File Title
1 Exercise training in heart failure: Shaping your proteins
2 Economics study finds volume discounts don't increase profitability for video game
3 Dam good! Beavers may restore imperiled streams, fish populations
4 How plants sense electric fields
5 Messaging by flow in the brain
6 Truth is in danger as new techniques used to stop journalists covering the news
7 Thumb-sucking and nail-biting have a positive side
8 Thumb-sucking and nail-biting children show fewer allergies in later life
9 Ancient supernovae buffeted Earth's biology with radiation dose, researcher says
10 Early daylight satellite image shows depression intensify into Tropical Storm Celia
11 Flying insects defy aerodynamic laws of airplanes, NYU researchers find
12 To the breaking point: Testing ideas about the evolution of long-necked sauropod dinosaurs
13 Some surgical procedures associated with risk for chronic opioid use
14 Surgery found to increase risk of chronic opioid use, Stanford study finds
15 Heart failure after first heart attack may increase cancer risk
16 Researchers devise secure, efficient anonymity network
17 UTSA professor's study describes new strategies for investigating microbial outbreaks
18 Engineered human colon model could aid in cancer research
19 Clouds are moving higher, subtropical dry zones expanding, according to satellite analysis
20 Scientists find evidence for climate change in satellite cloud record
21 Gulf Stream slowdown to spare Europe from worst of climate change
22 A giant quake may lurk under Bangladesh and beyond
23 If life can make it here, it can make it anywhere
24 N/A
25 Novel peptide protects cognitive function after mild traumatic brain injury
26 Is traumatic brain injury associated with late-life neurodegenerative conditions?
27 Link found between traumatic brain injury and Parkinson's, but not Alzheimer's
28 Germs add ripples to make 'groovy' graphene
29 Changes in primate teeth linked to rise of monkeys
30 How Tom Brady won fans by dodging 'Deflategate' questions
31 NASA camera catches moon 'photobombing' Earth
32 Study: Gut bacteria can cause, predict and prevent rheumatoid arthritis
33 Self-prescribing antibiotics is a big problem
34 Hops extract studied to prevent breast cancer
35 Why we like the music we do
36 ALMA makes first sighting of water snow line around young star
37 Stellar outburst brings water snowline into view
38 Electricity generated with water, salt and a 3-atoms-thick membrane
39 Calculus I factors women out of STEM degrees
40 New opioid use in older adults with COPD associated with increased risk of death
41 Bird research suggests calling dinosaurs may have been tight-lipped
42 The success of the plant-eating dinosaurs
43 To save water on lawns, throw some shade
44 Dark energy measured with record-breaking map of 1.2 million galaxies
45 Astronomers map a record-breaking 1.2 million galaxies to study the secrets of dark energy
46 Black bear links real objects to computer images
47 Simple method tests hard-to-treat bacteria's susceptibility to different antibiotics
48 Butterflies' diet impacts evolution of traits
49 Terrified insect escapes a permanent tomb--50 million years ago
50 Scientists show newborn ducklings can acquire notions of 'same' and 'different'
51 Tropical cyclones on track to grow more intense as temperatures rise
52 Biodiversity falls below 'safe levels' globally
53 'Smart' nanoparticle called PEARLs a promising gem to target, treat tumours
54 N/A
55 Ocean warming primary cause of Antarctic Peninsula glacier retreat
56 Cougars could save lives by lowering vehicle collisions with deer
57 'Green' electronic materials produced with synthetic biology
58 Zika epidemic likely to end within 3 years
59 Is the Zika epidemic in Latin America at its peak?
60 New control strategies needed for Zika and other unexpected mosquito-borne outbreaks
61 City birds again prove to be angrier than rural birds
62 Solving a plant-based Rubik's cube puzzle
63 Key to regulating cell's powerhouse discovered
64 Pushing a single-molecule switch
65 Is artificial lighting making us sick? New evidence in mice
66 Scientists move 1 step closer to creating an invisibility cloak
67 Communication breakdown? Mismatch in expectations about prognosis in advanced cancer
68 What are your chances of living 2 years? Doctors, cancer patients, differ
69 Rare fungus product reduces resistance to antibiotics
70 Pre-stroke risk factors influence long-term future stroke, dementia risk
71 Global study shows stroke largely preventable
72 The Lancet: Stroke is largely preventable, with hypertension confirmed as biggest risk factor, according to global study
73 Scientists and zoos team up on landmark elephant welfare project
74 World's greatest concentration of unique mammal species is on Philippine island
75 40-year-old chorus frog tissues vital to Louisiana hybrid zone study
76 Sex in the city: Peregrine falcons in Chicago don't cheat
77 Moderately reducing calories in non-obese people reduces inflammation
78 Tiny transformers: Chemists create microscopic and malleable building blocks
79 Researchers build a crawling robot from sea slug parts and a 3-D printed body
80 Scientists develop way to upsize nanostructures into light, flexible 3-D printed materials
81 Researchers invent 'smart' thread that collects diagnostic data when sutured into tissue
82 Smallest hard disk to date writes information atom by atom
83 Exploring superconducting properties of 3-D printed parts
84 Satellite spots remnants of Ex-Tropical Cyclone Celia
85 A glimpse inside the atom
86 Long-awaited breakthrough in the reconstruction of warm climate phases
87 The pains and strains of a continental breakup
88 Researchers create means to monitor anthropogenic global warming in real time
89 N/A
90 Scientists determine structure of enzyme linked with key cell-signaling protein
91 NASA's Kepler confirms 100+ exoplanets during its K2 mission
92 Scientists glimpse inner workings of atomically thin transistors
93 Partially automated cars provide enough benefits to warrant widespread adoption
94 Study: Fracking industry wells associated with increased risk of asthma attacks
95 Unconventional natural gas development associated with increased asthma exacerbation risk
96 Genome of 6,000-year-old barley grains sequenced for first time
97 Eight-year-old boy discovers early turtle fossil that solves the mystery of the turtle shell
98 Columbia Engineering Researchers Use Acoustic Voxels to Embed Sound with Data
99 The birth of quantum holography: Making holograms of single light particles!
100 Cave discoveries shed new light on Native and European religious encounters in the Americas
101 Modular acoustic filters simplify design of mufflers, musical instruments, audio tags
102 Weird quantum effects stretch across hundreds of miles
103 Travel broadens chimps' horizons too
104 Chimpanzees: Travel fosters tool use
105 Hundreds of years later, teeth tell the story of people who didn't get enough sunshine
106 House-hunting ants know how to take the hassle out of moving
107 Research team led by NUS scientists develop plastic flexible magnetic memory device
108 Ship engine emissions adversely affect macrophages
109 For ancient deep-sea plankton, a long decline before extinction
110 Landsat--The watchman that never sleeps