File Title
1 Videos reveal the Russian doll parasitic world of the deep seas
2 Record-breaking year shows Earth's climate is in real trouble
3 There could already be 40,000 people carrying Zika in the US
4 Crystal mimics brain cell to sift through giant piles of data
5 Ghost particles may explain why gravity is so surprisingly weak
6 July was bad news but I'm fine--so why do I feel so terrible?
7 Transgender Olympians in Rio don't have an unfair advantage
8 Banking is still risky business as usual despite new rules
9 Can polio success help India improve its public health?
10 Troll hunters: the Twitterbots that fight against online abuse
11 Quantum computing race heats up as trapped ions rival microchips
12 Found: brain switches that wake flies up and send them to sleep
13 Giant honeybees may act like a collective lung to beat the heat
14 Beyond drugs: the war on lifestyle disease needs new tactics
15 Being fat in middle age may shrink your brain's white matter
16 What Donald Trump has said about science--and why he's wrong
17 Baby monkeys smile in their sleep--more so than human babies
18 AI reads your tweets and spots when you're being sarcastic
19 Mystery of why some sunflowers track the sun across skies solved
20 First evidence of legendary flood reveals China's origin story
21 Counting genetic mutations predicts how soon you'll get cancer
22 Physicists mourn as hinted particle vanishes in leaked LHC data
23 School field trips to creationist Ark? Sink that idea right now
24 Libraries of plastic molecules could store huge amounts of data
25 Small gas cloud caught blowing a huge bubble in the Milky Way
26 GM mosquito trial in Florida given the go-ahead by regulator
27 Elusive Arabian sand cat spotted after 10 years' disappearance
28 Venus could have been habitable while life evolved on Earth
29 Gene doping in sport could make the Olympics fairer and safer
30 Why do we fall for false positives even though they're common?
31 More than 60 percent of coral reef in Maldives hit by bleaching
32 Triple signal of 'alien megastructure' star baffles astronomers
33 Obamacare has already improved health of low-income Americans
34 Triple-whammy drug kills parasites that make 20 million sick
35 Ice age fashion showdown: Neanderthal capes versus human hoodies
36 How do plants protect themselves against sunburn?
37 Quasar to guide ESA's Mars landing
38 New brain map unearths 97 new areas
39 Did Rembrandt trace his self-portraits?
40 One year lasts a day in alien solar system
41 Bushfire clues dribble through cave dripwater
42 Chronicles of ancient Egyptian pyramid builders on display
43 'Tractor beams' build atom-by-atom assembly in mid-air
44 All life today descended from a microbe, four billion years ago
45 Mixed messages about risk of Zika
46 A durable, more energy-efficient lithium-air battery
47 How did the koala cross the road?
48 Clones of Dolly the sheep are aging normally
49 Rice biodiversity has collapsed in past 2,000 years
50 How did Ceres heal old impact craters?
51 Himalayan temples tell tales of tremors and quakes
52 Great Red Hotspot: mega storm heats Jupiter's upper atmosphere
53 Old red dwarfs give insights into sun's magnetic field
54 Our favourite species discoveries this year, so far
55 Antibiotic produced by nose-dwelling microbe kills superbug
56 Lonely young star caught in a growth spurt
57 Moon astronauts more likely to die from heart disease
58 Amateurs discover exotic binary star system with mysterious radiation blast
59 English bulldogs' shallow gene pool lands them in deep trouble
60 Juno turns a corner, heading back to Jupiter
61 Songbirds' epic migration routes are etched in genes
62 This is your brain under hypnosis
63 Feeling sick at work? Your replacement is at risk
64 First chlamydia vaccine could be a jab in the nose
65 Observatory captures huge solar eruption
66 Water shortage killed off island mammoths
67 The Milky Way centre is a gigantic stellar desert
68 Volcanic moon's atmosphere freezes daily in Jupiter's shadow
69 Duck-billed dinosaur with arthritis is a rare find
70 This is how brain cells die after concussive trauma
71 Giant honeybees shimmy in time to cool the hive
72 Metabolic boost puts new sea otter mums at risk of death
73 Chickens brought to New Zealand by Captain Cook
74 Ceres interior structure gives hints of early life
75 Shape-shifting liquid metals for electronics that build themselves
76 Ancient whales had ultrasonic hearing
77 China's great flood really happened, say geologists
78 Three types of vaccine protect monkeys from Zika virus
79 'Designer' materials found deep in Siberian permafrost
80 Tantalising LHC 'blip' not a particle after all
81 Parts of your brain are wired to 'get' physics
82 Search for fourth type of neutrino turns up none
83 Ancient bacteria store signs of supernova smattering
84 'Grow' Your Own Glowing Flowers: The Science of Fluorescence
85 New Speckled Venomous Snake Discovered in Cloud Forest
86 Superhuman Tech? Most Americans Fear the Worst
87 These Honeybees Have Mastered Twerking: How They Do It
88 Goodbye, Weasels! New Zealand to Wipe Out Its Invasive Predators
89 Kids' Nightmares and Night Terrors: Why They Happen, and What to Do
90 NYC Fights Vermin with Geek Supertools
91 Huge Quake for the Himalayas? Ancient Hindu Temples Hold Clues
92 Ancestor of All Life on Earth Had Steamy Beginning
93 'Blood Lake' Blooms in Iran
94 Prehistoric Village Likely Torched by Bronze-Age Warriors
95 Police Killings and Race: Do the Numbers Tell the Whole Story?
96 Dolly the Sheep's Clone 'Sisters' Are Healthy in Old Age
97 Solar Plane Completes Historic Round-the-World Flight
98 7 Tips to Keep Your Pets Cool During Hot Weather
99 Transgender Identity Is Not a Mental Health Disorder, Study Finds
100 How to Get People to Step Up Their Exercise
101 Do Dogs Sweat?
102 Death Spiral: 4th Phase of Life May Signal the End Is Near
103 Childhood Migraines: When Are They More than Just Headaches?
104 How Did Dinosaurs Communicate?
105 Sun Blasts Out 2016's Strongest Flare [Video]
106 Rare Pottery Workshop Discovered in Galilee
107 Facebook's Internet-Delivery Drone Completes First Test Flight
108 Brain Cells Call for Help: Discovery May Aid Stroke Treatment
109 'Game of Thrones' Ant Has Dragon-Like Spikes
110 Special Energy Drink May Alter Metabolism and Boost Performance