File Title
1 New research targets immune system vulnerabilities
2 What can a sea-lion teach us about musicality?
3 A simple treatment for a common breathing problem among premature infants
4 Brain areas distinguishing between good and bad
5 US may fund research to create mixed human-animal embryos
6 Researchers show how vision relies on patterns of brain activity
7 Botulinum toxin study proves possibility of remote effects
8 Drink-seeking rats provide sobering look into genetics of alcoholism
9 Study reveals brain's finely tuned system of energy supply
10 Brains of overweight people 'ten years older' than lean counterparts at middle-age
11 Analysis of metastatic prostate cancers suggests treatment options
12 Vaccine candidates protect against Zika virus in rhesus monkeys
13 Neurons 'predict' restorative effects of drinking water well before they unfold
14 Insight into cancer cells' abnormal behavior
15 Superstition can affect eye tests
16 Big step towards cure for lifelong viral infections
17 Study unpeels one layer of the mystery of sleep as they develop understanding of the sleep homeostat
18 Wireless, implantable sensors the size of a grain of sand could have wide use in body monitoring
19 Research shows new neurons created through exercise don't cause you to forget old memories
20 Scientists keep a molecule from moving inside nerve cells to prevent cell death
21 Researchers inhibit tumor growth in new subtype of lung cancer
22 Pregnancy procedure associated with increased risk of preterm birth and neonatal loss
23 Study challenges view that sickle cell trait increases mortality risk
24 Researchers identify breast microbiome/bacterial differences between healthy and cancerous tissue
25 Elders use brain networks differently for short-term recall
26 Research reveals cancer pathway to spreading through the body
27 Breakthrough in understanding how stem cells become specialized
28 Vision: When it comes to recognizing shapes, timing is everything
29 Botulinum toxin study proves possibility of remote effects
30 Microcephaly discoveries made in non-Zika cases help explain abnormal brain growth
31 Most volcanic activity on Mercury stopped about 3.5 billion years ago
32 Do black holes have a back door?
33 Scientists discover light could exist in a previously unknown form
34 Computer modeling for designing drug-delivery nanocarriers
35 Researchers discover what makes mice freeze or flee
36 Stone Age hunter-gatherers experimented with farming in Turkey before migrating to Europe
37 Geological data provide support for legendary Chinese flood
38 Melting ice sheet could expose frozen Cold War-era hazardous waste
39 Catalysis research could aid drug development
40 Malaria and toxoplasmosis have an Achilles heel from plants
41 New tool enables researchers to rapidly manipulate protein levels in mammalian cells
42 Toe-tapping to better health: Fidgeting helps prevent arterial dysfunction from sitting
43 Viewing video in slow motion makes action appear more intentional, new study finds
44 Largest-ever whole genome autism study yields clues on how autism-linked gene changes arise
45 Dangerous chemical eye burns common in young children
46 Brain's finely tuned system of energy supply revealed
47 After the fight, friendship
48 Individualizing weight management program may increase success rate
49 Magnifying mistakes boosts motor skills past a performance plateau
50 Selfless people have more sex, study finds
51 Insight into why the universe is dominated by matter and why we exist
52 'GPS in space': Bringing autonomous interplanetary travel closer to reality
53 Ultrastrong, ultrafast and local: Water induces electric fields at the surface of DNA
54 Putting the pressure on platinum
55 Demonstrating strong electric fields in liquid helium for tests of matter-antimatter symmetry
56 Astronomers make first accurate measurement of oxygen in distant galaxy
57 Lasers melt rocks to reveal development of super-Earths and how giant impacts make magma
58 Most likely Earth-like exoplanets cataloged
59 Hacking the business model of adware, scareware, other unwanted software
60 Record-breaking logic gate 'another important milestone' on road to quantum computers
61 Quantum computing researchers reduce quantum information processing errors
62 Diamond-based light sources will lay a foundation for quantum communications of the future
63 Cat scat: Research examines food habits of snow leopards
64 How epigenetics regulate vital functions from bacteria to humans
65 Green and sweet: How plant sugars influence malaria transmission
66 Microbes pump electrons into magnetic particles for long range energy transport
67 Quick-destructing battery to power 'transient' devices
68 Looking back into the future: Are corals able to resist a declining pH?
69 Hidden, local climate impacts of drought-friendly vegetation
70 Subduction zone earthquakes off Oregon, Washington more frequent than previous estimates
71 Fresh look at burials, mass graves, tells a new story of Cahokia
72 Whales' ultrasonic hearing has surprisingly ancient history, fossilized ear shows
73 New light shed on how vertebrates see: Details in eyes of 300-million-year-old lamprey and hagfish fossils
74 'Red gene' in birds, turtles suggests dinosaurs had bird-like color vision
75 Dubious marketing of stem cell therapies revealed
76 Under-reporting of fisheries catches threatens Caribbean marine life
77 'Media contagion' is factor in mass shootings, study says
78 Sharks get bad rap when viewed with ominous background music
79 Curiosity has the power to change behavior for the better
80 Reducing 'mean girl' behaviors in classrooms benefits boys and teachers too
81 Cognitive ability varies, but prejudice is universal
82 No dream: Electric brain stimulation during sleep can boost memory
83 'Liquid fingerprinting' technique instantly identifies unknown liquids
84 Compromise nearly guaranteed when a woman is involved in decision-making pairs
85 Financial cycles of acquisition and 'buybacks' threaten public access to breakthrough drugs
86 After-hours email expectations negatively impact employee well-being
87 Breastfeeding associated with better brain development, neurocognitive outcomes
88 Biological explanation for wheat sensitivity found
89 High animal protein intake associated with higher, plant protein with lower mortality rate
90 Brains of overweight people 'ten years older' than lean counterparts at middle-age
91 A new leaf: Scientists turn carbon dioxide back into fuel
92 A giant stellar void in the Milky Way
93 Scientists convert carbon dioxide, create electricity
94 New fossil evidence supports theory that first mass extinction engineered by early animals
95 Breakthrough solar cell captures carbon dioxide and sunlight, produces burnable fuel
96 Fish oil vs. lard: Why some fat can help or hinder your diet
97 Phase-change device imitates the functionality of neurons
98 Newly discovered 'blue whirl' fire tornado burns cleaner for reduced emissions
99 Veins on Mars were formed by evaporating ancient lakes
100 Radar tracking reveals the 'life stories' of bumblebees as they forage for food
101 Mystery of Sable Island's Growing Wild Horse Population
102 The fiery birth of Earth's largest ocean exposed
103 Antibiotics funding splurge gets mixed reception
104 Major review calls time on 'gaming' in UK research assessment
105 Monumental proof to torment mathematicians for years to come
106 Parasitic infection may have spoiled zebrafish experiments
107 Troubled Japanese space agency seeks fresh start
108 'Kudos' promises to help scientists promote their papers to new audiences
109 Brain implants and gene-editing enhancements worry US public
110 Women in physics face big hurdles--still