File Title
1 Scientists seek influence on 'Brexit ministry'
2 Scholarly Olympics: How the games have shaped research
3 Welcome to the Cyborg Olympics
4 Legal confusion threatens to slow data science
5 Australian government orders science agency to pull back on climate job cuts
6 German psychiatrist plans to scan the brains of refugees
7 Scientists track badger-cow encounters to understand cattle TB
8 US agency lifts ban on funding human-animal hybrids
9 Researchers dropped from EU grant proposal because UK inclusion would 'compromise' project.
10 Hopes for revolutionary new LHC particle dashed
11 Time to remodel the journal impact factor
12 UK research assessment should boost support for principal investigators
13 Step aside, Olympics: here's the Cybathlon
14 Donald Trump's appeal should be a call to arms
15 Lessons from Brexit
16 Take responsibility for electronic-waste disposal
17 Meet the robot champion being house-trained in a Korean lab
18 Brain training game for troops tackles effects of combat trauma
19 Should people who are not terminally ill have the right to die?
20 Self-destructing bacteria are engineered to kill cancer cells
21 One part of Antarctica has been cooling since 1998--here's why
22 Error fix for long-lived qubits brings quantum computers nearer
23 Bees spew water at their hive-mates when the temperature rises
24 Dark matter no-show puts favoured particles on death row
25 Huge boom in teen HIV cases could cause epidemic to spiral
26 Eating each other's feces helps earwig young survive famine
27 AI needs oversight--time to set standards for autonomous tech
28 Hubble telescope looks back in time to see far-off galaxies
29 City slicker monkeys are overweight and have high cholesterol
30 Forest flying takes drone swarms to places once off limits
31 Mars rover Curiosity gets licence to shoot its laser at will
32 Double hand transplant carried out in the UK for first time
33 Alcohol linked to at least seven cancers--not just liver cancer
34 Hunting for Mars-like life a kilometre below Earth's surface
35 No more space race rhetoric: it's not just about the US any more
36 Sanders turns the heat up to make Clinton a real climate champ
37 Dragnet to find Turkey coup plotters is harming academic freedom
38 We're discovering new ways to detect if someone is lying
39 California's fires force evacuation of people and exotic animals
40 Universal ancestor of all life on Earth was only half alive
41 Mystery ancient human ancestor found in Australasian family tree
42 Zika epidemic could burn out in 3 years but return after 10
43 Most powerful obesity gene yet boosts risk by 40 percent
44 Neanderthal skulls and brains may have developed just like ours
45 Astronauts prepare for Mars mission at the bottom of the sea
46 Visit MetaWorld--the virtual world that exists after you leave
47 Revealed: the teenage brain upgrades that occur before adulthood
48 US and UK fall behind in largest ever global study of height
49 Amazon to begin UK delivery drone trials to make them safer
50 New Zealand to wipe out all rats as part of alien eradication
51 Whooping crane recovery puts human chick 'parents' out of a job
52 Dolly the sheep's poor health may not have been due to cloning
53 Missing craters on Ceres may have been smoothed by a mud facial
54 Deepest-ever reef survey by divers discovers new fish species
55 Bye bye Philae! Comet team to lose touch with lander for good
56 Controversial pesticides may be lowering the sperm count of bees
57 Hammerhead sharks roll over and swim sideways to save energy
58 Orangutan learns to mimic human conversation for the first time
59 Alzheimer's drug that failed trial may still slow disease
60 How drones are learning to find their own way in the world
61 Bacteria made to turn sewage into clean water--and electricity
62 Is tech racist? The fight back against digital discrimination
63 Boozy primates seek out nectar with the highest alcohol content
64 Universal ancestor of all life on Earth was only half alive
65 CRISPR genome editing could save sight by tweaking DNA
66 Huge boom in teen HIV cases could cause epidemic to spiral
67 Jupiter's Great Red Spot is making its atmosphere hotter
68 Squishy cubes with a secret smile could be used for prosthetics
69 Red wolf may lose endangered status because it's just a hybrid
70 Spiky new ant species is named after Game of Thrones dragons
71 Desk job death risk is eliminated by an hour's walk or cycle
72 Aerial pictures reveal England's ancient archaeological sites
73 Theresa May reassures UK scientists in wake of Brexit fears
74 Crows are first animals spotted using tools to carry objects
75 Detective gulls sniff out illegally dumped trash from the skies
76 Save the world's largest living thing: build a fence around it
77 Fossil tumour is oldest evidence of human cancer discovered yet
78 Why Hinkley Point is a nuclear folly of Titanic proportions
79 Inbreeding has destroyed the English bulldog's genetic diversity
80 Deep-sea ecosystems still under threat despite UN protection
81 Autoimmune diseases may be side effect of a strong immune system
82 Now you see me: true invisibility cloak impossible to build
83 Ocean-cleaning sea bins will gobble up plastic waste to recycle
84 First locally transmitted Zika case confirmed in continental US
85 California's wildfires blaze on as communities evacuate
86 US police use machine learning to curb their own violence
87 The Pandora Effect: Why curiosity usually beats common sense
88 Google firm hopes to control organs with electrical signals
89 Mysterious dark brain cells linked to Alzheimer's and stress
90 Cactus bugs compensate for lack of weapons with bigger balls
91 Child dies in anthrax outbreak linked to thawed reindeer corpse
92 Indonesian fires sent huge smoke plume halfway around the globe
93 America's last mammoths died of thirst on an Alaskan island
94 Pregnant women travel warning as Florida Zika cases rise to 14
95 High Court backs campaign to fund preventative HIV drug on NHS
96 Mathematicians finally starting to understand epic ABC proof
97 July was bad news but I'm fine--so why do I feel so terrible?
98 Could sex robots and virtual reality treat paedophilia?
99 Gas halo flips galaxies from bright young things into has-beens
100 Fleet of robots could hunt for life on icy moon Enceladus
101 African ibis and South American coati among 37 on EU's kill list
102 Spatter from blood-soaked sponges could aid gun forensics
103 Tolerance of smoke may have given us an edge over Neanderthals
104 First diagnosis of dinosaur arthritis shows it lived in pain
105 Large carnivores under threat as prey they depend on decline
106 First evidence birds nap in flight without dropping out of sky
107 N/A
108 N/A
109 N/A
110 China's Jade Rabbit moon rover dead after 31 months on surface