File Title
1 Mars rover gains control of rock blasting lasers
2 Are algae blooms becoming more common?
3 Will regulating airline emissions help curb global greenhouse gas emissions?
4 Why is NASA sending its astronauts to the bottom of the ocean?
5 Luca 'the ancestor of all living things,' say scientists
6 What's that smell? US Botanical Garden's corpse flower poised to bloom
7 How kindergartners in Colorado helped launch a 50-foot rocket
8 NASA taps 'Guardians of the Galaxy' to bring 'notoriety' to space station
9 Spare the Air: What can big cities do to curb air pollution?
10 Do these strange Martian rocks hint at life on the Red Planet?
11 How oxygen may have jumpstarted the rise of animals
12 The latest healthfood craze could be...cockroach milk?
13 The cosmic mystery of Ceres' vanishing craters
14 New technology locates a long-lost Spanish fort under a golf course
15 Could pesticides be limiting the ability of bees to reproduce?
16 What is known about the mysterious beaked whale found in Alaska?
17 After many successes, comet hunter Philae will be missed
18 Lava travels across Hawaii, finishes its journey in the sea
19 Using CT scanners to copy of every fish in the sea
20 Scientists probe ancient grains of rice and are surprised by what they find
21 Orangutans as orators? Ape speech is surprisingly like our own
22 Stranger than fiction: These ants look like the dragons in 'Game of Thrones'
23 Why is Jupiter so darn hot? The roiling Great Red Spot may solve the mystery
24 Scientists spot strange purple orb on ocean floor. What could it be?
25 A secluded star throws a spectacular tantrum
26 White dwarf star blast: a new form of 'cosmic particle accelerator'?
27 Is the deepest 'blue hole' on Earth in the South China Sea?
28 The newest weapon in the Asian carp battle: Alligator fish
29 These boots are made for vibrating--in space
30 Why is Lake Tahoe getting warmer so quickly? (+video)
31 Can drones help save the whales?
32 20,000 discoveries under the sea
33 Water didn't carve Mars' gullies. What did?
34 Could the Brexit harm science in Britain?
35 Scientists flip energy equation with solar leaf that converts CO2 into fuel
36 What scientists could learn from more than 25,000 'digitized' fish species
37 Bennu bound: NASA readies for historic mission to study an asteroid
38 Juno space probe reaches milestone in first lap around Jupiter
39 In Alaska, some of the last woolly mammoths died of thirst
40 How soaring birds might inspire intelligent, gliding machines
41 How did life on Earth defy statistics and show up early?
42 Why are spiny damselfish going into permanent 'night mode'?
43 Is NASA ready for a human mission to Mars? No, say government auditors.
44 Why will this year's Perseid meteor shower be even more amazing?
45 State of the climate: Not good, 2015 was hottest year yet
46 Privately owned 'Moon Express' gets approval to land on moon
47 China's Jade Rabbit mission to the moon goes dark
48 Don't squash that bug! It might mean you live in a wealthy neighborhood
49 The cosmic desert where only old stars live
50 New findings clear the air on Io's collapsing atmosphere
51 Alma finds a swirling, cool jet that reveals a growing, supermassive black hole
52 Acid attack--can mussels hang on for much longer?
53 Understanding forest fire history can help keep forests healthy
54 Linguists team up with primatologists to crack the meaning of monkey calls
55 Chemical trail on Titan may be key to prebiotic conditions
56 On the path toward molecular robots
57 What does a healthy aging cat look like?
58 Penguin colonies at risk from erupting volcano
59 Evolution may have moved at a furious pace on a much warmer Earth
60 Discovery could dramatically boost efficiency of perovskite solar cells
61 Flipping crystals improves solar-cell performance
62 Children's purchasing behavior 'significantly impacted' by social media and mobile apps
63 People with student loan debt oppose Obama's tuition-free college plan, study finds
64 A new look at the galaxy-shaping power of black holes
65 NASA gets an eyeful of Hurricane Blas
66 Drought stalls tree growth and shuts down Amazon carbon sink, researchers find
67 Researchers and farmers collaborate to prevent E. coli
68 New microfluidic device offers means for studying electric field cancer therapy
69 What really killed the dinosaurs?
70 Turtle power: How hatching together avoids capture
71 Agroforestry helps farmers branch out
72 A sharper focus for plasmonic lasers
73 Lessons of lager: Yeast origin becomes a complex tale
74 Ancient Brazilians occupied the same homes for centuries
75 Not blowing smoke: Research finds medical marijuana lowers prescription drug use
76 New study upends a theory of how Earth's mantle flows
77 The secret to an Oesia life: Prehistoric worm built tube-like 'houses' on sea floor
78 Researchers harness DNA as the engine of super-efficient nanomachine
79 How to have sex with a hyper-long penis--getting to the tip of the problem
80 It depends on the level of stiffness: Kiel researchers investigate beetle penises
81 Nicotine exposure during pregnancy nearly twice as high as reported
82 The benefits of exercise during pregnancy
83 A surprising planet with 3 suns
84 Newly discovered planet has 3 suns
85 Astronomers find evidence of water clouds in first spectrum of coldest brown dwarf
86 University of Illinois researchers demonstrate tunable wetting and adhesion of graphene
87 NASA's Hubble captures the beating heart of the crab nebula
88 Powerful processes at work
89 Women trust their own instincts when choosing breast cancer surgery
90 Acupressure reduced fatigue in breast cancer survivors
91 Frogs that can take the heat expected to fare better in a changing world
92 Genetic testing can help deliver precision medicine to men with advanced prostate cancer
93 Testing for inherited mutations could benefit men with advanced prostate cancer
94 Physicists discover family of tetraquarks
95 A recipe for friendship: Similar food
96 New clue to how lithium works in the brain
97 Setting the gold standard
98 A mixed response
99 Why Clinton and Trump backers don't mix
100 Researchers reveal first sightings of rare whales off New Zealand coast
101 Climate change may shrink Adelie penguin range by end of century
102 New record in microwave detection
103 New clues could help scientists harness the power of photosynthesis
104 Study explains why galaxies stop creating stars
105 Dawn maps Ceres craters where ice can accumulate
106 High prevalence of preclinical heart failure in the population
107 Females under 25 at greater risk for ACL re-tear, say researchers
108 Location of UCL tears in MLB pitchers can help determine if surgery is necessary
109 Treating first time shoulder dislocations with surgery can benefit young athletes
110 Return-to-play rates high for football players after shoulder instability surgery