File Title
1 Ancient rocks reveal how Earth recovered from mass extinction
2 Minimalist swimming microrobots
3 Electron spin control: Levitated nanodiamond is research gem
4 Paleontology: Aftermath of a mass extinction
5 X marks the spot at the center of the Milky Way galaxy
6 Modern off-grid lighting could create 2 million new jobs in developing world
7 Scientists create new thin material that mimics cell membranes
8 2016 climate trends continue to break records
9 Using urban pigeons to monitor lead pollution
10 New ORNL tool probes for genes linked to toxic methylmercury
11 NASA science flights target melting Arctic Sea ice
12 Ridiculously cute mouse lemurs hold key to Madagascar's past
13 A mini-antenna for the data processing of tomorrow
14 New detector overcomes key challenge in using light for wireless communications
15 Policy makers and ecologists must develop a more constructive dialogue to save the planet
16 Role for enhancers in bursts of gene activity
17 Researchers discover key mechanism for producing solar cells
18 After the age of dinosaurs came the age of ant farmers
19 Using bed bug shed skins to combat the pest
20 First atmospheric study of Earth-sized exoplanets reveals rocky worlds
21 Asteroid that formed moon's Imbrium Basin may have been protoplanet-sized
22 Map provides detailed picture of how the brain is organized
23 New Yale-developed device lengthens the life of quantum information
24 Birds on top of the world, with nowhere to go
25 More for less in pastures
26 New dinosaur species may give clues to evolutionary origin of megaraptorid clade
27 North American forests unlikely to save us from climate change, study finds
28 Size matters: Advance could increase sensitivity of liquid biopsies
29 Liquid biopsies offer hope for earlier treatment, better tracking of ovarian cancer
30 Putting the sloth in sloths: Arboreal lifestyle drives slow motion pace
31 3-D-printing lab instruments 1 block at a time
32 Titanium + gold = new gold standard for artificial joints
33 Managing an endangered river across the US-Mexico border
34 World's most sensitive dark matter detector completes search
35 N/A
36 Reading Harry Potter lowers Americans' opinions of Donald Trump
37 Quantum drag
38 Oceans may be large, overlooked source of hydrogen gas
39 Dartmouth study with aye-ayes and slow loris finds that prosimians prefer alcohol
40 New probe developed for improved high resolution measurement of brain temperature
41 Synthetic biology used to limit bacterial growth and coordinate drug release
42 Scientists unlock 'green' energy from garden grass
43 Space...the final frontier
44 Light-bulb moment for stock market behavior
45 Metastatic prostate cancer cases skyrocket
46 Prostate cancer: should screening test procedures be tightened again?
47 Computer scientists find way to make all that glitters more realistic in computer graphics
48 Can palm oil be sustainable?
49 Super-eruptions may give a year's warning before they blow
50 NASA's Hubble looks to the final frontier
51 GPM measured heavy rain in Tropical Storm Estelle
52 Tide-triggered tremors give clues for earthquake prediction
53 How humans and wild birds collaborate to get precious resources of honey and wax
54 Mars rover's laser can now target rocks all by itself
55 Researchers map Zika's routes to the developing fetus
56 Here's why run-down schools trigger low test scores
57 UTMB researchers find first direct evidence that A. aegypti mosquito transmits Zika virus
58 Does social status affect generosity?
59 Large protein nanocages could improve drug design and delivery
60 Mines hydrology research provides 'missing link' in water modeling
61 Yeast emerges as hidden third partner in lichen symbiosis
62 University of Montana research unveils new player in lichen symbiosis
63 Accurate design of large icosahedral protein nanocages pushes bioengineering boundaries
64 Scientists program cells to remember and respond to series of stimuli
65 New detector at South Pole shows early success at neutrino hunting
66 Temperature helps drive the emergence of different personalities in spiders
67 UT Southwestern researchers identify new mechanism of tuberculosis infection
68 New therapeutic targets for small cell lung cancer identified
69 Artificial muscle for soft robotics: Low voltage, high hopes
70 Imaging software predicts how you look with different hair styles, colors, appearances
71 Why Americans waste so much food
72 Some bacteria have lived in the human gut since before we were human
73 An engineered protein can disrupt tumor-promoting 'messages' in human cells
74 Does hormone therapy after menopause affect memory?
75 Hormone therapy for brain performance: No effect, whether started early or late
76 Rapid, low-temperature process adds weeks to milk's shelf life
77 Yale scientists apply new imaging tool to common brain disorders
78 Scorpionfish too deep for SCUBA divers caught by submersible turns out to be a new species
79 Attosecond physics: Mapping electromagnetic waveforms
80 Study examines opioid agonist therapy use in Medicare patients
81 Significant pain increases the risk of opioid addiction by 41 percent
82 Why do consumers participate in 'green' programs?
83 Predatory prawns eliminate a major parasite more effectively than drugs alone
84 USF researchers find dangerous bacteria after sewer spills
85 Three-drug combinations could help counter antibiotic resistance, UCLA biologists report
86 Genes find their partners without matchmakers
87 Lichen: Apparently happy couple really a threesome
88 Ancient feces provides earliest evidence of infectious disease being carried on Silk Road
89 Hey robot, shimmy like a centipede
90 Can't see the wood for the climbers--the vines threatening our tropical forests
91 Borrowing from pastry chefs, engineers create nanolayered composites
92 Newly discovered material property may lead to high temp superconductivity
93 Ultrasensitive sensor using N-doped graphene
94 New lithium-oxygen battery greatly improves energy efficiency, longevity
95 Researchers discover how honey bees 'telescope' their abdomens
96 First discovery from 'New Riversleigh'--a new extinct carnivorous marsupial
97 Researchers make new projections for spread of the Zika virus
98 Study suggests 1.6 million childbearing women could be at risk of Zika virus infection
99 Researchers 'solve' key Zika virus protein structure
100 New movie screen allows for glasses-free 3-D
101 Patch delivers drug, gene, and light-based therapy to tumor sites
102 Scientists develop painless and inexpensive microneedle system to monitor drugs
103 Unusual new zoantharian species is the first described solitary species in over 100 years
104 Living on borrowed time
105 Self-healing textiles not only repair themselves, but can neutralize chemicals
106 Nottingham researchers show novel technique that can 'taste' DNA
107 Among the oldest adults, poor balance may signal higher risk for dementia
108 Predicting the risk for developing pneumonia in older adults
109 Before animals, evolution waited eons to inhale
110 Induced labor not associated with risk for ASDs