 Divers Recover Hong Kong's Oldest Maritime Artifact
68 Da-Na, Da-Na...Spooky Music Makes People More Afraid of Sharks
69 X-Rays Reveal 'Lost' Portrait by Edgar Degas Behind 19th-Century Painting
70 Why Scientists Are Rearing Bird-Killing Parasites on Chicken Blood
71 Knot Possible! 3,000-Year-Old Thread Found in UK
72 Eye Injuries from Chemicals: Who's Getting Them, and Why
73 For Otter Moms, Nursing Burnout Is Sometimes Deadly
74 Spiderbots Weave Weird Hammock Web
75 Pregnant at Age 40, 50 and Even 60? Here Are the Risks
76 Why Are Gymnasts So Flexible?
77 'Expanding Bead' Toys May Cause Serious Ear Injuries, Docs Warn
78 Dragons and Magical Dirt: Legendary 'Great Flood' Left Real Evidence
79 US Military's Robotic Submarine Hunter Completes First Tests at Sea
80 Swipe Right for Self-Esteem? Why Tinder Users May Need It
81 Woman's Deadly Infection Linked to Horse Riding
82 Reference: Facts About Whole Grains
83 How to Photograph the Northern Lights
84 Perseid Meteor Shower Will Be Extra Awesome this Year, NASA Says
85 Nature Documentaries May Help Ease Aggression in Prisons
86 May the Best Drone Win: Vehicles Race in First-Ever Liberty Cup
87 Women Held Important Role in 'America's 1st City,' Burial Mound Reveals
88 Rare 'Whale Fall' Spotted by Deep-Sea Scientists
89 Unseen Singles: How Science Misrepresents the Unmarried
90 Suspend Your Disbelief: These Drinks Defy Gravity
91 Strange Beasts: Why Human-Animal Chimeras Might Be Coming
92 Cold-War-Era Toxic Waste Could Be Released by Greenland's Melting Ice
93 Are People More Likely to Cheat at the 'Danger Age'?
94 Stellar Desert: Central Milky Way Lacks Young Stars
95 3 Human Chimeras that Already Exist
96 The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
97 Blood & Gold: Children Dying as Egypt's Treasures Are Looted
98 The Science of Olympic Rivalries: Do Adversaries Help or Hurt?
99 Friends with Benefits? Cannibalism Not All Bad for Male Praying Mantis
100 High Numbers? 1 in 8 US Adults Smokes Pot
101 Do the Robot: 1,000-Plus Dancing Droids Break Record
102 Still No Sign of 'Sterile Neutrino' Particle, Candidate for Dark Matter
103 Beyond 'Pokemon Go': Future Games Could Interact with Real Objects
104 Kepler's 'Alien Megastructure' Star Just Got Weirder
105 Almost All Lice Are Now Resistant to Over-the-Counter Treatment
106 It's Shooting-Star Time! How to Watch the Perseid Meteor Shower
107 Michael Phelps' Weird Bruises: Does Cupping Therapy Really Work?
108 Mama Dolphins Sing Their Name to Babies in the Womb
109 How Does Latte Art Work?
110 'I Contain Multitudes' Is the Story of Microbes: Q&A with Ed Yong
111 Wow! Northern Lights Glow in Breathtaking Image from Space Station